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Summary: Collins gets sent South for a two-week teaching conference, and he's allowed to bring Angel along with him. There's only one problem… their destination is a town of homophobes in Alabama. How will they deal? Can they survive the two weeks?

A/N: This idea just kinda popped into my head earlier. Warning: Not much mention of any of the other bohos, though they will probably be mentioned once or twice. Angel/Collins to the MAX.

"Angelcake? Where are you?"

"In the kitchen, honey." Angel called over her shoulder, stirring the soup she'd put together for dinner.

Just as she set the soup-filled bowls on the table, Collins walked in looking tired and worn-out. "Everything okay, hon?" Angel asked, concerned.

Collins took a deep breath and spoke slowly, "Angelcake, NYU wants me to go down to Alabama for two weeks to attend a teaching conference or something." Angel's face fell at the thought of not seeing her lover for two whole weeks, but Collins quickly waved two slips of paper in the air. "Don't worry, I managed to weasel another plane ticket out of them, so you could come too… if you want, that is."

Angel instantly nodded. "Of course I'll come with you, baby. I don't think either of us wants to be separated for that long." She smiled and kissed him gently before settling down into her seat.

Collins's face lit up, relieved to know he wouldn't be alone all the way down there. "I guess we're going to Alabama, then."

"To Alabama." Angel repeated. "So, when do we leave?"

"Erm… tomorrow morning…"


Angel immediately ran off to pack their clothes, muttering something along the lines of; "How the hell am I supposed to get ready that fast?? Stupid school…"

Collins just chuckled and continued eating his soup; if he tried to help, Angel would just fuss at him for being in the way. She was funny about things like that, but it only made Collins love her all the more.

Tomorrow we're off… I wonder what Alabama will be like…

I know it's a weird place to end it, but this is just the prologue! More to come soon, review and let me know if you like it!