A/N: Fellow Fate fans, I apologize to you for this, but this is something I like to do when I role play with my friend Amanda, who is also a fellow fate fan. So basically, if you don't actually like alternate realities being explored through characters that are already established, then please refrain from reading this, as this is going to get very mashed together really quickly.

Anyway, so this is one of two alternate realities using the Fate characters that I came up with while role playing with my friend. I was getting really into doing this one, so I decided I should write it down in story form for the masses. Also, warning, this is not strictly Fate/Stay Night, but has a few other things pushed in.

Cue Rod Serling… .

Alternate Realities:

The Dark Queen


In a world where the fate of one human boy hangs in the balance, his choices alone giving him the path that will either lead him to victory or ultimate destruction. However, it isn't just his choices that give us our paths, but the choices of others and even those from the past. For every choice you have, there are an infinite number of possibilities you could have taken and a world devoted to the path that you could have taken rather than the one you did. These worlds are parallel dimensions to ours and sometimes they are completely different from ours altogether, making them an alternate reality rather than a parallel dimension.

Sometimes, however, worlds collide and come together to form new ones and sometimes worlds have already been together for a while and have brought in new ones for the workings of the world. These worlds are like magnets for others, bringing in those worlds and people to their own without realizing that they are the cause of that world.

This world is one such world where in almost every reality possible, the world has successfully collided enough times with everyone else that none of the worlds are the same anymore. The world in which this version of the people live is more bleak than the one they would be accustomed to, however, as they are not the same as their other dimensional counterparts, they have no knowledge of how they would be living otherwise.

This world that you are about to learn about has the misfortune of being set into the far distant future, when the world has grown colder and darker and the people are crying out for a hero. Some of these people get their hero, some do not. The wizards and witches of the world flock to the north for the one school that has lasted through all the ages, been rebuilt and has taken in not only the families, but the children and taught them as they have always taught. One such wizard was born from the faeries wishes and sent to the school to learn the craft. This wizard grew older as the years went by and knew one day that the great king of Briton would one day come back in his lifetime. This wizard knew this and was determined to find this boy and raise him to the life he would know and care for.