Warning- Rating changed. M rated for some sexual content.

Every since that time, I couldn't really forget about it. Like every strange incident that happens to a human being, you're mind is plagued by that one event. From schoolwork to my music, I was concentrated on questions that couldn't be answered. I tried so hard to focus but his lips was on my mind and my main focus was to understand why. Why did he kiss me? Why is he showing me so much interest? And will this bring any future consequences?

That's what I was afraid most. The consequences that his actions were going to bring for me frightened me to the bone. Those were the reasons why my subconscious took over my reality.

"Naruto. Why all of a sudden are you so reckless?" Tayuya pointed a finger at me, warning me not to ever play the wrong note. During that period, it didn't stop there as Tayuya continued to point an accusing finger. I had a posture that would disgrace any teacher and my fingering was feebly hitting the right note.

"Why all of a sudden Naruto?"

I looked up at Tayuya, putting my instrument away into its case. "Huh?"

She shook her head in disappointment. "You're out of it lately. Usually during morning practices you're upbeat and looking forward to my lessons but now you seem to be deteriorating. Do you still have interest in learning the violin?"

At the sound of that, I tensed. This was the only time I had a chance to escape my terror at home. Along side from school, practices gave me extra hours of peace and tranquility and now I was being questioned of depriving my only happiness.

"NO!!" I overly exclaimed as Sasori and Deidara's eyes fixed on me. "I-I mean…I'm just having a complicating time. I will try my best next time." I downcast my eyes, silently pleading for the summoning bell to ring. I could feel not only the Uchiha terrors locking their gaze on me but Sasuke was looking at me. I knew he was and now, I had a decision to make.

Departing from the music room, the summoning bell had rung and I went to class. On the way, I almost collided with other students because my mind listed my actions by steps. To go to the rooftop like Sasuke had instructed, for him to finish what he had started. Or to ignore him like I always did and suffer whatever consequences may be waiting for me at home.

"Something is bothering you?" My head turned but I instantly looked away, my footing hastened.

"N-Nothing's bothering me."

An arm eased its way around my shoulder, gently pulling me away from the crowd. "I find that rather hard to believe."

"Sasuke. Nothing is wrong I just have to get to class." I tried to sound convincing. But by the way I squeaked out the words, Sasuke caught the falseness in my voice. He dragged me into the boy's bathroom and pushed me into an empty stall. The space was narrow but it was enough for Sasuke to push me up against the door as his hand laid beside my head.

"Are you sure?"

My eyes narrowed in attempt to dodge his gaze. "I'm sure."

"Hmm…" He got his answer. He got what he wanted or it seemed he did. Wincing, I bit down on my bottom lip when Sasuke leaned in and a sharp pain followed. My shoulders uncontrollable shrugged, fighting off the lips that insisted on taking me off of my feet. I was on my toes with a groan at the tip of my tongue.

"S-Sasuke this is to much." I pleaded but he took my hand and shackled it over my head. To try and fight him off was futile because he was the reason why my fears escalated. When I couldn't cook him food I get beaten, when his mother controlled me to comply with her ever word and defiance would shoot out of my mouth, she'd give me much pain. He was the reason I couldn't fight back and that was why I stood perfectly still.

"You want me to finish it here." He said between alluring kisses. This didn't occur to me before but now I could hear the intimidating trait that he got from his mother. I tensed, my body soothing its way toward Sasuke's every need and desire. His smooth fingers lightly hovered upon my cheek, slowly dragging its way down my chin and planting itself there. Sasuke lifted my face, our eyes fixed upon each other.


"I told you to meet me on the roof during recess…" With a kiss, he cut me off and continued. "But I know if I give you time to think about it, you'll ditch me."

Laughing nervously, I averted my eyes. "You must be crazy. Haha…I won't ditch you. I wouldn't think of doing something like that. " Holy shit!! He was reading my mind or something. Yes, I had decided on what I was going to do before I had gotten caught in this. I would've walked out on Sasuke's demand and deal with the consequences. But to be stuck here with him and his demanding intentions, I knew something bad was going to happen.

"Is that so?" Sasuke nuzzled my neck and laughed with me. "Then I've decided. I want to finish it here." The door gave off a loud clatter as he secured me on to it. Gritting my teeth with substantial pain, there was a part of me that tried to fight back. My head turned away, refusing his lips. His every attempt to arouse me went unnoticed as my legs were forced to spread apart. Sasuke secured me on the door, pushing his thigh between my legs to close the gap between us. I swallowed hard, sweat beading down my forehead with my head inching away from him.

To what I had gotten myself into, was one thing that I had thought about throughout my life. This pain, this torture and this adhesive demeaning lifestyle I had longed to run away from had now shown its true colors.

"Don't move Naruto." It was an ordered as those piercing eyes forcefully locked onto mines. Slowly, he let go of my hands. He made sure that I listened and when he released me, my arms heavily dropped to my side. I was hopeless and my fingers curled into his shirt as my head took vacancy upon his chest. Cold fingers slowly dragged down my bare skin. I could feel the anxiety in his hands when it reached the hem of pants and I unintentionally closed my eyes tightly.

"Are you scared?" He had asked me, waiting for some kind of answer. I was scared, I was frightened but not for the reasons he thought. I Just didn't want to get hurt from his mother. When he hand crept his hands into my pants, my knees buckled as my fingers strained into his uniform. There wasn't any amount of control in my voice. When he grabbed onto me, I reacted with a moan, my grip tightening every millisecond. My knuckles grew white from such a hold but my body was pleading to be held up. Sasuke supported my weight with his leg and all this time, I was lost.

My hands, my actions, my voice was taken over by another because I didn't recognize myself. My quivering lips were held captive with deep alluring kisses. Sasuke's lips were quirked up into a smile, biting my lower lip and then directing itself back to my full mouth to explore with his menacing tongue. I grimaced at his every touch and reacted with his every action with a groan. I was the good little slave that I was known to be.


"Does it feel good Naruto?" His smile was different from that of my childhood memory. I barely could even look at him. "Come on Naruto. I know you love me am I right?"

I opened my mouth to reply but his tongue prevented me from saying a word. I muffled an incoherent plea but like everyone else around me, he didn't take the chance to listen. He ignored me and tangled his free hand into my hair, seizing my lips.

"N-No…" When the feeling of his tongue attempted to mingle with my own, I turned my head away, being able to breathe again. I gasped, my hands pushing Sasuke away from me. "No more."

Sasuke fought back. The hand that was positioned in my pants was now attempting to grab a hold of my face. Twisting and turning, I refused to be taken a hold of but the small space didn't help me with my desperate attempts.

"Sasuke let me—mghmmg!"

"Shhhh." Someone was coming in. If it wasn't for Sasuke's hand that covered my mouth, we would've been discovered but instead, we stood there like some kind of idiot. Sasuke was the idiot for trying to take advantage of me and I was the dumb ass, who let him do what ever he wanted.

Sasuke's eyes strained through the stalls, looking at the intruder with resentment evident in his eyes. With a mutter of curses spilling from his lips, the hand upon my face pressed me harder into the door.

"I guess ditching has its work cut out for us." Kiba Inuzuka, the jokester in my biology class gave a little smirk, leaning against the sink with a mere glance at the mirror.

His friends, the quiet and sophisticated Neji Hyuga and his feline, Akamaru, accompanied him. A hint of tobacco hit my nose and I grabbed Sasuke's wrist, reassuring him that I was going to be quiet. He let me go and I joined him in spying on the two. I peeked through the stalls, the two having cigarettes propped between their lips.

"You know what I noticed." Neji took a long drag and he puffed out a cloud a smoke in Kiba's face.

"What is that?"

"That Uchiha kid wasn't in class when I was in there for the first 15 minutes. I could have sworn I saw him around the halls."

Kiba had a distasteful look on his face. His nose wrinkled at the sound of the unusual topic. "Why the Uchiha all of a sudden. You take a fancy for him or something?" He laughed at the choice of vocabulary that slipped out of his mouth. The concentration in English class really was getting to him.

"You wish. I just thought that ass of a kid would be in class. I guess he's ditching just like us."

"I guess." Kiba replied with no amount of interest.

Neji and Kiba looked at each other for quiet a while now. They sucked on their cancer sticks, Akamaru, who hid in Kiba's jacket, inhaling the tainted air.

"So sticking on the subject on who fancies me. I wouldn't say the Uchiha."

Kiba eyed his friend. He knew that Neji was Bi, but for him to be talking so casually to a straight guy was literally uncomfortable. Kiba knew he shouldn't have brought it up but damn, he didn't know Neji was going to make it a big deal.

Kiba rolled his eyes and sighed. "I don't want to hear it."

"Come on. I thought you were my friend. You said as long as I don't hit on you you'll listen to me."

"Holy shit Neji, that was like a chick line right there."

"Shut up dude. I'm just sayin' what you told me."

Kiba slumped on the sink with an overly exaggerated sigh. "Fine, go on then. Who the hell turns you on?"

"The Uzumaki kid. Fucking quiet but I can make that blonde scream—"


Heads turned toward the stall we were in and I just wanted to disappear. Sasuke slammed the door open and reflecting off the mirror Kiba had stared at, was the young Uchiha's withered glare. The two merely stared at him, their cigs still propped comfortably between their lips. Neji tilted his head slight to the side, quite amused at the sudden discovery.

"Now what is this? My cute little Naru-chan with the malicious bitch, Sasuke Uchiha. Now what are you doing with my little toy Sasuke? Getting turned on in the bathroom?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth. The verbal abuse was killing him, and Sasuke had let got of my hand, replacing them around Neji's shirt. I didn't recognize how angry Sasuke was until Neji fell to the floor by a vicious punch to the face. It reflected that of my whole life. Being beaten to the floor and I unconsciously stepped back, my mind flooding by memories.

"Ho-Ho… I see these two are a couple."

"N-No were not!" I got a quick glance from Sasuke and my hands covered my mouth. I knew I made a big mistake.

Neji laughed at the reaction, slowly getting off of the floor. He narrowed his eyes at me and I could quickly get the lusting message by the smirk forming at his lips. During class I could feel eyes staring at me and there, Neji was glancing over his shoulder with a grin on his face. I would think nothing out of it but a slight chill would pick at my spine.

"So is Sasuke any good Naruto? You know, if you give me a chance I can make you cum in a second."

I could see Sasuke preparing for another face bashing but I intervened. Quickly, I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Kiba on the other hand didn't find any interest in helping. He found all this homo drama very amusing.

"Let's go Sasuke." I pleaded, heading toward the door. "We're already late."

"Shit…" Sasuke muttered, wanting so much to say more then was audible. The urge of kicking Neji's ass stuck in his mind for a long while. Although, with the voice of his loving blonde itching at his ear, Sasuke's anger soon subsided because he knew, in the end he had won.

On the way out of the bathroom, Neji scoffed a laugh. "Hey Naruto!"

I looked over my shoulder at the sound of my name and Neji, who was casually placing a new stick in his mouth, leaned up against the wall with a genuine smile. "If you need someone to fuck I'm your man."

Not wanting to see anymore, I pushed Sasuke out of the restroom before he could go and sink a fist into his face. From what I saw in class, I always thought Neji was a quiet and obedient student but with the influence of Kiba, maybe he just was hiding the person that he really was. That of a ruthless, sex craving maniac.

"Don't you dare go to him or see him you understand me." For a second I really thought that command was coming from Akanw, but when I looked at Sasuke he was serious. His loving demeanor ceased to exist and jealousy overtook him. We weren't going to class I knew that much and so I followed.

With Sasuke being the gregarious type, he had his own operation going on in this school. Reaching deep into his pocket, we stopped in front of the student council room where it was usual deserted as class was in session. Sasuke stuck a key in the doorknob and I wondered, where he had gotten access to a place where only selected students were allowed to go into. But maybe that's how Sasuke controlled people, like he had controlled me.

"Come on…" He said monotonously, pulling me into the empty room and closing it behind him.

"Where did you get the key?"

"A friend... he's part of the student council so he loaned me a spare." He jovially showed me his prized possession before stuffing it into his pocket. I never been in this room before so my eyes relentlessly wondered toward the paintings elaborately set on the walls. From the big oak table to the cushioned seats tucked underneath it, I was in awe but soon my amazement faded.

From the admired chairs, Sasuke took out one from under the table and spun it toward me, forcing me to take a seat. From the day's event, he seemed more focus then-ever now and that attention unfortunately pointed toward me. I tensed my shoulders as his hand rested in back of my chair, slowly hunching over to whisper in my ear.

"I want to keep you to myself. It'll be a fun game don't you think?"

I didn't dare to answer. My mind was too preoccupied with the thin, pale hand that made its way into his pants. His fingers instantly curled around my shaft and to that, my hips rose toward the anxious hand. Laughter had filtered my ears and warmth pulled at my skin as his lips gently nibbled on my earlobe. Breathing harder then expected, I grasped Sasuke's shirt and pulled him near me. I had thought the action would ease the unbearable pleasure that Sasuke had created but it wasn't enough. I bit down on my lip with a sour taste hitting my pallet. Droplets of blood dripped from the forceful pressure I applied on my lip. I didn't notice the slight cut until Sasuke had licked the blood away, kissing my lips roughly so I would open my mouth.

"You'll be doing this everyday. You'll listen to me won't you Naruto?"

"I-I…aahh." It was but a whimper but Sasuke loved the sound that escaped my lips. He loved the moaned when he applied much need pressure to my groin, admiring the façade of satisfaction that may had appear on my features. I was content as he stroked me and kissed me to the point that I could barely breathe. If I had a chance to take a breath I did and before I knew it, my lips were stolen and a ravaging tongue would lick the back of my throat. It sickened me, but I knew my body was growing use to this pleasure and honestly enough, I didn't mind having to moan for him. As long as no one found out, I would listen to Sasuke and be his pet for the rest of my life.

"400 dollars." I smiled, counting the last bill that piled in my hand. At first I couldn't believe it but after Sasuke had cleared my head, the music I had failed to play sounded beautifully in the streets of Tokyo. Luckily enough, an American tour was surrounding me and gratefully enough, they threw a lot of money at me. Playing throughout the day, my body was taken away by the music. With my eyes frivolously shut, I imagined a life of happiness as I always did.

I walked into the kitchen that was ominously darkened. Looking around, I thought no one was here although I heard a faint whimper. My eyes strained through the darkness for a light switch, my hands stretching up against the wall until I found what I was looking for.

I flinched at the harsh brightness that met my eyes. Then I looked around but what I saw had uncurled the fingers that held all the money. It dropped to the floor, sprawling to my feet as I gawked at the two Uchiha's who kept each other busy. Their lips intertwine and the older Uchiha tilted his head to gain access in the other's mouth. They knew I was here, watching them and gawking but they continued to moan, making as if I wasn't here.

At the back of my mind, I heard footsteps descending the stairs and that's when the two departed their lips and stared at me. A large gap was form between the two Uchiha's and I knew why they acted in such a way.

Akane grabbed a hold on my arm, viciously pulling me and throwing me into the wall. Her hand pressed down on my head that was sinking right into the ground and like always, the two brothers' watched in amusement. I couldn't believe it. All this time I was being fooled and availed. My heart stopped as Akane's thrashing held me against the floor, her anger escalating.

"You weren't in class you dumb ass. I got a call from your teacher and I found out Sasuke was gone to. What the hell happened?" The tune of Sasuke's name created great amount of pain while my head continued to press against the tiles. I whimpered, my eyes wet with tears as the pain increased.

"He forced me mother. He threatened me to stay by his side during class and I didn't do anything because I thought he would hurt me. But look mom. Look at all the money Naruto earned." Sasuke, who had been sitting there, watching the whole ordeal-taking place with a light smirk on his face, replied. He looked over at, to my surprise, was his older brother, Itachi. I hadn't seen him for over 13 years. And for me to walk in on Itachi lip-locking Sasuke made my heart literally shatter.

Akane let go of me and after collecting the money I had earned in an equivalent of 3 hours; she had marched out of the kitchen and up the staircase. I was able to sit up and I stared at Sasuke in disbelief.

"Sasuke…You lied. I didn't—"

"It's better this way Naruto. That you just be the servant and I, you're master. Don't you think?"

"B-But Sasuke. You're getting me in trouble for something you did."

Sasuke shrugged, leaning his chin upon his hand out of boredom. He didn't really care what happened to me and after all these years of looking up to him, my system shut down. I vacantly stared at him and that evil smile on his face as Itachi stood up, slyly wrapping an arm around Sasuke who greeted his gesture.

"I guess you're in for it Naruto." Itachi pointed out as noise reverberated off the walls. It seemed like Akane was looking for something and the only image that occurred in my head, was agony. I tried not to think about and when the images finally dissipated, it came back full force once thuds descending the staircase sounded.

The two Uchiha's smiled at me and subconsciously my eyes drifted toward the door. Escape. My feet buckled at the thought of escape but I was such a wimp. I couldn't move. I stood there and stared like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Damn, if it wasn't for the success your having with that violin I would've killed you a long time ago." I didn't care to look at my hands that were being bound with rope. I stared over Akane's shoulder toward the traitor that had given me some light in my life. Though, like all the Uchiha's they lived to slowly kill me.

I knew what was going to happen next. I was going to be thrown out of the second story window, left to clung to a rope that ripped through my skin. But it didn't disturb me as much as Sasuke's betrayal had. Being tugged toward the flight of stairs, I looked over my shoulder to engrave the menacing smile upon Sasuke Uchiha's face. The only face that I longed to pray that'll help me to escape this horror. But now, Sasuke was out of reach and my hope went along with it.

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