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RATING: K+ – Most Ages (for some mildly coarse language)

SPOILERS: Season 7: Happenstance

PAIRINGS: N&M's (Nick/Mandy)

SUMMARY: Nick hates grocery shopping.

A/N:I've been trying to break through a writer's block, and so I took on a meme challenge after seeing the results from Mingsmommy. She totally rules, and has the best ideas. This ficlet is because Smacky30 totally stumped me on the meme, and she wanted some everyday N&M action. Thankfully, I've been looking for a good idea for another N&M story, so I am very grateful for the chance to write another one. Oh! And this is my first ficlet… It feels really weird to write something less than 10 pages. LOL Huge thanks go out to Smacky for letting me post this one outside of the Meme. :D

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Pushing the cart through the produce section, Nick paid little attention to anyone or anything in his path, because he was focused intently on the piece of notepaper in his hand. He was a well-educated, intelligent and highly capable man, but the moment he set foot inside the grocery store, all of that disappeared. As soon as the whoosh of that automatic door sounded, he was instantly transformed into a lost, pathetic, practically drooling Neanderthal. Nick had always hated going to the grocery store.

Looking down at the same piece of paper he had been staring out for close to an hour, he was still having a hard time making sense of any of it. As he bumped into the display of apple boxes, he cursed his luck and the fact that he had no idea what he was supposed to be picking up. "Fruit? There's fruit everywhere! What the hell does that mean?" He flailed his arms in the air and then slapped the list down against his leg. "Who just writes 'fruit' on a list, but doesn't bother to say what kind?!"

After dropping a small bag of onions into the nearly full shopping cart, Mandy reached around him to grab the list and laughed, "Ah… That would be your barely legible handwriting, hot shot."

He looked up sheepishly and found her Cheshire cat grin waiting for him. "Oh…" The color in his cheeks was doing a good impression of the stack of apples teetering beside his shopping cart. Nick looked around the produce section, and tried to stall as he jogged his memory for what he had meant when he wrote "fruit" on their shopping list.

Chuckling as she returned to looking at the list, Mandy tried to discern the next item. "Um, Nick?"


"Are we supposed to be getting 'fresh' bread or 'French' bread? And how exactly are we supposed to be getting bent donkeys at the grocery store?" Her barely contained giggles became uncontrollable as he ripped the list out of her hands to read his handwriting.

"French bread, and bean burritos… And I am no longer allowed to write anything on the grocery list." As he handed the list back to her, and returned to his place behind the cart, Nick placed a quick peck on her upturned cheek. As much as he hated grocery shopping, he had to admit that it was much easier now that he had someone to do the hard stuff for him.

"French bread, yes… But there's no way I'm letting you get away with those nasty, toxic waste, frozen burritos, Stokes. Go get some tortillas and I'll make the real ones for dinner tonight." Nick smiled as he pointed the cart at the tortilla display. With Mandy leading the way, at least the drooling Neanderthal was well fed.