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Will You Feel Better?

As gently as she could, Sakura wound her hands around Kakashi's head and undid the knot of his hitai-ate. His soft silver hair immediately fell upon his face in feathery bangs. Sakura took these locks of hair and delicately pushed them aside while moving in closer to inspect the shades of black and blue that were beginning to erupt just below the surface of his pale colored skin. While Sakura held Kakashi's face steady in each of her hands, Kakashi held her hips steady in each of his, their warm even breaths melding together in this intimate pose. Sakura lifted her chakra infused hands inches above Kakashi's marred flesh and wove it back together and drained it of its bruises.

Without a word and with nothing but an air of professionalism, Sakura slowly lowered the zipper of Kakashi's vest which he obligingly shrugged off. Next came the shirt, but this part was more difficult. Kakashi brought the hem halfway up his torso before freezing and wincing in pain. Sakura silently took it upon herself to do the rest for him, slowly lifting the long-sleeved shirt above his head and pulling it off of his arms. His body exposed, Sakura accessed the kunai slash on his left bicep, the puncture on his lower back where the sharp point of a shuriken had surely implanted itself, and upon deeper chakra inspection, she discovered two cracked ribs on his right.

Beginning with his worst injury and ending with his least, Sakura's chakra glowed throbbing in her small hands and flowed warm into Kakashi's cold and tired body. He closed his eyes, ready to drift off to sleep from the sheer comfort she was infusing within him. And then, he felt her fingers fumbling with the front of his pants. Kakashi's eyes flew wide open, but looking down at the pink-haired medic he realized what she was trying to do. He got up and helped her tug the pants down. In nothing but his boxers and both hands modestly covering his front, Kakashi stood stock still while the woman below him narrowed her eyes at the grime filled scrapes that ran down both his knees and legs, an infection just waiting to happen. Sakura's hands ran slowly up and down just inches above Kakashi's legs cleaning them with her chakra while seamlessly closing them up at the same time.

Her healing nearing its end, Kakashi sat down once again at the edge of his shuriken patterned bed and took off one ninja sandal while Sakura pulled off the other. One foot was merely dirty while the other looked excruciating with the ankle swollen to twice its normal size. Sakura placed two hands above the sprain and the ankle shrank back to normal.

Finally finished with her work, Sakura slowly stood up and as had become tradition, sat on the edge of the bed next to Kakashi with her back turned to him so that he could knead her aching neck and shoulders and repay her in this fashion. When the roll of Sakura's head on her shoulders indicated she was okay again, Kakashi halted his ministrations and prepared for her to get up and leave like she normally did, but instead Sakura turned around to face him, slowly raised her hand to his face, and gently pushed the silver bangs away once more. On instinct, Kakashi lowered his head for Sakura to kiss him softly on the temple where a deep cut had once been. Then, they slowly pulled apart, their eyes drifting open, looking into each other's eyes trying to read what the other was thinking. Their gazes fell on each other's lips and their hands found each other's cheeks as they slowly inched closer...

If I kiss you where it's sore
If I kiss you where it's sore
Will you feel better, better, better?
Will you feel anything at all?