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Chapter 1: The Call

It was another perfect day in the never-ending summer break that we call "Hall of Heroes". In the sacred valley that is surrounded by inexpugnable walls, the Eireis, or Heroic Spirits, spend innumerable millenias doing their most desired things. Fighting, partying, some play music (The Argonauts is a great Eirei band), while others write poems (See Orpheus), everything in great harmony, as deserved for those spirits who raised above the standards and became heroes.

So, the only thing to break this millenial vacation of boredom for the spirits is what we call Grail Wars. From time to time (in earth's time, as in the Hall of Heroes past, present and future collide in a single moment) eight (seven in the beginning) Heroic Spirits are chosen by the Holy Grail to descent to Fuyuki City as servants to human magicians, with the sole purpose to survive and get a wish granted by the Grail.

However, the grail wars didn't went as planned, as the magician family of the Von Einzberghs broke a rule in the third war and summoned an unaceptable servant. That Servant, Angra Manyu, being non- canonical of the wars, began a new class, the Avenger. However that class was illegal until the end of the fifth war, where Arturia Pendragon and her master Alana Akawa wished for that class to exist, and named their first members: Alana herself, Angra Manyu and Emiya Kiritsugu. So, now the grail can absorb those spirits, stoping the evilness that Angra was tainting the grail with. Therefore, the grail wars went back as planned, but with an 8th servant from now on.

The grail wars aren't as exciting for those that aren't summoned that for those who are, for obvious reasons. The poor unsummoned Eireis must wait at the gates for their lucky companions to come back in order to get news.

In that situation we find the Emiyas: Avenger class servant Emiya Kiritsugu (A.K.A Ryan Thompson) and Archer class servant Emiya Shirou. Each one rest in each site of the gate. They are waiting for their lovebirds: Saber class servant Arturia Pendragon and Avenger class servant Alana Akawa, former master of Arturia, for a brief period of time.

And here they come: blue with white armor one of them, black with red armor the other. Best friends, and technically Alana is Saber's Mother-in-Law. But they don't know it, yet. As the Eireis lose a great part of their memories as they leave the sacred place.

So Shirou and Ryan smile calmly as they see the girl throwing surprised stares at the white walls and marble colums. Their spirits come back after dying, yet again, after their participation in the grail war. Both of them escort the girls inside the valley and as they step in, all the memories erased come back, and the newcomers throw themselves in the arms of the boys. After the forcefull reunion, the question arises

-"So, how did it go?"

This question has been asked a lot of times by a lot of heroes, but this time the answer was unexpected. Alana went towards Arturia and hit her in the face.

-"That bitch beat the crap out of me."

-"Don't blame me for your weakness, Alana. Train harder."

-"As if..."

Both Emiyas forcefully separate the fighters, after Alana cools down they hear that she actually came in 3rd place. Smiling, Shirou asks Arturia.

-"So, you won?"

Saber denies with her head.

-"No. Rider bested me in the final match."

Shirou gasps in surprise

-"What? He did that?"

However, the conversation is cut as a big, green screen arises in the sky. The spirits looks at it with surprise as it normally only shows up when a grail war is about to begin to show the names of the chosen ones. As they get close to it, they join a crowd of Heroes. The speaker: D'artagnan, tells them the content of the message in his french accent.

Dear HeroicSpirits:

Please, we ask you to read the next list, and if your name appears in it, we would like you to go to the meeting hall in two hours.

G. WAR ------------------------Winner-------------------- Runner Up -----------------------------------------3rd Place

I ----------------------------(SBR) Aquilles---------------- (BSK) Jason ------------------------------(RDR) Frederick Barbarrossa
II-------------------------- (RDR) Joan of Arc----------- (SBR) Siegfried ---------------------------(CTR) Diviacus
III ------------------------(ASN) Echo--------------------- (SBR) Saladin---------------------------- (BSK) Ajax
IV -----------------------(SBR) Arturia Pendragon----- (ARC) Gilgamesh---------------------- (ASN) Hassan-Ibn- Sabbah
V -----------------------(SBR) Arturia Pendragon ------(LNC) Cu Chu Lainn -----------------(CTR) Medea
VI ---------------------(ARC) Atalanta----------------- (AVG)Kiritsugu Emiya------------------ (CTR) Cleopatra
VII --------------------(SBR) Aquilles------------------- (BSK) Heracles---------------------------- (ASN) Echo
VIII ------------------(LNC) Leonidas----------------- (ARC) Shirou Emiya--------------------- (RDR) Richard The Lionharthed
IX------------------ (AVG) Kiritsugu Emiya ---------(ASN) Hattori Hanzo-------------------- (LNC) Leonidas
X -------------------(RDR) Alexander The Great--- (SBR) Arturia Pendragon ---------------(AVG) Alana Akawa

We would like your cooperation.


Grail Staff (A.K.A Valkiryes)

So, still with questions around their heads. All four of them went to the meeting hall, as each one was summoned.

They arrive and behind came the others. Gilgamesh, reinsertated with his heroic status, was as cocky as ever, but without all the evil in the world he was a bit more enjoyable, just a tiny bit. They met Cu Chu Lainn, too. Heracles greeted them with a big smile in his face, as Medea paid no attention to them as she was speaking with Diviacus. Everyone knew each other, and they began to chat and laugh, Ajax begin to entertain everyone with his 100-beer challenge.

After some expectation, and with everyone of them discussing wild theories, came Brunhilde, first Valkirye and speaker of the council.

-"Thank you for coming, my friends.

The Holy grail wishes to celebrate the end of this, the tenth holy grail war with a special event. The spirits which performed the best will fight in an incredible special grail war, for that purpose you have been summoned. You are the spirits that fared the best in each war, and therefore you are invited to this, the champions war. This war will be held in a special timeline, with two groups of eight servants each, fighting in two differents cities. The winners of those groups will clash in a final showdown in 1939's Fuyuki City, just before WWII.

However, right now only the eight winners has a place in the groups, the runner ups and 3rd places will have to do a preliminary fight right here, in this meeting hall to decide who goes to earth. Anyone want to back out?"

Her gaze begin to inspect the crowd, but nobody would back out, the flame in their eyes tell Brunhilde that their competitive spirit was unleashed. She smiles.

-"Well then, this are the preliminaries :"

And with a movement of her hand, another screen pops out where the matchups can be seen

I- (BSK) Jason VS (BSK) Ajax

II-(RDR) Richard The Lionhearted VS (RDR) Frederick Barbarrossa

III- (ARC) Shirou Emiya VS (ARC) Gilgamesh

IV- (SBR) Siegfried VS (SBR) Saladin

V- (CTR) Medea VS (CTR) Cleopatra

VI-(ASN) Hassan-Ibn- Sabbah VS (ASN) Hattori Hanzo

VII- (LNC) Cu Chu Lainn VS (BSK) Heracles

VIII- (CTR) Diviacus VS (AVR) Alana Akawa

With that Bhuhilde adds

"Preliminaries begin in five minutes."

The crowd lets out a roar as Jason and Ajax takes positions. The scoreboard changes yet again.

(BSK) Jason-----------------------VS----------------------------- Ajax (BSK)
Jason: Intelligent, Good Judgement, Weak-Hearted
Ajax: Unstopable, Temperamental, Alcoholic

-------------------------------------Noble Phamtasms-------------------------------.
Jason: Argonaut A wave of healing cures Jason and, to a lesser degree, the
Golden Fleece A cursed armor surrounds the enemy, halving their mana.

Ajax: Axial Axe Upward slash + Ajax gets a burst in strenght. Lasts one minute
with a five minute cooldown

(RDR) Richard The Lionhearted---VS-----------------Frederick Barbarrossa (RDR)
Richard the Lionhearted: Good Leader, Pious, Great Strategist
Frederick Barbarrossa: Good Leader, Duelist, Can't Swim.

----------------------------------------Noble Phamtasms-------------------------------.
Richard: Crusade Powerfull Charge which aim for the head. Lethal if hits.
Frederick: Sacred Empire Powerfull Holy Slash. Raises 2 minions.

-"This will be interesting" said Saber with a fierce look.

-"No Doubt." Added Shirou, while looking at Gilgamesh. " Quite Interesting."

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