The Chaos Knight

YO!!!! Craine has returned... yet again!!!!!! As some of my fans may know, I have a tendancy to relate many facts of life... to Chaos. So I'm thinking... Why the in the fuck not?! I'm going to make a Naruto fic with all of the chaotic properties that reside within my highly unstable mind. So prepare yourselves... FOR CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!

May discord erupt!!!

Disclaimer: I don't Naruto... or Chaos... or Religon. Trust me, I am not attempting to make fun of Religion in any form or way. If you don't understand what I'm saying... well... just read

Chapter One: The Day His Life Changed


Deep in the Land of Fire; within the once beautiful village of Konoha, distaster had struck in the worst possible way. The village was in ruins... Building were collapsed and broken, the roads were faultered and crumbled, the skys were dark and reddened with blood. Hundreds of Leaf and enemy Ninja had lost their lives; their bodies scattered throughout the villige's confines with kunai and other weapons skewered within them. Konoha had been attacked by an army of renagade Shinobi that were Hell-bent on taking it all by storm...

and they would have succeeded... had it not been for one Godly Ninja...

Within the very center of the desacrated village, stood a very proud and shirtless battle torn, blue eyed boy with wild dirty blonde hair. His form was the embodiment of dominance and prestege, his power knew no limits or weakness, his jutsu; vast and omnipotent, his chakra, flaming and overpowering. He knew only hardships and the thirst for battle; the traits that ultimatly led to the salvation of a dying village.

This deity among beings boldly stood upon a huge pile of dead ninja that he had single handedly destroyed with his bare hands. Despite his unfathomable fatigue, he stood strong with his chest out and his fists resting upon his hips; staring into the clouded sky with an undying hope for the future. He had seen true evil... he had seen everything. He would not allow his home to be taken by enemy hands; so long as his body drew breath, he would step forward and set the opposing forces ablaze with the Will of Fire that his soul burned with

"Yeah... Fuck with me, now...", he growled with smooth and yet beastly voice.

As if on cue, the familiar form of the Sandaime Hokage, Saurtobi came running from behind; flailing his arms about while trying to get to Konoha's Savior. Once he arrived, the blonde God of a man turned his head back only to see Saurtobi plunged to his knees while constantly bowing as though he were worshipping such a being.

"Oh, Great Naruto! Oh Great Naruto! You have indeed proven your worth and loyalty to this village with every bit of Godly wonder that you are! I am not worthy...", the Third Hokage bowed.

Naruto Uzumaki smiled graciously, before he heard a series of cheers. He returned his vison back to the front only to see ALL of the villagers screaming and cheering the cries of joy that signafied Konoha's grand freedom from Tyranny and Fear... and the thourogh embrace of their ultimate warrior. Tears of nostalgic enjoyment and total bliss filled Naruto's eyes as he watched all that he had ever dreamed of come to full form right in front of him. Even some of Konoha's most beautiful women swooned over him now. The clouds began to part; shimmering the light of hope upon the village and reveiling parts of the blue sky once again.

But what was about to happen next... not even he could predict.

Suddenly, Naruto felt something press against the top pf his head. He looked back only to see Saurtobi smiling at him with his hat off.

It couldn't be...

"Naruto Uzumaki... For your bravery against the darkest of times, your determination and faith among the lives of Konohagakure no Sato and your overall strength that carrys on the eternal Will of Fire that blazes within all of us, I, the former Sandaime Hokage... herby benounce you... as Godaime Hokage", Saurtobi proudly declared, triggering a grand roar of aproval from the crowd.



Back in the plain of reality

"Naruto... Naruto...! NARUTO... NARUTOOOOO!!!!!!!", the super irritated voice of Iruka bellowed in his feutile attempts to wake the young twelve year old from his dreamy slumber.

The only response he got was a peacful snore. Growing more and more irritaed with this bafoonary, Iruka reached under his desk and pulled out a large text book. Tossing it up with ease, the teacher caught it with the same hand before instantaneously reeling back and throwing the book like a whirling shuriken of death; making direct contact with the center of Naruto's head. The blonde academy student was abruptly awoken by the agonizingly sharp pain that shot through his head before lifting from off of the table with his arms flailing in the air; spurting pints of his saliva all over the place.

Unfortunately, a pink haired, jade eyed girl named Sakura Haruno was sitting RIGHT next to him and incurred the wrath of the sloppy spit fest. She didn't move though... in fact she stood perfectly still with a blank and perfectly unreadible look on her face. Naruto screamed in agony while holding his head with both arms; whirling about in his seat screaming, 'DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!'.

Seeming to have blown off a little steam from what he did, Iruka closed his eyes, "There... Maybe that'll teach you not to sleep in my class", he said.

Everyone in the classroom shared a hardy laugh at the pained blonde who simply feel back into his seat and crossed his arms in a huff.

"Well, ya didn't have to throw a book at my head...", he murmered.

Iruka's eyebrow twitched, "After calling your name for two minutes? No, the method seemed very plausible to me. Now wake up and pay attention, Naruto", he commanded.

The blue eyed boy scoffed, causing Iruka's face to scrunch up with a comically forced smile, Thats it!", he yelled; rising to his feet.

"Since Naruto likes to sleep in class and dream about clowns named Mike and Dave, or something like that, we'll all be taking a reveiw test of the Henge assignment. All who already passed are NOT exluded!", Iruka ordered, gaining collective, complaints from all of the other students before they all glared daggers at Naruto... except for Sakura... she just kinda sat there with the same blank expression on her face.

-(A/N- I think we all know what happens during and after that day)-


The next day, Naruto had taken his final exam... and failed... again. That would count to be his third failure at the academy and it was safe to say that he was feelin' pretty low. At the academy playgrounds, the kids who actually passed were praised and worshiped by their loving parents... elements of which Naruto was unfamiliar with, but long for deep down inside. The orange clad student sat one of the swings watching all of the families with a heavy heart. In truth, he had always told himself that he should be used to seeing this already, seen as how his constant failures held him back.

The only question that he had at that and for all of the other times that he failed, for that matter, was why the Hell it was so damn hard. He tried, he really did. He spilled his blood, sweat and tears while attempting to exceed his expectations, but no matter how hard he tried or how much he improved he always seemed to be one step behind... It was sad... and not just a little infuriating. The fact that two female villagers were sharing the same heartless glares that he has received from so many of the other villagers for reasons that he was simply unaware of.

Despite their beauty, it would be anyone's guess that two were some real bitches.

"Ugh! Look, there's that kid again...", a beautiful red head whispered to an equally as beatiful brunette as they shared looks of utter detest.

"Yeah I see him... I heard that he's the only one who failed", the brunette said a if she wasn't surprised in the slightest.

The red head scoffed, "Hmph! Serves him right... If he ever became a ninja he'd only cause trouble. That monster doesn't deserve such a prevlige, seen as how he-"

"-Shh! Were not supposed to talk about that, remember"

Even they were unaware (not that they gave a damn), Naruto had heard every single word and to say the least, it angered him. Used to be... Naruto who be greatly saddened at the hateful words that were adressed to him. It broke him inside knowing that so many people despised for... for... Well he didn't know what the Hell they despised him for, but he didn't like it. So he trained himself... he tried and tortured himself to gain the skill and stamina necassary to become a ninja and gain the respect of the villagers and his peers.

But it seemed that Fate had other plans, because no matter what he did, Naruto was a failiure... and a deep boiling rage was beginning to boil within him. As the two bitches walked away, Naruto could feel himself getting angrier and angrier. He slowly put on his goggles and shot to his feet. He didn't even notice the smooth voice of Mizuki calling next to him... he just ran off. There had to be a reason why things were the way they were and dammit, one way or another, he was gonna get it!


Two Hours Later...

A storm was brewing. And I'm not talking about those storms that would last a while in nature's good and harmless fun... I'm talking about a Storm... a real storm. At first, the once calm winds simply picked up in strength. However, as time passed on, the clouds grew dark... ney... they grew black... completely and totally black. All in Konoha retreated to their homes to sheild themselves from the storm... all except one.

Upon the Hokage Monument... stood the lost soul of Naruto Uzumaki. He stared down at the heartless village... agonizing about the facts he could not hope to understand. They all hated him... they all shunned him... despised him. Even his peers refused to except him for who he was as a person, just a nuisance. An annoyance and a freak. They picked on him. They laughed at him. They through things at him and and tormented him about being something he wasn't... a monster.

He just couldn't understand! Why was he hated?! Why was he cursed to this fate suffering and hardship.

"It shouldn't be this HAAAAAARRRRD!!!!!!!!!", he shrilled with fury; gaining an almost responsive lighteing bolt from the black skies.

Naruto squaded over; curling his arms and fists with the rage that now consumed, "Why... WHY?!?! Why am I tortured?! ANSWER ME!!!", he called out to the heavens for some sort of guidence, "Why was I dealt this fate?! What have I done to deserve this?! PLEASE... ANSWER ME?!"

The only response that the blonde got... was the oncoming droplettes of the unforgiving rain. For some reason, this only sky-rocketed Naruto's rage as burning red beams of power shot vertically upward from around his body.

"This... ISN'T... HAPPENIIIIIIING!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!", he screamed again.


Somewhere close by...

Iruka had been searching for Naruto for a while. He checked the roads, he checked Ichiraku and pretty much every other place that he visited and hadn't seen him anywhere. Before Naruto left the playground where the other students were being praised for their accomplishments, Sarutobi had mentioned that he wanted to talk to him about something important. And it was very important... that day, Iruka had learned some very important things about Naruto... He learned that in a sense... they were the same.

The tanned Chuunin decided to take to the building to look for him and got the results he was looking for... when he heard a lament of fury quietly echoe from the direction of the Hokage Monument. Iruka stopped on a building to listen to the familiar voice, despite his worry for the boy... It was getting really bad outside.


Back upon the Monument...

Naruto's body was tensing greatly at the thoughts of what people and kids said to him... Like how much of a burden he was... How much of a beast he was... and how he deserved every bit of hardship and missfortune for he had done to Konoha. Even the kids made these bullshit remarks about things he wasn't responsible for. All of his people...


The veins within Naruto's fingers began to buldge out as he clinched his fist tremendously. The things that his peers told him... Even those who merely thought he was being ridiculous said that there was no excuse for the way he acted.

"Just grow up you cry baby!

"You think you have it so hard?! You're probably just spoiled!"

"No one likes you loser! And since you can't except that, you have to make yourself look like an ass because everyone hates you!"

"You're just a big baby!"

Naruto's pupils redened without his realization as he became fural and wild before howling to the skies; gaining a harder insertion of rain as a response "GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! They... They wouldn't be talking to me that way if I could at LEAST become a ninja!!! RRRAAARRR!!!!", he hollered as several streams of rain cascaded down his entire being; from head to toe, "They would be NOTHING when I became the Hokage!!!!!!"


Appearantly, his cries didn't go unoticed by the villagers... or more precisely, the other students that shared his class (the other Rookie Nine). Though they never left their homes, villagers and many of the other children had peered out of their windows to see the source of this atroucity only to see how horrible the storm was. The entire village of Konoha was plunged into an eerie darkness. It was hard to beleive that it was narutl, but it was. It was indeed a moment as frightening as it was curious.

Who would be stupid enough to say out with whether like this?


Naruto red aura became more firey and vibrant as he began to curse the Heavens, "Dammit all to HEEEEEEEEELL!!!!! Why did you do this to me?! If there is a God, than why does he torment me?!?!?! I didn't do anything, yet I've been stuck in a world that won't except me!!!", he roared before hot streams of pain filled tears flooded down his already soaked face, "All I ever wanted was to be excepted... WHY?!?!?! This shouldn't be HAPPENING TO ME!!!! MRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

Once again, the bolts of ravaging lightening peirced the black cloud as an unforgiving response



A vast and eternally beautiful paradise floored with golden tile that stretched past the abyss... A wonderous blue sky with clouds of never ending peace hugging the very heavens themselve... Several distant monuments and temples of Godly and otherwise Holy things...

All of this wonderment was what made up the Realm of the Gods. More specifically, was an enormous rim filled with a rippling sensational substance that seemed to reflect holy light of judgment. The rim rested upon a gaint plateau with four golden pillars evenly surrounding it. This massive contraption of omnipotence rested in front of a HUUUUUUUUGE(!!!) Holy Temple.

Standing over this... thing were two slender figures wearing Japanese Imperial clothing. Staring down at what they were seeing, the brother frowned deeply.


"Yes, Fujin..."

"I think he's cursing us again..."

"I can clearly see that"

"Well then... this calls-"

"-for drastic measures..."

The two Brothers, then whirled back to the direction of the humongous Temple; snapping their fingers.

"Hey, ZEUS!!!", they called out in unison.

In response, the gaint temple-doors slammed open reveiling the King of the Gods himself; shining brightly and eluminating the area with all of the Godly wonder that he pocessed. With his long silver hair flowing weightlessly in the non-excistent wind. The toga garbed deity marched proudly to the God's of Wind and Lightening with his dramatic Godly light radiating off of him as he approached. Once the picture of might stopped in front of them... his demeanor completely changed; slouching over, crossing his arms and vading his light away.

"This had better be important... I was in the middle of a heated Poker match with Ganesh and Jesus...", he grumbled lathargically.

Raijin and Fujin made a gap between them to allow Zeus to peek at what they called him there for.

"Oh its important, alright. Look", Fujin said; pointing down to the vison of a young blonde boy garbed an orange jumpsuit; screaming his head off at the skys and cursing the Gods for his misfortune.

"That little shits talking shit to us again. AGAIN!", Raijin exclaimed.

Zeus frowned, "Oh... (eye glimmers with murderous intent)... really", he said in a subdued manner.

Raijin and Fujin glanced at each other before slowly back-tracking to give Zeus the room to do his thing.

"Man... I never get tired this...", Fujin said with a smile.

At this, Zeus slowly rose his arms; emmiting powerful waves of lightening as he did so, "So, Mortal... You continue to damn the Gods, even at such a tender age... and for so long, at that. Hn. I am sure that you ill-suited fortune is the doing of the Sisters of Fate, but I can promise you this... cursing the Gods is the last mistake you will ever make; for I shall not tolerate this inselence any longer", he dominantly declared.

The clouds of the beautiful skys suddenly darkened as both of Zeus' hands formed brilliant sparkling lightening bolts of doom.

"Now... You wanted an answer... I've got your answer.. right here, you little-"

"HALT!!!", a deep and echoing voice shouted from within the giant temple, "I wouldn't do that..."

Raijin and Fuujin looked back and saw a LARGE being with a loosely fittnig black cloak over him, walk out of the temple.

"What're you doing here?", The Gods of Wind and Thunder said in unison.

The cloaked God squinted behind the hood over his head, "Your shift at the Pool of Visions... has expired... I'll take over for the next millenium or two...", he said gaining a nonchalant shrug from them.

Once Raijin and Fujin were gone in the flashes of Lightening and Wind, Zeus was left to deal with the one that the other Gods have deemed... the Black Sheep...

"And to what do I owe this interupption, Old freind", Zeus said, while never lowering his lightening bolts.

"Oh nothing at all... eeeexcept for the fact that Jesus just totally spiked your hand in that... Poker you like so much", the cloaked being said with a conceiled smile.

Zeus lowered his weapons of nature before dashing back into the buiding, "That son of a BITCH!!!", he hollered.

The Cloaked God smiled even more before closing the giant doors of the temple and turning around to the Pool of Visions to gander at the lamenting blonde in his sights, "Now then... Back to this... very important matter. Hmhmhmhmhm. So you wish to change your fate, little one? That is no easy feet. In fact it's damn near impossible, even for a God such as myself..."

The dark God's hands erected from his black robe as red, black, and yellow surges of electricity coursed through his limbs.

"However... when it comes to the anti-Laws of Chaos... anything... can be made... a reality... hmhmhmhmhm. Your rage is vast, my son, but it alone will not be enough to change thy fate. I will determine once and for all whether or not you have the gift... Naruto Uzumaki", he gruffly whispered.


Back at the storming Konoha...

The rain had only intensified as did the ravaging bolts of chaos above. the soaked Naruto's rage and greif had further increased; equaling the ferosity of the storm since he had not gained any answers from teh so-called Gods. Depraived, Naruto inhaled all that his lungs could intake... and let out the loudest and longest roar of infuriated anguish that made the skys themselves cry out in greif; throwing his arms in the air and trembling wildly as his torso leaned back to deepen his seemingly endless howl.

Naruto's fists tightened so greatly that they didn't just draw blood... it gushed all over his arms... but the pain was non-excistent to the blonde.



Seeing the obvious agony he was in, Iruka was actually on the verge of tears as he saw the developement unfold. It was heart-breaking to see what kind of pain a child could endure, but even more so, when it was obviously taking it's tole...

"... Naruto..."


Naruto's howls could be heard throughout the cannies of the Village, "Wrooooaa-NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!", he roared again before a terrifying series of lightening bolt devoured the skys about the blonde boy.

Then... the unbarable happened...


Seeing the absolute horror, Iruka gasped. His soul was suddenly struck by a ferious blow of fear and doubt when he saw what he had saw. It was unthinkable. At that very moment, Iruka didn't care what happened in the past. He didn't care how much of a clown Naruto was in his class. It didn't matter what was sealed inside of him anymore. The boy had dreams... he had hopes... and a light for the future. But it happened so fast... it was natures unforgiving and cruel joke to play on a boy who had nothing.

Iruka wasted no more time... he dashed as fast as he possibly could to Naruto...

Even though, not many people get struck down by a lightening bolt and live to tell about it.

Hoo-HAH!!!! I can only hope that this has entertained you in some form or way. Despite the darkness of the first chapter, the story itself with be positively LOADED with humor and complete randomness. So be prepared!!!