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To Silence me

By: Rena NaruSasu Fan

For now my eyes lay upon the platter placed in my hands. It was equipped with 5 delectable cakes that made my mouth water. It was a 3-tier moose cake with all the trimmings to be precise. My blue eyes revealed wanting that need not to be reflected in the mirror to see. I knew how amazed I was from just looking at the desserts. I just wanted to eat them but I restrained myself as a thunderous voice broke out.

"Damn brat! Hurry it up in there!!"

"C-Coming." I stuttered, catching my footing as I stumbled across the enormous kitchen and into the dining room where 5 pairs of dark eyes lay upon me. It was intimidating but there was one set of eyes that averted from me.

"What took you so long? You know, this isn't some kind of charitable shit. I tell you to hurry up so I expect you to get here in ample time. Damn shit head." You expect these kinds of words to come out of a vulgar man with a beer belly and a contorted expression accentuating his words. Though, even if I imagined her as such a thing, she was still a prominent woman at the age of 45, her nose up in the air with heavy makeup that made her look disgusting.

Sitting across the other end of the table in front of her was her husband, a quiet but dominate man whom gone by the name of Orochimaru. His name screamed out murder but the way he licked his lips and smiled was the worst. It sent chills up my spine.

I set the plates of desserts in front of her 3 sons first. The blonde, Deidara, sneered an illicit comment that I ignored. The second oldest, a red head named Sasori merely glared at me as if I did something wrong. Then it was the younger of the two, Sasuke Uchiha who just glanced at me with no emotion, looking back at his plate as I set the cake down.

"Thanks." The young Uchiha whispered softly, making sure it wasn't to audible for the others to hear. The mere appreciation brought me to smile a bit but a screech hit my ears and it quickly disappeared.

The bitch that I describe as hell or generally Mrs. Uchiha, had thrown one of her good china against the wall, startling not only me but also the entire family. I almost dropped the remainder of the desert set on the platter but luckily; I had managed to keep it balanced.

"Why would someone so useless smile at the table? You worthless crap. Bring the cakes and clean that mess up."

My stomach gurgled as I looked at the cake and set it down in front of Akane. I was so hungry and everyone knew that. She eyed me down and I couldn't look at her anymore. I was too afraid and so I went to Orochimaru who ignored me and set his dessert down in front of him. My hand released the plate but it was quickly snatched and I was forced to look at him. He had that smirk on his face and my eyes turned toward Sasori and Deidara who got up from their seats.

Why weren't they eating? I didn't do anything wrong so why are they looking at me? I was afraid and my whole body tensed when Orochimaru let go of my wrist.

"Don't go in the living room. The backyard should suffice." Akane dared not to look at me. She ate her dessert, admiring her youngest son who obediently ignored my gaze. Sasori had dragged me away from the dining table and as Akane said, took me to the backyard where I was thrown to the ground.

"This is getting tiring." Sasori complained as he walked in back of me, taking my arms in either hand and lifting me to my feet.

Deidara cracked his knuckles. "Well we can't go against mother so let's get this over with." The wind got knocked right out of me as his fist sunk deep into my gut. I thought those fist had attached itself to a rib and broke it in half but maybe it was just my imagination. Sasori kept me standing as I begged to be placed on the floor, my stomach throbbing with pain.

"I-I'm sorry." I pleaded for them to stop but instead I got a swift kick in the shin. I was sent on my knees and I weakly looked up at Deidara who prepared for another blow. My face tensed and that's when a swift strike to the face knocked me to the floor. Sasori let me go as I collided with the dirt.

He walked over me with disgust in his eyes. "Do you think we should go on?"

No more. I didn't want anymore of this and I reflexively coughed, a red substance covering the discolored grass.

Deidara shrugged. "Do you want to go on?" The blonde had lifted me up from the floor and encouraged Sasori to take another shot at me but his eyes observed me. He was trying to pry into my soul, determining why I was still alive.

Of course this punishment was minor compared to others. Every pain that has been inflicted on me had been etched in my body. Bruises, scars and my right index finger that I couldn't move for a while, also the bite mark sunken deep into my skin. I had my life story written all over my body and for some reason I couldn't escape.

Coughing, I dropped to my knees once again but to my surprise Sasori didn't do anything to me. Instead he ordered Deidara to let me go. This wasn't supposed to happen. The beatings usual lasted for about 20 more minutes and I was cautious of Sasori's order.

Then that's where he picked me up, tangling his fingers into my hair and dragging me into the house and passing the dining room. For a split second I glanced in, only to see Sasuke looking up from his plate, but quickly enough his eyes returned to his dessert. He knew what was going to happen and I knew as well.

I bucked and thrashed my way out of his grip but he held on and dragged me upstairs. No one did anything. I would scream and cry out for help but no one came. I wanted a savior but I didn't receive one, I wanted to believe that god would help me but he watched as I suffered and for the past 3 days I prayed that I would get a morsel of food but I only had the privilege of looking at it.

I was damned to the world and no one gave a rat's ass for me. I was thrown into a wall, slowly dragging to the floor. They just went around the room, looking for something to tie my arms with and they found it. A rope dangled freely from the second floor window and laid below was a pile of leaves. It was dark and no one could see me for many reasons. The trees that outlined the premises denied any eyes to peer on the hell that I lived in, caging me in this dark hole.

I sat at the edge of the window, my back towards the sky as Deidara coiled the rope around my wrist. Over and over again, he wrapped it around until my fingers turned purple. I counted 3 layers of rope around my wrist and then a hand laid upon my chest, a smile reflecting off my cerulean eyes.

"You should die Naruto." Sasori sneered. "But if you insist on hanging around then do so." He pushed me and time seemed to stand still as I fell back out the 2nd floor window. It was on instinct that I looked over my shoulder and saw the ground and I waited.

I waited to collide with the hard floor and die but I was halted in the air. My arms burned, wishing to be ripped from my body as I dangled, the rope preventing me to be put out of my misery.

"Hey Naruto." Deidara's head popped out from the window, looking down at me with amusement. "I hope that you have a fun time out there. I heard that it's going to rain tonight."

All night! They were going to leave me hanging here all night. My arms were already pleading to be torn off my body, as the rope seemed to be tightening around them. The pain was excruciating and I wanted to cut away at it. I rather fall to my death then hang here but they wouldn't give me such a leisure request. They wanted to see me die slowly… a ten-year-old boy who had so much hope, only to get it torn apart by a family that wasn't his because his was gone. His mother, his father and his sister were all dead and it left him to suffer all the same.

Tears escaped my eyes, the strength inside me depleting as the cold air numbed my body. Slowly, my eyes closed and softly I mumbled: "Please god. Let me die."

I gasped, the air inside me rusted with exhaustion as I was hoisted towards the window. Every pull my arms screamed with mercy, the ropes constricting every time I was closer and closer to hell. The sun had lifted and now my eyes laid dormant as they looked up toward the window.

Shivering profusely only tightened the ropes and I bit my lower lip until it bled. I couldn't feel anything anymore. Like Deidara had said, the night was cold and withered with rain. It was hard to breathe and I couldn't sleep due to the throbbing of my arms and the dreadful water hitting my skin. I learned that gasping was the only way to breathe during the cold night but now my clothes are soaked. My skin wrinkled and I dare not to see my face. I could tell I looked like shit.

"Did it feel good you brat?" Uncoiling the ropes from my wrist, I peered at my fingers and cringed. They looked dead with a deep purple smeared within them. Blood dripped down my arm and once she had let my hands go, they immediately fell to my sides. They were unmovable and I couldn't lift them but Akane had pushed me out the door.

Almost stumbling down the staircase, I was pushed to the floor in the kitchen. I looked up to see Sasuke standing quietly in one corner of the room, staring at the floor. Akane had pulled me to my feet and shoved me into the stove.

"My son is hungry. Cook him something now." I obeyed like a dog. I shakily went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of eggs. From looking at him, Sasuke was a fragile boy so he couldn't eat that much, but my hands. They trembled so much I accidentally dropped an egg on the floor but before it shattered from impact, my face met the tiles first.

"Dumb ass." Her words didn't hurt me but the hands that smashed my face into the ground did. And embarrassing enough, Sasuke witnessed everything. His eyes grew wide from shock but they resided to that normal passive look moments later. My misery wasn't enough for anyone and I tried so hard to meet her demands…or so to say, everyone's demands. My voice was unreachable and I couldn't say anything. I just took it like a fool.

"Clean it up!" She screamed as if I was on the other side of the room. I went on my hands and knees, reaching for a cloth but Akane stepped on my hand. "No…it was your accident so clean it up with the shirt off your back." It was my only shirt. The only clothes I was allowed to wear but I took it off like she told me to. It was damped so it cleaned it up good and I went to what I was doing.

With my dirty shirt covering my body, I cooked the eggs how Sasuke wanted them, scrambled. Slowly enough I put them on a plate and with the watchful eyes of the bitch, I placed it on the table where Sasuke waited.

I extended my arm toward the table, my disgusting wounds clearly evident as I placed it before the raven that stared at me. His eyes were not as cold as the others were. I actually felt comfortable in his presence but when a hand laid on my shoulder, I nearly jumped in fright.

My shirt was pulled out of the dining room and the last thing I saw was Sasuke who watched me leave. It baffled me as to what I saw in those dark hues but my mind was now focused on something else.

Orochimaru sat in the living room, sipping a cup of coffee with a newspaper in hand. His eyes peered over the paper and I was set in front of him.

"Kill him." She said with a menacing tone and my mind froze. It took sometime for me to process her words. A glimmer shinned in Orochimaru's hand as he replaced the paper with a small pocketknife. No! This can't be happening. What was going on?

"You want to see your mother and father Naruto? You want to join them?"


My arm was force towards him and he dragged the metal across my skin. I didn't understand why they were punishing me. I didn't do anything bad. My eyes welled up with tears as I screamed for them to stop. I couldn't take it anymore and my body wanted to shut down. There was nothing left but the ear piercing pleas that reverberated the walls.

My eyes widened as the knife was lifted again, Akane holding me still with the blade close to my skin. I could already feel the pain as it gently pressed onto my arm, threatening to slit it open until eyes averted from my wounds and toward the dining room table. It was where Sasuke was and a loud crash sounded.

"Sasuke!" It was worried that filtered her voice…a voice that never was directed toward me. Rushing to Sasuke, Akane dropped me to the floor with Orochimaru following closely behind. I wasn't their flesh and blood so there wasn't any use in worrying about me.

Refusing to get up, I laid on the wooden floor with my injured arm in front of me. I couldn't stop staring at my blood that dripped on to the floor. They hazed….my eyes hazed into nothingness as I tried to ignore the pain that evidently contorted my face. It was my fault. Everything was my fault and I was punished for it. There was nothing that would lead me to happiness and everyone in this house was nothing to me and vise versa. I was there animal and like an animal I remained on the floor, waiting for further punishment.

I was locked in the pantry directed right below the staircase, with nothing but a 5X5 space to sit in. Akane made sure to take out the cookies and other products that I could rip and eat. All there was left was canned foods and in my eyes they seemed to be a blessing.

When the door was slammed in my face, my hand reached for a can of beans. I looked at the picture, imagining what it would taste like and so I bit down on the can. My teeth weren't able to pry through the metal and I was stupid in believing it would.

Hopelessly, I set the can on the floor as I stared at it longingly. "I'm hungry." I whined like a baby, hugging my legs to my chest as I prayed for a better life. Maybe praying was a thing that kept me alive but I didn't believe in god anymore. I saw him as an insignificant hope that would never come. Instead he drew me closer to death as he kept that monstrous family alive.

Thud, thud, thud

I heard footsteps going up and down the stairs in a rhythmical notion and dust from the ceiling started to fall on my hair. Who ever it was, stomping like a gorilla, was doing it on purpose and I cursed under my breath. I was sick of this. This whole family should be buried under ground and the first person that would be dancing on each and every one of their graves would be me, laughing my head off like some kind of lunatic.

For half an hour now the house was quiet. Akane wasn't yelling anymore like she usually did and Orochimaru's creepy voice wasn't audible. Although, when footsteps approached the pantry, I expected the worse. I tensed up and attempted to numb my body in case I was going to get punch again. Then the door opened and the harsh light blinded me for a second until it was dark again.

It made no sense but I uncovered my eyes from under my hands. "W-What are you-" I began to say but I was scared of him. If I talked maybe he was going to hurt me like the others but he just stared at me blankly as he sat in front of me.

"Here." He said, reaching into his pocket. "You can have this." A closed fist was presented in front of me. He uncurled his fingers and as fast as possible, my own hands reacted like rapid fire.

I grabbed the Oreo cookies so fast that Sasuke jumped in surprise. He widened his eyes by the way I ate. In truth I ate like a pig but I was so hungry that I couldn't help it and I licked at my fingers for more.

"Um…" His timid voice broke my reverie of food as my eyes laid upon his own. "Do you want some more?" Reaching in his other pocket, he pulled out two more Oreo cookies and like a ravaged beast, I attacked and shoved the cookies in my mouth. I almost choked myself and I coughed a few times.

"Shhhh!" Sasuke said in worry. "Mother will hear us. I don't want you to get hit again." He was older then me by a year and yet I couldn't understand why he worried about me or fed me. Was it a trick? Was he trying to get me in trouble with Akane? I didn't know but the food I received was a treasure.

For a while we were quiet, listening to any footsteps that would come toward us. Then Sasuke stood up and he turned to leave but I was so alone. He was the only one to talk to me and I inadvertently grabbed his hand.

"What is it?" He asked.

I couldn't speak but I knew what I wanted. I wanted him to stay. "I—Um I just wanted you to—"

"Sasuke!!" It was Akane and I shook in fear. "Sasuke!!" First time the name was muffled but when the door opened it echoed in my ears and rage filled her features. My hand that held Sasuke's was pried away so fast that I didn't see it coming.

"Mother." Sasuke gasped in fear but there was no use in having to be afraid because he wasn't the one going to be punished. Instead, I would take the beatings and the crude words. It was me who would suffer not Sasuke so I was the one in the feast of fear, eating at me like a virus.

"You damn child!" She yanked me by the collar and threw me out of the pantry. I collided with the wall as I remained on the floor. Sasuke was sent up to his room so he wouldn't witness the terrible things that she was going to do to me. "Sasori….Deidara!!"

My muscles tightened as the names were called. They were worse then Akane and my eyes closed with desperation. "No…" I whimpered as I laid in the fettle position as my arms were tucked tightly into my chest and my legs pressing against my stomach. The footsteps came rushing, my heart racing and the pain coming closer then I expected. In this day and time I was going to die. I knew it and I accepted it with a smile.

"Just kill me. Just kill so I can't cry anymore." I whispered as tears and the image of my family flashed before my eyes.

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