Hey everyone. I thought I would add a little chapter answering questions people have sent me. I was overwhelmed at the response that I got for this story. I am truly sorry if it confused people but sometimes things that make sense to me, don't make sense to others. Also several people have asked me to update. The story is finished. Okies, answer time.

Alice Cullen1227: Yes the story is over. I knew that's how I wanted it to end. Actually, the ending I had in mind was Bella arriving in Australia to find Hayden and Edward, but then I remembered the whole shining in the sun and realised Australia just wasnt a viable option so I altered it.

Fearlesschick: You commented that there is no romance in this story. That is because it isn't a Bella and Edward story, its a Bella and Hayden story. The whole story was about the bond that a mother a child have and how the mother would do anything in the world to protect her child. That just wasn't room in the story for romance. I'm sorry that it was disappointing in the romance department.

Leechlover2: The Volturi are not coming after Hayden or Bella. That would just be depressing after everything that Bella did to protect her son.

Biloxi Girl: I won't be adding anymore chapters to this story, but several people have asked me to do a sequel. I am considering it, and having it based around Bella and Edward and them getting back together. In a way, Bella does forgive Edward but she can't give him her heart again. He broke it. The sequel would be about Bella learning to forgive and some what forget.

As for everyone else asking about a sequel. I have considered it but if I did write one, you would have to wait a bit because I want to get my other stories finished first. If anyone has checked out my profile they will see that two of my stories are on hiatus. I found it really difficult to write four stories at once, plus I'm going to be doing some major editing with the hiatus stories. If you can all hold on for a sequel, I might just give it too you. I can promise that it will be a Bella/Edward centric stories with lots of romance. Thank you all so much for your patience, reviews and hits. It makes me appreciate what i do even more.