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Preliminaries IV: King of Dragons.

Arturia gets to the fallen Shirou, which greets her with a faint smile. As Arturia scans Shirou for damage, with professional attention, Archer's wounds heal for themselves. Of course, after the victory proclamation the healing system of the Hall of Heroes is activated again. Arturia helps her beloved to raise and Shirou begins to clean his crimson clothes from dust, then he sees the great hole in his black leather. He sighs.

-"Well then, i guess that clothes didn't heal themselves..."

Arturia can't help but to chuckle, all her fears are relieved by those words. Ryan gets close, too. And pads Shirou in the arm.

-"Weakling" Shirou raises an eyebrow.

-"Yeah, sure."

-"Aww, how touching."

All three turn to face Gilgamesh, fully healed too, but with joy in his eyes. He begins to walk towards them, but a Great sword points to his neck swiftly.

-" I Believe you're done here Gilgamesh."

The King of Heroes turns to face the aggresor. Is a warrior as tall as himself, with emerald-green heavy armor. A saphire emblem highlights in the chest, which matches the blue, icy eyes and contrats with the golden hair. Both the warrior and the weapon are well-known.

-" Calm down, Siegfried. I'm just chatting."

But as Gilgamesh attemps one more step, Balmung is raised even higher. Shirou stops him.

-"Let him be, Siegfried."

Siegfried gazes quickly at Shirou and lowers his two-handed sword, as tall as himself. Balmung, the Dragon crusher. Then he turns and goes away.

-"Whatever." He raises his hand. "C ya,Folk..." Then, he waves and goes away.

Gilgamesh smirks and gets closer... but this time Excalibur greets him. Arturia looks at him wildly. Gilgamesh just frowns.

-"Ah, c'mon don't you know i'm still in probation?. I can't be picking fights now and then."

Alana, behind him, comments casually, as she comes into vision

-"As if that stops you." Gilgamesh has no choice but to agree.

-"Well, that's true, mostly. But right now i'm just too tired to do yet another fight."

Alana join the group and everyone just stares blankly at each other. Gilgamesh breaks the silence.

-" Anyway, part of my punishment is to..." The next part is mumbled as Gilgamesh lowers his head. Nobody understands it but Shirou, with his Archer's ears. He lets go high laugh.

-"What?" Asks Arturia to Gilgamesh.

-"Hmph. to apologize, ok?. Soiapologize." Says Gilgamesh quickly between his teeth.

This time Arturia joins Shirou. After some good laughs, and with tears in her eyes she says, still laughing.

-"Sorry, is... that... it sounds so fake." Gilgamesh stares at her with killing intent.

-"Well, of course is not by my own will." He says as her turns to Grimhilde and does a thumbs up, she smiles and he turns again, rolling eyes.

-"Yeah, it seems as you're enjoying yourself." Says Shirou, after catching his breath.

-"Well, then. I did it, so long." He waves and turns back.

-"Yeah, sure. See ya... dead." Retorts Shirou. Gilgamesh does a last turn and says.

-"Hey Emiya, nice fight. Meet me in a couple of centuries you may stand a chance." Shirou does the finger, Ryan shakes his head.

-"Same as always." Then he turns to Alana. " Anyway where were you?"

Alana blushes.

-"Well, you see..."

But they are interrupted by the sound of clacking metal. Siegfired is here again, with face of circunstances.

-"Ehh, people... I would like to fight this year if you don't mind."

Realizing that they are hindering the tournament, the group leaves to the sidelines. The Scoreboard changes yet again:

(SBR) Siegfried-----------------VS------------------------------Saladin (SBR) .
Siegfried: Duelist, fearless, Chivalrous
Saladin: Great Strategist, Enlighted, Generous
------------------------------Noble Phamtasms----------------------------.
Siegfried: Balmung : Powerfull Ice Slash.
Dragon Blood: Siegfried is vulnerable only in his heart.
Saladin: Jihad: Fire-Wind slash, grows stronger as the battle goes on.


(CTR) Medea---------------------VS-----------------------------Cleopatra(CTR)
Medea: Vindictive, Motherly, Calculator
Seductive, Calculator,Insane amount of Mana
---------------------------Noble Phamtasms-------------------------------.
Medea: Rule Breaker: Breaks any Master-Servant contract.
Argo Coin: Used to summon monsters. Medea can't use it as she doesn't
have summoning knowledge.
Cleopatra: Viper Kiss: Seduces Male Servants to serve her.
Nile Queen: Seduces Male masters to fight for her, abandoning their own servants.

Shirou sees Saladin as the muslim leader goes to the arena. Both smile kindly and Shirou wishes luck to saladin. After they find new places to watch, they continue their chatting. Alana explained that she tried to help Shirou and was punished for that.

-"..And that's it, Brunhilde told me that i'm actually lucky for not been disqualified for cheating in the torunament" Arturia nods.

-"Indeed, even if you tried to help Shirou, cheating is no good." Shirou raises an eyebrow.

-"Well, i actually would have like that extra mana you were sending me. Anyway, how do you think of this? Is tough for poor Saladin."

Arturia gives a dark look.

-"That match is pretty one-sided. Siegfried should crush him easily." Alana raisesan eyebrow.

-" Well, if he keeps dragging the fight until the jihad grows strong enough to match balmung..." Ryan turns to her.

-" His problem is how can he keep Siegfried at bay all that time. If i remember well, Aquilles, Arturia and Siegfried are the strongest Saber class servants." Arturia nods.

-"Yeah, they call us Saber Kings. Siegfried being the king of Dragons, Aquiles being the king of War and myself crowned king of Knights." Shirou speaks.

-"So you three people actually have the same level, uh?." To his surprise, Arturia smiles bitterly.

-" Siegfried and myself indeed have matching strenght." She closes her eyes and finishes. " But we, the Saber kings, fought once here, and the victor was Aquilles." Everyone turns to the Hero, who is speaking in the other side with Leonidas, then Arturia finishes the sentence.

-"It was 2 on 1. Siegfried and myself against Aquilles." Everyone turns to her again, she nods. " Yes, Aquilles won anyway." They stare yet again at Aquilles. He did that?.. Amazing..

However the amazing stares dissapear as Brunhilde lets out the shout. The fight finally begins.

Saladin, with his trusted Scymitar, begins to evade the 2 meters long Balmung. For a heavy, two-handed sword, Siegfried surely moves it swiftly, however, Saladin is a bit faster due his lack of heavy armor. The saracen jumps back to evade being decapitated by Balmung, but his cape is not that lucky and is teared apart. Balmung buries itself in the ground. The muslim leader removes his cape and his saracen leathered armor can be seen. Saladin closes his eyes.

Let's do this.

Shouting, he charges and lets out a dagger from his back. Doubled armed, he faces Siegfried, who doesn't evade, but take full hits on his shoulders, bleeding badly as he grabs Balmung tighter. One second later, he is unharmed and both of Saladin's weapons are on their scabbards. Saladin knows what happened.

Dragon Blood.

Shirou raises an eyebrow.

-" I've always wondered how he does that." Arturia comments.

-"Is reversal causality backwards." Shirou stares at her puzzled. Arturia sighs and tries to explain.

-"Well, you know that Chu Cu Lainn's Gae Bolga doesn't miss because it hits even before it is launch?" Shirou nods.

-" Dragon Blood is exactly the opposite. Then you can't hit Siegfried because that noble phamtasm makes you sheate your weapons before you hit him. So basically you hit him, but don't." Alana says.

-"Of course, unless you hit him in the hearth, where Dragon Blood doesn't work." Ryan smirks darkly.

-"But that's the problem..." And he points the arena.


As Siegfried uses his Noble phamtasm, the entire battleground transforms itself in an icy field. Saladin, totally out of his element, battles to remain standing, lastly he needs to use his Scymitar as a cane. Meanwhile, Siegfried begins to... skate?. Ryan chuckles.

-"How you can aim as the bastard is ice-skating around you and you struggle just to stand."

Saladin does the rough choice.

If i can't stand on ground, then i won't be on ground.

Saladin begins to jump, Siegfried sees this and moves his head.

Bad choice, brother.

And he unlocks the true power of Balmung. He charges it and uses the noble phamtasm.


From the ground, an mountain of ice, with deathly spikes, raises ten feets above the ground, in the place where Saladin is supposed to land. Saladin, fearing this, already had his Jihad prepared. The Scymitar, now converted in a Torch, begins to melt the ice. HoweverSiegfried had been expecting this, too. And throws himself to Saladin.

First faint upward slash, using the momentum i do a diagonal one, he should block it but will be defenceless later, it will be a matter of two or three attacks.

With a shout, he does the upward-diagonal slash, Saladin parries it with the scymitar in both hands.Fire and Ice collide in a fierce clash, and steam is the result. The steam blurs the vision of everyone and they must trust their ears now.One slash, two slashes, but there's no third.

As the steam dissipates, Saladin stands...frozen. Ten feets away, Siegfried has Balmung in one hand and the scymitar in the other. Arturia lowers her shoulders.

-"Ah, yeah. His swordmanship is flawless, too."


With this, more shouts from the heroic public. Ryan raises his voice so he can be heard.

-"With this all three Saber Kings are in. This will be tough." Arturia nods.

-" And interesting, too." Shirou frowns.

-"Damn and i will miss it."

The Scoreboard changes again:

(CTR) Medea---------------------VS-----------------------------Cleopatra(CTR)
Medea: Vindictive, Motherly, Calculator
Seductive, Calculator,Insane amount of Mana
---------------------------Noble Phamtasms-------------------------------.
Medea: Rule Breaker: Breaks any Master-Servant contract.
Argo Coin: Used to summon monsters. Medea can't use it as she doesn't
have summoning knowledge.
Cleopatra: Viper Kiss: Seduces Male Servants to serve her.
Nile Queen: Seduces Male masters to fight for her, abandoning their own servants.

(ASN) Hassan-Ibn-Sabbah---------VS--------------------------Hattori Hanzo(ASN)
Hassan: Swift, One-Hit winner, Evasive
Hattori: Loyal, Good Strategist, Duelist
------------------------------Noble Phamtasms-------------------------------.
Hassan-Ibn-Sabbah: Zabaniya: Delusional Image: Guild of Assasins. More of 80 assasins to command.
Hattori Hanzo: Ethereal Blade:Hattori's Blade gets ethereal for a moment, allowing
it to traspass any physical defense.
Ethereal Veil
: Optical Camouflage, renders Hattori Invincible.
Ethereal Air
: Makes the Air surrounding the opponent vanish, choking opponent masters.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

Next: Caster VS Caster.

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