Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny/Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny: Owaru Day by Day

By: Ominae

Rating: T


Last time I checked around, Gundam SEED is under the copyright of Mitsuo Fukuda, Bandai and Sunrise. All other characters from other medias are under the copyright of their respective creators/companies. The only thing I can mess around is Richard "Rick" Yamato Chung and his Equatorial Union Guards comrades.


The forces of Section 9 rally alongside Richard Chung, war hero in the Equatorial Union Civil War, with Ken DiFalco against Seiran loyalists in the Orb Police and Army in a siege against Section 9 Headquarters.. Will they be able to make it out of the attack alive? A Cry of the Falcon gaiden.

Chapter 1: Annihilation in Setting Sun

Somewhere in Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

The atmosphere inside Section 9 Headquarters had been a bit tense lately. Most of the Section 9 staff had been hearing and watching news headlines being broadcasted by the Orb News Channel on flat screen and long screen television sets throughout the building regarding the World Security Treaty Organization aka WSTO and the Orb Prime Minister, Unato Ema Seiran, on a news conference annoucing the Orb Union's intention to join them. His son, Yuna Roma Seiran, stood next to him as Unato continued to speak to various journalists with his hands placed on the podium for emphasis. Even with the crowd cheering for their prime minister, everyone at Section 9 knew that the time would soon come for them to leave Orb territory since Unato is known to be against Section 9's presence in the United Emirates of Orb.

"Baka... (Idiot!)" whispered a Section 9 operator wearing a silver and gray ninja sneaking suit, who had the appearance of a 20-year old, staring at his MTM Pro Ops Black Hawk watch. "Hindi nila alam... (They don't know.). They really don't know the complications of the WSTO..." The watch had indicated that it was 10 minutes prior to 7 in the evening, 20 minutes since sunset.

"Rick!" Rick saw that Kira was in Section 9 HQ, wearing a black windbreaker jacket over his civilian clothes. "Good to see you."

"I don't know." Rick ran his hand on his black hair after greeting his cousin. "I'm not sure if it's good right now. He's been in his office for a while now."

"Yeah, I know." Kira nodded.

"So you're heading off to see Ken?" Rick asked. Seems that he needed to see him right away. Wonder why?

"Yea." Kira replied. "I just need to talk with him, that's all."

"He's in the office." Rick said, scratching his head. "Yeah. That's right, he should be."

"Okay. Thanks." Before Kira went off to the direction of Ken's office, Rick called out to his cousin again.

"Kira! Don't forget to say hi to your mom for me." Kira smiled and gave a nod before heading out to see Ken. Moments later, Rick heard a transmission on his ear piece placed on his right ear.

"Captain Chung." Rick sighed when he heard the Captain rank addressed by a woman's voice. In reality, he was a Staff Sergeant only in the Equatorial Union Guards. But after Ken recruited him and some of his Guardsmen comrades into Section 9, Rick had been given the rank of Captain after Ken had organized the first few operatives of the anti-terrorist organization.

"Yes?" Rick replied, activating the headset's PTT button on his belt. "Is something up?"

"Captain, the Major's going to have a few visitors."

"Who are they from?" Rick was a bit alarmed. Bo-ni (Bad luck) for us... The Guardsman thought in Fookien.

"Apparently, they said that they're from the Orb Police." The line was quiet before the woman spoke. "They say that they have a warrant, but its the SWAT units that are present right now."

"Can you give me some numbers?" Beginning to sprint down the hallway towards the direction of the armory and situation room, Rick began to check his watch on the time. It indicated that it was now a minute pass 7.

"They seem to be fifty to sixty strong. However, I'm not sure about this. But I seem to have spotted some Orb Army units in the vicinity..."

Damn!. This isn't good. Got to reach Ken... "Let him know about it. I'll go get some people to confirm that. I'll take care of the Army part. Spriggan out."

Moments later, a barely audible sound of a shotgun blast was heard in the hallway near Ken's office, nearly startling anyone who were present in the area after Rick was in the T-shaped hallway, leading to the armory and situation room.

"What the hell was that?" A man with a ponytail dashed to Rick's location, now armed with a Seburo C-26A submachine gun. "Rick! Did I just hear..."

"Sounds bad, Batou. Not sure what it is." Rick drew out his Fabrique Nationale Five-Seven pistol from his right leg holster and ejected its magazine to ensure it was loaded before replacing it back into the pistol. "Try to muster up the guys into the situation room as much as you can. I'll try and go the same."

"Got it!" Batou nodded. The two Section 9 operatives went on their separate ways, with Rick heading towards the situation room.

Situation Room, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

"Seems I'm not alone..." Rick murmured, seeing that Pazu and Boma were inside. These guys are only inside the room for now anyways...

"There you are." Boma greeted. "Batou told us to head here..."

"Indeed." Pazu added, scratching his hair. "It seems that we heard a booming sound." The door leading to the room hissed again, leading to several people entering the room in their ninja suits.

"What's this news that I hear about some sucka tryin' to blow off the Major?" A Black man with a mohawk and beard entered the room, accompanied by a Caucasian man with brown hair.

"Now, B.A." advised his companion. "We're going to get the news since we're already here."

"Whatever, fool." B.A. "I just hope you're right about this."

"Of course, I'm right."

"You know if Eddie, Face and the Colonel are comin'?"

"The Colonel might meet up with the Major. Not sure about it. Eddie and Face are probably coming later. I saw them speaking with Batou." In a few minutes, three people had entered the situation room. Two of them had Asian features with a third having Caucasian features.

"I wonder what the booming sound was." asked one of the new arrivals, who had a X-shaped scar on his cheek.

"I'm not Sousuke." replied a woman in her 20s with short black hair. "I'm kinda unsure about that myself..."

"Hey, don't be so down." grinned the blonde man. "This would be our chance to kick butt."

"Careful." The woman raised an eyebrow. "I wouldn't give a rat's ass to help you if you get shot later on, Kurz."

"Ow!" Kurz mockingly joked that he was hurt by Melissa's words. "That hurt, big sis Mao."

"Sorry I'm late!" A woman with neat black hair entered the room, accompanied by a brown-haired woman with Asian facial features.

"Emma! Sally! You girls made it..." Kurz grinned while he chuckled, about to "greet them" when Emma and Sally punched him together on his face.

"Not now, Kurz." Sally glared. "We've got other important things to worry about..."

"Aside from your antics." Emma said in agreement.

"What the hell you're trying to do sucka!" B.A. scolded. "We're in danger and you're trying to do a Face on them? Sheesh..."

The door hissed open again, admitting 5 men inside. Three of them had Caucasian features, with two having Asian and Black features.

"Good to see that you're here Logan." Rick addressed a man with short brown hair.

"Thanks, Rick." Logan replied, nodding his head.

"We got here as soon as we can." The Asian man said. "What is the emergency?"

"Yeah, what is it anyway?" asked a Black man with a British accent. "Jung and I were startled to hear someone firing a shotgun."

"That's why I assembled everyone who can come here, Michael..." answered Rick.

"He's right, you know." A Caucasian with a British accent said to Michael. "I think someone's not yet here..."

"You're right about that, Rivers." Michael then faced Shawn's companion, seated down on a chair. "Hey Armstrong." Michael asked the man with black hair. "You know who else is coming?"

"Well, not sure about Shiherlis or Templar." Brian scratched his head. "I think it's J-"

"Wait!!! Wait for me, guys!"

"Never mind, Johnny's here."

Moments later, a man with a black balaclava and Oakley M Frame shades came through, placing his left hand on his stomach.

"Sorry!" replied the masked man. "Stomach problem acted up when I was around the corner. Ed and some of the others are securing the armory, so I don't think they can come."

"Geez, mate." Shawn glared at Johnny. "We've told you to get checked up by the doctor at the clinic. One of these days, your stomach problem's going to trouble us in the long run."

Figures. Meryl must be busy heading up security for the armory. "All right. Some of you guys are here because I've something to say. For those who aren't here, tell the others that..."

Suddenly, Ken's voice blared through the speakers, soliciting everyone's attention. "Attention, all personnel, this is the Major. We are currently under siege by Orb SWAT officers, and I believe more will be entering the building within moments. I also have reason to believe Morgenröte's facilities will also come under attack shortly. Therefore, I am hereby declaring Case Zulu. Repeat, Zulu, Zulu, Zulu. All personnel, break through the siege by any means necessary, and retreat to S9 harbor at once. I repeat, all personnel use whatever means necessary to escape the building, and retreat to S9 harbor. In fifteen minutes, I am enacting Omega Contingency."

"What the?" gasped Melissa. "I don't believe this..."

"It means one thing." Rick said to the Section 9 operators present. "Unato's waited enough and wants our heads to present to his OMNI friends."

"We're under attack..." H.M. Murdock suddenly began to wail out in a loud voice after placing his hands on his head. "OH GOD! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! THE END I TELL YA! Our deaths will bring upon the Third Impact..."

"Shut up, fool! Didn't you hear the Major? They haven't busted our asses yet!" B.A. shouted at Murdock before facing Rick. "So what now, captain?"

"We move out." Rick said, ordering those present in the situation room. "Get weapons from the armory and spread out! We need to get the non-combatants out of Section 9 HQ at once. That understood?"

"Sir!" yelled those in the room in unison.

Rick, getting to use his headset, pressed the PTT switch on his belt. "Proto. I need you to confirm something for me..."

Armory, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

"Proto!" Rick dashed towards the armory, greeting Section 9's only bioroid android created after suggesting it to Ken as a Section 9 operator and maintenance technician. Since he was tapped in as a Section 9 operator, he wore the ninja suit as required.

"Greetings." Proto greeted Rick, as Melissa and some of the other Section 9 operators began to grab whatever assault carbine, submachine gun, pistol and other small arm that they can use for fighting in the hallways and rooms of the building from the small arm racks that were unlocked after Ken issued the Zulu order. Rick saw that most of the operatives had ammo clips mounted on their belts to hold ammunition for their firearms. Rick was surprised that Ken took his suggestion to house the armory with every firearm available from the C.E. and the 21st century A.D. eras. Never knew Ken would agree to one of my suggestions when Section 9 was being raised after the war...

"Have you seen my buddies from the Guards?" Rick asked the bioroid android. Proto shook his head.

Kuso! (Damn!) "Anyway, Proto. Contact me as soon as you can, alright? I need to speak with them at once. I think Hamid's suppose to leave with two of my colleagues since today's the last day of training with the Orb Army's 21st Airbone Unit."

"Understood, Rick." Rick saw that the android had armed himself with a Seburo C-26A submachine gun loaded with a 50-round magazine and a Seburo M-5 pistol as his sidearm.

"By the way," Rick asked the android again."where's my stuff?"

"Take this." Sousuke handed Rick a FX-05 Xiuhcoatl carbine, created in the 21st century A.D. by Mexico's Dirección General de Industria Militar del Ejército, it bore little resemblance to Heckler and Koch's G36 assault rifle back in the days of the Anno Domini era. "I've taken the precaution of loading it and placing an Aimpoint COMP M4 red dot sight on it."

"Thanks." Grabbing the rifle and slinging it on his neck, Rick proceeded to make contact with Section 9 pilots on the building's roof. "Attention Section 9 units on the roof, do you copy? This is Spriggan..."

Rooftop/Helipad, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

"This is the helipad. Mike speaking." A man in his early 30s wearing a gray pilot suit was standing by with a few pilots on the roof/helipad of Section 9 with two VTOL Tiltrotor planes. "Situation from the top sounds bad."

"Tell me about it..."

"A few minutes, we seem to have spotted Jigabachi helis from the Orb Army 's 1st Assault Helicopter Brigade around. Orb Air Force transport choppers are in the area too."

"Crap! Can you guys get some of our people out of the building, Mike?"

"Not sure. I-Wait a second! What are the Jigabachis doing? Are they going to fire their- AAAUGGGHH!" Several ASMs rained down on the helipad, taking out the tiltrotor planes and the pilots standing nearby with them.

Armory, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

"Crap!" Rick cringed after hearing loud static on his headset. "Must've been shot by the Jigabachis..."

"What about our guys standing guard on one of our underground transits down in the basement levels?" suggested Kurz. "We still could try and hail them."

"Good idea." nodded Rick. "Hiragi, Soma. Can you hear me? This is Spriggan..."

Basement Rapid Transit Platform A, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

"Acknowledged, Spriggan!" came the reply to a Section 9 operator with a neat mustache and hair alongside another with semi-long hair, both armed with Seburo C-30 assault rifles. "Platform A's a bit way too quiet. Soma's already done checking the area. The shutter's still closed. And i-"

Without any warning, a man wearing ballistic goggles, helmet, tactical vest and a sneaking suit sneaked up from behind the mustached man. Before he knew about it, the unknown intruder covered his mouth and brought up his commando knife near his chest before stabbing the area where his heart was twice.

"Hiragi!" Soma came running towards the platform to check on his colleague, until automatic gunfire erupted from the far end of the tunnel, critically wounding him.

"Gack!" As Soma was on the ground, crawling since his leg was shot, the intruder jumped down on the platform and went towards Soma. He then grabbed his head and snapped his neck, instantly killing him.

A few minutes later, the two soldiers opened the shutter covering the Rapid Transit Platform had opened to reveal platoons of heavily armed commandos wearing Orb Army uniform along tactical vests, ballistic goggles and helmets and were brandishing assault carbines and submachine guns as a show of force. Their patches portrayed a red diamond with a broadsword on it, its blade pointing upward, with a wreath around it. It was the symbol of the 18th Special Reaction Battalion, the Orb Army's leading counter-terrorist unit.

"Hmph." The leading 18th SRB commando nodded after he saw a thumbs up from the first soldier, indicating that it was all clear. "All right, people. Remember your orders." The commando faced the platoons behind him. "Storm Section 9 headquarters and take no prisoners. We've got some heavy resistance from inside the building after the attempt to arrest the Major failed."

"Even those who are willing to give up?" came a question from one of the armed SRB commandos in the ranks. The leading officer nodded.

"We've been authorization to execute non-combat personnel by command since Section 9 personnel are deemed to be a threat. Any other questions?"

"All right!" The officer aimed his assault carbine facing the direction of the platform after seeing that no one was willing to question him any further. "Charge!"

Afterwards, the soldiers of the SRB began to dash inside the tunnel with their objectives in mind. The tunnel was filled with the sound of boots stepping on the metal tracks of the rapid transit as they prepare to secure the area for the eventual raid on Section 9.

Armory, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union

"Tangina! (Sh-t!)" Rick cursed, after hearing footsteps of the SRB through his headset. "That's the last straw! Orb Army's down there!" Rick faced a Section 9 operator in his early '30s with a cigarette in his mouth. "Azuma! Is everyone armed?"

"Yeah." replied Azuma, breathing out to exhale cigarette smoke, after seeing that the sliding door to the armory was closed. "Most of the guys are armed. I suggest we block access to this thing. Who knows if Orb Police SWAT or the Army's SRB should decide to come here?"

Besides, we've got another one around the building. "All right." Rick faced the mohawk Section 9 operator with some gold chains on his neck only instead of his wrists due to policy regarding uniform. "B.A., you know what to do."

"On it." B.A. grabbed the biometric scanner and began to rip it off the wall, sending sparks flying around before he tossed it on the ground, leaving exposed wires on the wall socket where the biometric reader used to be. "Let's see some sucka try to open that door now."

"Everyone, spread out!" Rick held his FX-05 Xiuhcoatl carbine and told the assembled Section 9 operatives around the armory. "Try to keep the SWAT and SRB forces from raiding the building! Get non-combat personnel out, especially our desk jockeys! You'll never know what they'll do to them." Rick inhaled before giving his last order.

"This may be one of the last orders that I'll hand in to you guys. So move out and protect the integrity of Section 9!"

"Yes, sir!"

Rick and the other ninja suit-clad Section 9 moved out to secure the various areas of the Section 9 building, built away from the urban centers of Phoenix Island, but near Onogoro Island on Ken's planning after the end of the Equatorial Union Civil War. This small little war had been initiated by Unato Seiran to remove Section 9 as a favor for his OMNI friends, but the Equatorial Union Guardsman knew one thing for sure. One thought that he had shared with the rest of his Section 9 comrades.

They'll fight it out with their antagonists, even if it has to mean their deaths.

Docks, Morgenroete Inc, Onogoro Island, Orb Union

"I came as soon as you called in Arthur." Talia Gladys, captain of the Minerva, which was ZAFT's new Mobile Assault Ship, after heeding a request from her executive officer, Arthur Trine. He was standing by near a walkway that gave access to Minerva's port side.

"Captain." Arthur saluted his commanding officer. "I was told by Meyrin that she has an established line to Section 9 Headquarters as you requested a few minutes ago."

"Thank you." Returning the salute, Talia went inside the Minerva by its port side as she went to see Meyrin by the bridge.

Bridge, ZMS Minerva

"Yes, Meyrin?" Talia said, after getting inside the Minerva's bridge. Meyrin had been working in the bridge's communications aside from the other essential personnel like Chen and Malik, who were busy relaxing by drinking water from their beverage containers.

"Captain." Meyrin faced her superior. "I've been trying to get a hold of the Major back in Section 9 HQ. But..."

"Is something wrong?" Talia asked.

Meyrin nodded. "I don't know why, but I can't seem to do it. I've been trying to do so since 10 minutes ago."

"Let me know if anything happens, Meyrin."

As Talia continued to watch Meyrin do her work on prepping an open channel to Section 9, the brown-haired woman couldn't help, but remind her of a time when she had last spoke to Rick Chung, war hero of the Equatorial Union Civil War.

November 28, C.E. 71. Lounge, EUAF Clark Air Base, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines, Equatorial Union

When the civil war had ended in victory for the EURM and her mercenary allies, peace talks had begun with the Atlantic Federation as a mediator. While peace talks were ongoing, the volunteers saw that they weren't needed and proceeded to leave the Equatorial Union. A majority went back to the OMNI states and the neutral nations. But for ZAFT and ex-ZAFT volunteers, they began to prepare for a flight that would take them to the Oceanic Union to Carpenteria.

"Hey." Talia, in civilian clothes, saw Rick was around the lounge of EUAF Clark, also in civilian clothing. "You're still here."

"My flight's not ready yet." Talia smiled at the young Guardsman. "What can I do for you?"

"Nothing, really." Rick shrugged his shoulders. "I thought I can see you for the last time before you leave."

"I see." Talia nodded. "So what happens now?"

"Don't know myself." Rick replied. "Heard rumors that I could be court-martialed. But whether that's the case or not, I should be fine."

"I hope so." Talia said, feeling worried for her friend ever since they met in the Equatorial Union when she had been a Black uniformed officer in ZAFT after being a guest speaker at Xavier School in the Philippines regarding the nature of conscription after she had been conscripted into ZAFT herself as a Green soldier before joining the ZAFT academy after a brief discharge and graduated as an elite Red before being promoted to a Black officer.

"By the way, I wanted to ask you if you heard the rumors?"

"Rumors? What rumors?"

Talia sighed, who had seen that her companion was not aware of what she said. "That some people are being recruited to join this anti-terrorist organization called Section 9."

Rick's eye widened after being told, "That rumor." He then grinned and shrugged his shoulders. "Nah. Sorry."

"But, are you going to join them?"


Talia became a bit confused, "Why?"

"I don't know." Rick stared outside to see ZAFT aircraft taking off towards the Carpenteria Base. "Maybe I will and maybe I won't. It's tempting though."

Talia couldn't do anything, but to watch Rick as he continued to stare outside.

"When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a hero of justice. You know, protect those who are being oppressed by those who would trample on people and wipe them off like yesterday's garbage, regardless of race, religion, nationality, age or their genes." Talia knew that Rick had been raised in the Equatorial Union, one of many nations in Earth that didn't care if its nationals had been a Coordinator or Natural alongside the Orb Union and the Kingdom of Scandanavia. Though the Eurasian Federation, the Republic of East Asia, the African Community and the Oceanic Union were with OMNI or ZAFT, those nations also didn't care if they had Coordinator nationals living in their soil.

"That seems to be a wishful dream." Talia said, reminding Rick. "You know that's impossible..."

"Regardless." Rick countered her argument. "I could still join. Be a hero to the people and then..."

Talia wanted to know what the Equatorial Union national wanted to say, feeling that she was out of breath as she waited for Rick to say something, "Then what, Rick?"

"Then, I'd disappear in the background. I simply don't care if I'll get acknowledged as a hero or not by the people on Earth, the PLANTs or in the other colonies in space." Rick faced Talia and smiled at her. "All I know is I'm doing the right thing..."

"I have to go. My plane's already here." Talia whispered, hugging Rick before she left. "Hang in there, okay?"

Rick grinned at her and gave her a ZAFT salute taught to him by some of the ZAFT volunteers during the civil war. "Understood, ma'am."

Corridor, Section 9 Headquarters, Phoenix Island, Kiribati, Orb Union


Rick had suddenly sneezed; he was taking the lead of a small Section 9 unit composed of himself, Emma, B.A., Azuma, Pazu, Murdock, Melissa and Kurz. It had been a good thing that the corridor was clear of any SWAT or SRB units, less that they would be caught and possibly killed on the spot. The group had been crouching and leaning on the wall so as to provide them an element of surprise against the invaders.

"Are you alright?" Emma asked, seeing that Rick sneezed under his balaclava.

"I'm fine." Rick replied, lifting his balaclava briefly to rub his nose. Strange. Feels like someone's talking about me...

Chapter 1 END

PS - Yeah, been a while since I thought about doing this. Actually, I did want to implement some Tom Clancy-esque action and elements when the Orb Police and Army are mobilized to raid Section 9 Headquarters. So it's a gaiden based on Solid's Cry of a Falcon. All it took was a question on asking if I can do this and he said it wasn't a problem. As for the Orb Union's main location in the CE world, I more or less made an estimation on its location since it's the closest to the Equator and near Hawaii. I'd assume that the Phoenix Islands had land reclamation, which was shown in the official Gundam site regarding the main Orb Union island as a big landmass. I'll assume that the Phoenix Islands in Kiribati were clumped as one due to the said reason as the main Orb island. Taku! I just hate it with being accurate in geography for the CE and all that...

You may notice some references in the overall and chapter title alongside a certain scene for this one. Guess which series that they came from.

Hope you guys like some of the characters I'm trying to blend in. As you may or may not notice, this will test my skills for my future Gundam SEED AU story with a plot similar to COAF centering on an anti-terrorist organization with characters from certain medias, including some mixing of Gundam UC, which I wanted to do for a long time. So in a way, this fic's a sort of hotbed for me to try things out, I think I was plagued by COAF after all. But still, I hope you guys enjoy reading this gaiden as much as I do. In other words, it might be a potential massive character crossover. Not sure if I should mix some UC events (e.g. 0079 to Zeta without the Zeons doing the colon drops.), but I'm sure that I may mix some post-Zeta characters without their plots used (e.g. Char's Counterattack and all that jazz.) since I've placed a UC character here in this chapter. Figure out who she is. If you also think you know the name of that organization, keep it to yourselves for now. If I can just put down the Titans as a major antagonist besides Phantom Pain...

If there's something that you'd like to agree, deny or perhaps a suggestion from the rant I said above or rant about something that I did in this chapter or whatnot, let me know in the reviews too. If you peeps wanna guess the guest characters recruited into S9, be my guest. You'll get karma points from me anyway for now...

As usual, I'd like to thank Solid for his agreement for me to do this, not to mention for sort of collaborating in doing Cry of a Falcon since we (actually, he had the final say) placed elements of Rebellion in it, though he was interested to do so. Wild Goose 01 gets heads up for doing the first gaiden of Cry of a Falcon for using GITS: SAC fusion with COAF. It was really a good idea, IMO. Really found it interesting to do it since I've seen people do GSEED stories with a mix from Gundam UC. That really rocks, but only a few people bother to read and review, don't know why really.

Guess what? The sequel to Rebellion's coming up really, really soon. I promise. More details to follow.

Also, kinda excited to see Gundam: 00 next month. Since Rick's Secundus was destroyed in the civil war back in Rebellion, I'll whip him a machine based from the Gundam 00 show. Perhaps a hybrid from one of the Gundam 00 mechas with the Zeta Gundam, it's a kickass machine IMO.