Could You Love Me?

By: Miss Dollface

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Summary: He was the darkest one on the ECW roster. She was the beautiful artist. The two of them didn't have much in common. But the one thing did have was they both yearned for someone to be with. To hold and love.

Chapter One: Wouldn't Call It Spying

"Got any aces?" Miz asked me.

"Go fish." I told him. "Any fives Punk?"

"Yep, here you go." Phil handed over two cards.

I Put the fives that I had along with the ones he gave me on the floor.

"Do you have any threes Miz?" Ariella questioned him.

"Go fish." he said.

The red-head picked up another card from the deck. It wasn't quite time for the show to start and we were all completley bored out of our minds. So the only thing we thought of was playing Goldfish. Yes Goldfish. That's the four of us putting our heads together.

"So who are you going against tonight Phil?" I asked him.

"Morrison." he answered me.

"Again? But didn't you lose to him already?" I mentioned.

"Twice." Miz said snickering.

"Can it." Phil told him. "At least I got my chance against him. (He looked to me) Yes I did. But tonight, I have a really good feeling that I'm going to win."

"Eh, good luck." I wished him not that enthusiastic.

The door of the locker room opened up and a big, dark man with long black hair came in.

Phil look up to see who it was. "Hey Kev, what's up?"

"Nothing much. Hey do you guys mind leaving for a bit so I can take a shower and get some fresh clothes on?" he requested.

"Yeah sure." Phil said. He looked at us. "Is it cool with you guys?"

Everyone else agreed and so did I. We all picked up our belongings and started out the door. Kevin must of thought we were mostly all out because he began to take off his shirt and taking out his ponytail.

Oh jeez. He's hot.

I just stood there in amazement. Ariella was outside the door signalling me to move.

I mouthed to her that I would be out in a second and she just shrugged and shut the door. Before Kevin noticed, I hid behind the lockers and watched him in wonder. I blushed incredibly at his sight. Well wouldn't you? The man's goregous! I couldn't help to swoon.

I took out my sketch book and pencil and began to draw his perfect figure. Every little detail from his body, went down onto my paper.

Craaaap. At that moment, Kevin was starting to take off his lower clothing! My eyes became big. Wow. Just wow. I didn't pay attention and accidently dropped my pencil! Oh shit!!

It rolled down by the door out in the open. I hid back so Kevin wouldn't see me. But in just a few minutes he was going to. I heard him not move and then said to himself "Pencil... ?"

He snuck over to where the pencil had originated from. And then. I was exposed. I saw him, and he had a towel around him.

Kevin glared at me. He sighed frustratedly. "Jewel, what the hell are you doing?"

"Uhhhh... nothing." I smiled sheepishly. I was deeply screwed right now.

"Then why are you here spying on me?" he questioned me. Kevin crossed his arms on his chest.

And here came another excuse. "Well, I wouldn't call it spying. Just watching you without your premission... And drawing your figure."

Then, the next thing I knew, I was being thrown out from the back of my shirt and my stuff as well.

"OUT." Kevin said as he went back inside the locker room and closed the door. Unfortunatly for me, the other three were standing there waiting for me.

Miz was just chuckling. "You are one strange person you know that?"

"Hey! I was amazed at the way he looked and wanted to draw him. But I never got to. Because his large hand threw me out." I told him.

"You know something Arri, she is related to you. You can tell right off the bat." Punk told Ariella.

"Yeah but, I love my cousin. Even if she is a freak." Ariella said.

"HEY!!" I exclaimed.

Ariella laughed as she extended her hand to me. "I'm just joking blondie. Now come on, let's go."

I grapsed onto her palm and lifted myself off the floor. Well. I wasn't so bored anymore.

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--- Miss Dollface