Chapter Two: Um. Forgive Me?

A/N: About a week ago, Kevin 'Thorn' Fertig became the father of a new born child! Congrats to the Fanged Freak!

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--- Miss Dollface

So pretty much, I felt like shit and totally embarassed.

I figured I should apologize to him, but I don't think Kevin would want to hear it. Or accept it.

"What should I do?" I asked Ariella. It's been three days since the... thing. And I haven't gone anywhere near Kevin. I kind of didn't want to in a way because I didn't want to get my head bitten off. No pun intended.

"Well, I'll talk to him if you want. But I don't know. You really shouldn't of been in there while he was trying to undress." Ariella told me.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I know. But I was just too amazed."

Ariella sighed. "Artists. You all are just... something else. I don't know."

"Love you too." I said sarcastically. "But seriously, could you talk to him for me? And then I'll do the apologizing."

"Yeah just no more art shows." she told me for the billionth time today.

I groaned in frustration. "ALRIGHT. JEEZ."

After preforming on ECW next Tuesday, I went to a bar with Arri and the guys and had a few rounds of beers. Except for Phil who had a Pepsi. Of course. The place was packed full of all kinds of people. Rock music was played on the radio and the rooms buzzed with those who were talking. The atmosphere was pretty down-to-earth and mellow. Everyone was just here to have a good time.

"Ahh, a break from reality." Phil said relaxed.

"Yeah and then it's off to work again tommorrow!" I said jokingly. I knew I was being a pest.

He narrowed his eyes. "Don't ruin it girly."

I snickered.

"Where's Arri?" Miz asked loking around.

I was just as confused as he was. She said she'd be here when we arrived here, but there was no sign of her. "Good question."

I joined him in searching throught the crowds of people for our red-headed firecracker.

"There she is." Phil pointed over to the near back bar.

I squinted my eyes to see where she was, when I did catch her in sight I got up to my feet and began to walk over to her.

"I'll be right back." I told the guys.

Going over to Ariella, I realized she was talking to someone. But who? I saw a bit of the person, and when I saw all of him, I turned around and started to quickly walk away. It was Kevin and I didn't want to talk to him.

Ariella pulled me back by the collar of my shirt. "Hold it there chic."

DAMMIT. I was caught. I turned around and smiled sheepishly. "Hello!"

I was a little scared, considering Kevin's dark eyes kept pinning me down with daggers.

She put a hand on the big man's chest "Now Kevin, don't be mad. Jewel has something she wants to tell you."

I bit down my lower lip and looked down at my feet for a second. "Kev, I uh, just... (I looked back up at him) ... wanted to say I'm sorry for everything that happened. I had no business being in there."

There was a minute of silence, then I saw him give a little smile. "Apology accepted."

A wave of relief fell upon me. I felt like a weight was lifted. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yeah, shit happens and I'm over it."

"So... friends?" I requested smiling girlishly.

He nodded. "Friends sounds good."

Ariella sighed in relief. "That's great. Now she's yours to take care of."

I laughed sarcastically. "Hahaha. You're a funny one."

She gave me a play punch to the arm. "You know I'm kidding geek. (She looked over to Kevin) Hey, why don't you come hang out with us, we're sitting over there."

Ariella pointed to the table where Phil and Miz were sitting at.

Kevin shrugged. "Sure why not."

She cheered. "Alright! Come on."