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and guy X guy warning, though it's just a kiss and you could even pretend the narrator was a girl oif you really wanted to.


Star Watching

In the starlight the sand shines a dull white-grey with blue dapples under the shadows of the dunes. I wasn't tired enough to sleep in the tent but now I am too worn to do anything useful. I suppose it's my mind that's excited so I start walking and hope that my thoughts will quiet themselves. I try to comfort myself with the familiar constellations, but, though I know them all, it seems they hide something important. Like I'm trying to read a story or a letter but can only see certain words on the page.

In my periphery I notice a figure sprawled on one starlit dune. After walking closer I've determined that it's not dead and it doesn't seem to be a threat. A few more steps and I recognize him. I start to turn but his voice catches my step.

"I guess were going the right way." He says.

"Not necessarily." I reply rather lamely.

He laughs and before I know it I've followed the music and sit beside him. He doesn't move or look over but he smiles.

The hitch in my throat reminds me of all the things I cannot say, all the things I'm not allowed to say. The cold light of the stars he watches like the cold truth that I can never act on these uncalled for, unasked for feelings.

My silent lament is interrupted when he suddenly sits up and leans in close. "You don't have to say anything. I know."

Then he kisses me.

Nothing wild or passionate, but those warm, soft lips pressed lightly against my own is the most intimate moment I've ever shared. It's neither short nor long, but just enough time for me to realize the fact and cherish it before he pulls away. No longer than a few seconds, but I feel the need to gasp and the heat inside of me causes my cheeks to burn.

"Yoh…" I can't find any words.

He doesn't need any. He smiles again and leans against me, once again watching the stars. I wrap him in my arms and think that maybe he will overcome the oncoming evil of our ancestors. Maybe I don't have to worry about and take of him; he seems to be very capable of taking care of me.

I think perhaps I can see a bit more of the message from the holes of light torn in the inky night.


A/N In Native American myth (Not sure which tribe) The stars were made by a woodpecker tearing holes in the night sky.

So here's my fourth story in my series of odd couple challenges for Shaman King.

I actually thought that Yoh/Silva would have been an obvious pairing but I guess not.

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