Jiroh's New Obsession?

"Ne, ne, Shishido-san, don't you think today is a bit... different?" Choutaro asked as he gave Shishido his towel.

Shishido took the towel and took a sip from his water. "You mean besides the point that Gakuto is getting stupider everyday?"

"HEY! I HEARD THAT YOU JERK!" Gakuto shouted.

"No, Shishido-san! I mean, look!" Ootori pointed to a certain Akutagawa Jiroh.

"Uh... is he dancing?" Gakuto asked a bit creeped out.

Jiroh was humming to himself shaking his hips to the tune. He was smiling so cheerfully and bouncing at every step.

"...Ugh, the hips..." Shishido groaned. "Who would do that?"

"Ore-sama finds it kind of cute..." Atobe mumbled to himself.


"No comment." Gakuto said.

Jiroh was still shaking his hips in the court while also humming. He started dancing a bit more.

"Wait..." Atobe said. "Ore-sama knows this tune..."

"Ore no bigi ni..." Jiroh sang quietly. "boogie! Boogie woogie! Boogie woogie!"

"...Oh god, not that song!" Shishido yelled.

"GAHH! THAT SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!" Gakuto cried clutching onto his head. "GET IT OUT!!!"

"...So that's where Ore-sama has heard this song..." Atobe said.

"Ore no bigi ni boogie! Boogie woogie! Boogie woogie!!!"Jiroh sang louder.

"STOP SINGING THAT JIROH!!!" Shishido shouted. "I HATE IT!!!"

"GET THAT SOUND OUTTA MY HEAD!" Gakuto charged for Jiroh.

"Boogie--- hmm?" He noticed Gakuto and Shishido running for him. "...Meep!!!" He ran for it. "I JUST WANTED TO SING THE SONG I LOVED!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH FOR A BOY TO ASK?"

"WELL SING IT AT HOME!!!" Shishido yelled.

"Actually, Ore-sama kind of likes it..."

Choutaro sweat dropped.


"Keep your obsessions to yourself!!!" They yelled.

Atobe started to sing the song, oh god help us now...

"Gekokujyou da..." Hiyoshi muttered. "What is everyone even doing?"

The next day everyone started to sing... you guessed it. Atobe's song. EVERYONE in practice (besides Kabaji) started to sing it... all except Jiroh...

"Koori no Emperor!" Jiroh sung happily. He noticed that everyone was humming the song he sang yesterday. "Ne, ne, don't you know that the song yesterday I sung is old news? It's Koori no Emperor! Keep up with it!"

"Aw, shut it Jiroh! You're the one who made the song get stuck in our heads!" Gakuto said. He started to hum.


"Koori no Emperor!!!"

"STOP SINGING!" Gakuto and Shishido yelled.

"Wahhh! I don't wanna!" He whined.