Yoshizilla: First of all, let me just say a few things before I start. First of all, Space Ghost is the greatest superhero ever, nuff said. Second of all, "SPace Ghost: Coast to Coast" is the funniest show in television history, PERIOD. Third of all, Moltar is better than Brak. And...well, I guess that's it. Enjoy the oneshot, folks, and my first fanfic for the Autumn of 2007!

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Yoshizilla: Shut up. This isn't Yoshi Kart, this is the awesomeness that is Space Ghost.

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(Cue Space Ghost: Coast to Coast theme)

Space Ghost appears in the studio. He looks at Zorak. "Hey Zorak, have you ever wondered what it would be like if YOU could turn into a videogame system?"

Zorak blankly stared at Space Ghost. "Errr...what?"

Space Ghost stood there for a few seconds, before he started again, "You know! I'm talking about being the PS3, the X-Box 360, the Wii..."

"The X-Box 360 killed my father! It needs to be destroyed!" Moltar interrupts, slamming his fist on the control panel. All of the lights go off as a result.

Space Ghost let out a sigh, shaking his head. "Moltar, you just HAD to make all of the lights explode, didn't ya?"

Moltar stuttered a bit. "Yah, well...the X-Box 360 is the root of all evil, you know."

"I thought it was money that was the root of all evil," Zorak recalled, blinking.

Space Ghost stood still for several, silent seconds. Looking briefly at Zorak, and then at Moltar, Space Ghost flew into the air, turned around, and started firing blasts at Zorak, resulting in explosion. Space Ghost lands back down to the ground.

"So, let me get this straight. You think that I should go out and buy an X-Box 360?" Space Ghost suggests.

Moltar shakes his head, opposing it. "No. Not only does its online play suck, but it's also has boring games that NO ONE would enjoy."

"Liiike..." Asked Zorak, coughing a bit.

Moltar paused for a moment, and he tried to answer. "Well...er...uhh...Bioshock is pretty boring..."

"That's it?" Zorak immediately asked, continuing to cough.

Moltar rubbed the back of his head. "No...I guess not." He sighed, and looked down. "So, who's the guest for tonight's show?"

Space Ghost stared blankly at Moltar. "Errr...guest?"

Moltar groaned. "This is a talk show, you moron! Of course I mean the guest!"

Space Ghost gasped, realizing his senses. "Ooooh! The guest!" He paused for a few seconds, and then said, "I killed him."

Zorak's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "What!? You killed him!?"

Space Ghost nodded. "Yes. It's not like the viewers actually care about him...right?"

Moltar sighed, and grabbing his cup, he walked out of the control room and headed to the cafe.

Space Ghost watched as Moltar left. "Well, maybe we can do a remote like last time, guys!" As he was saying this, Zorak got out of his prison pod and left. Space Ghost repeated, "Guys? Guys?" Several moments of silence passed before Space Ghost asked again, "Guys?"

"Oh shut up, Space Tool!" Zorak shouted, tossing a baseball at Space Ghost's head, nailing him to the ground.