This is a crossover between Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. I'm still working on my plot outline, but I thought I'd go ahead and post this anyway to sort of test the waters and get some feedback. Since this story has more to do with Symphonia than Abyss, I've posted it here. It seems logical, then, to assume the reader has some background knowledge of the plot of Symphonia. I shall attempt to assume the reader has no knowledge of the events in Abyss, so those should get more explanation. I'd like you, the reader, to let me know if I make an Abyss reference that I don't explain well enough, if my characterization is off, and if you have any plot ideas. (And of course if I've messed up my spelling or grammar anywhere.)

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Chapter 1
Version 1.1

Kindred Spirit

Yggdrassil stood before the portal, and smiled. Retrieving Martel's new host body was proving to be more difficult than anticipated, and so he'd decided to put things back on track by recruiting some fresh blood to help his campaign. To that end, he'd built this portal. It was connected to a strange land, located on neither Sylvarant nor Tethe'alla, but another world entirely. And it had shown him many things. Most importantly, it had shown him the perfect candidate. One who worked tirelessly to revive a loved one, struck down tragically far too early. One who stopped at nothing to achieve his goals. A kindred spirit. Together, success was guaranteed.

"Preparations are complete, Lord Yggdrassil." an angel flitted over to him and droned.

"Begin!" Yggdrassil ordered. The angel took his station at a control panel nearby and entered a few keystrokes. A pillar of light began forming on a platform in front of him. First only the width of a pencil, but then growing wider and wider until it was two shoulder widths in diameter. Within the pillar, a split appeared, widening like curtains being drawn back to illuminate a window. The portal was open! On the other side, a man sat on an armchair, reading an antique-looking book, sipping at a glass of red wine. Barely a moment had passed when he noticed the intrusion. Placing his glass on an end table and quickly tucking his book into a pocket, he stood, shouting something that wasn't audible. He stumbled forward, as though pushed by a gale-force wind that blew upon him alone, leaving the rest of the room untouched. As he was drawn through the portal, his silhouette began to form. The silhouette of a man who stood tall, who quickly slipped his hands into his jacket pockets. Once the man was fully formed, the pillar faded away, revealing the man's features. Like Yggdrassil, he had long hair and a serious expression on his face. His military uniform was both stylish and well-designed, the sleeveless jacket allowing for great ease of movement. The man didn't move, but his eyes darted around the room quickly, as he took in his new surroundings. They quickly settled on Yggdrassil, as the man correctly identified him as the authority figure. Yggdrassil took a step forward.

"Jade the Necromancer." It wasn't a question. Yggdrassil knew they'd gotten the right person. "I am Yggdrassil, leader of Cruxis." Jade listened calmly. He couldn't have heard of him before, but the only sign of this he gave was to raise an eye brow quizzically. "I've summoned you here because I require your assistance."

"Pardon my rudeness…" said Jade, removing his hands from his pockets and held them at shoulder height, shrugging. "…but I'm a rather odd person to be asking for help from."

"On the contrary, you're the perfect person to be asking. I want you to build me a replicator - a fomicry machine. I need you to create a replica of the girl, Colette, so I can use it as the new body for Martel." Yggdrassil said, cutting straight to the point. It was practically an oversimplification, but that didn't matter. For now, Jade didn't need to be told more than the basics, anyway.

"The use of Fomicry on human beings is forbidden." Jade responded, equally blunt.

"What?! Why?!" Yggdrassil shouted. How could one called "necromancer" possibly refuse to assist him?

"Technical and ethical problems render it unpractical." Jade was unphased.

"Technical problems? You invented it, didn't you? Besides, this isn't your world, you know. Whatever bans you have in place there don't apply here." Yggdrassil took a moment to calm down and then spoke.

"Normally, yes, but I'm also the one who forbade it." Jade kept his voice at an even tone, his expression unchanged. Yggdrassil could stand it no longer. He signaled for an Angel.

"Lock him up." He ordered. "We'll find some way of changing his mind later."

Kratos made his way to the brig as soon as he'd heard who'd been tossed into it. Officially, he was supposed to be making another try at convincing this 'necromancer' to assist Yggdrassil. Unofficially, however, was another story. He arrived at the designated cell. Inside, the Necromancer sat, reading a very old-looking book, located on the ground somewhere behind Kratos' feet.

"Are you the one called Necromancer?" He said, mainly to break the silence.

"I'd rather you people just called me Jade." replied the Necromancer. He closed his book, and slipped it carefully inside one of his pockets. He then stood up and looked over at Kratos, brushing some nonexistent dust from the front of his jacket.

"You've refused Yggdrassil's request."

"Of course."

"You know what he's planning then?"

"Not in any detail, but I can't say I can approve of a replica being used as a 'host body', no matter what it's hosting." Jade seemed oddly calm for someone being held hostage for a vague reason on an unknown world. Kratos figured the man was probably experienced enough to realize that panicking would get him nowhere.

Kratos had doubted the man would change his mind, but it put him in a bit of a tight spot. If he tried to send Jade back to his own world, he'd have to break the seal on the portal. If he did that, Yggdrassil would be alerted immediately. So the only other way to free Jade would be to send him down to Sylvarant or Tethe'alla. He turned his back to Jade and looked up and down the hallway. Then, spinning on the ball of his foot, he hit the 'release' button and disengaged the force field that confined him.

"Come with me." He said, and started down the hallway at a brisk walk. Running would have been no good; it would attract too much suspicion. Together they walked silently to the first portal, to the one that would take them to the Two Worlds. Jade was still a few paces behind when Kratos finally stopped.

"Forgive me if I'm being a bad houseguest, but where exactly are we going?" Jade asked, coming to a stop beside Kratos. On the floor before them was a magic glyph, circular, and large enough for at least 6 people to stand within it. Even standing outside the perimeter, it was easy to feel its power, the mana that comprised the glyph wanting to grab hold of any matter within its borders and whisk it away somewhere else.

"I regret I'm not able to send you back to your own world, but doing so would compromise my position here. I'm not quite ready for that yet." Kratos explained.

"I doubt that would do any good anyway. What's to stop your boss from simply bringing me back here again?" Jade said. It was a logical, but oddly good-natured response.

"This glyph will send you to the planet Tethe'alla. The girl Colette, is there. She's travelling with a group of her friends, most noticeably Tethe'alla's Chosen of Mana, and a young man named Lloyd Irving. If you want to stop Yggdrassil and return to your world, seek out their aid." Kratos wished he was able to give Jade more complete instructions. His words couldn't have made much sense to a complete outsider, but he didn't have much choice. He could be spotted at any moment, so speed was of the essence. Jade inhaled sharply.

"Seek out the Chosen of Mana. . . ?" He said to himself, and took a step forward into the glyph. Within moments, he was gone.