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Chapter 5

Of Magic and Minds

By Untamed of Wildwind

If they still knew who the founders had been, they could get to know the very names of the last of the Guardians.

Not that that mattered.

But the book had mentioned the vault being full with all kinds of knowledge from all disciplines. Wonder what he could find in here, before the Goblins found him, and he'd have to fight his way out.

The library was a virtual goldmine of kinds of information regarding a great number of magical subjects.

Apparently there was more to magical disciplines than Harry and his voices had known. There weren't seven disciplines or eight as they had thought recently.

There were a grand total of twelve true magical disciplines. Moreover, there were a number of things that didn't really fit into any disciplines. The knowledge of magical creatures was one such.

The twelve true disciplines, which had actually been considered different branches of magic, though they were intermixable, were grouped in three main categories.

Those were simple; elemental, which were the six branches of magic Harry's voices knew, means of power, and summoning. The second group consisted of five disciplines. Those were based on willpower, focus objects, blood, spiritual power and runes.

They were mostly used in conjunction with the elemental powers, to increase the potency of a spell.

The practitioners of the five branches were called Pure conjurers, Skybone mystics, Bloodrage warriors, Facehaze eternals and Stonecrack orderers. A user of elemental powers and of a mean of power also had a special title, as had a master of all elements or all means of power.

One of them Harry already knew. A pure conjurer using elements were called a Silver wizard.

The other types were called, in order, a Golden, Crimson, Purple or Grey wizard. A master of all elements was called an Elemental wizard, and a master of all means of power was, predictably, a Power wizard.

What wasn't mentioned in the books Harry had read, but he knew anyway, was that all magicians were called wizards, or the female word, witch, now days.

The third group, summoning, wasn't a real group. It only included Sevenorder summoners. Their branch of magic was also called the seventh magic, and as such, was very different from the other forms of magic, hence the special classification.

Best he started to study the workings of those five means of power and, perhaps, summoning. That would be useful to know, and if the information of the vaults books were correct, it was the only source of the knowledge left.

Harry had been gone for almost four days now. Thomas Thundercloud was getting really worried. Who could survive four days without food and water? Besides, it was dangerous in the goblin tunnels.

He had managed to make the Goblins see reason though. Even if Harry was a Darkspell mage, which the Goblins apparently remembered and feared, he was also a practitioner of a number of other forgotten arts.

Besides, the Goblins didn't want to be known as The-Group-That-Killed-The-Boy-Who-Lived. That could be bad for business.

The search of the tunnels was still on though. The Goblins really didn't want him down there unsupervised, and neither did Thomas. All the tunnels had been searched, and they hadn't found him.

Somehow the Goblins had traced him to a particular area, and decided that he probably had been sucked into one of the vaults there. That was one of the safety mechanisms of the high-security vaults. You easily got in, but you couldn't get out again.

So now the Goblins were searching all the vaults in that area. One by one vaults had been crossed of the list. The vault Thomas and a number of Goblins were standing in front of was the only one that hadn't been checked yet. Harry had to be in it.

Thomas noticed one of the Goblins calling for his attention. It was Ezznar, the Gringotts chief of security.

"Yes, Ezznar" Thomas said. "Is there some sort of problem?"

"There might be." Ezznar said. "There are a special set of rules regarding access to this vault."

That could be bad news. What if the owners wanted intruders killed?

"Please explain how that is a concern." Thomas stated.

"Well…" The Goblin chief seemed a little hesitant.

"You don't want me to tell anyone?" Thomas asked.

"That would be appreciated." The Goblin said. "You see, the vault in question is unclaimed at the moment."

That was not the news Thomas expected to hear. How could there be special rules about an unclaimed vault?

The Goblin notices Thomas strange look. "It is deemed to go to whoever is the first person to meet a set of special criteria."

"Oh." Thomas said. "What are required of Unspeakable Potter, for him to get the vault?"

"He has to have been in the vault, he must be able to control at least four branches of magic, he has to be an Unspeakable, he has to be a descendant of one of the previous vault owners and he has to be able to answer a special question."

"First one's easy. He is in the vault. The second one's covered too; he uses seven branches. He is an Unspeakable, so that's no problem either." Thomas summarized. "Is he a descendant of a previous vault owner?"

"He is indeed that." The Goblin Chief of Security answered. "I do wonder if he can answer the question though…"

Thomas wondered what was so hard about the question. He hoped Harry could answer it… For now, he just wanted to find Harry.

"Let's get this vault opened now, shall we?" he said to the Goblin.

"Let us." Ezznar answered. "Umbaar, open the vault!"

Harry woke up due to a loud rumbling sound.

:What happened?: he asked his voices sleepily.

:I believe one of the walls are opening: Lily answered. :Perhaps the Goblins have found you?:

"Hope not" Harry muttered.

:At least we could get out of here: Padfoot stated :I'm getting tired of all these books:

By then one of the walls had completely opened up. Outside stood a number of Goblins and a wizard.

:Do try to negotiate at first, Harry: Gryphon advised. :If the Unspeakables have spoken with them, they might not be hostile. The wizard would indicate that is indeed the case:

:I agree with Gryphon: Lily said. :You might be able to talk your way out of this:

:Ok, then: Harry answered. :I'll weave the translation spell first, though:

"Are you Unspeakable Harry Potter?" One of the Goblins asked.

"That would be me, yes" Harry said, in the Goblin tongue.

He heard the Goblins mutter things like "He was right…" and "So he does speak..."

Then the wizard came forward. "At last we've found you Potter. We've checked all the vaults in this area already."

Harry was surprised that the man knew him, but quickly realised why. It was the head Unspeakable, Thomas Thundercloud.

"I'm not in too much trouble then, if you're here with them?" Harry said. Then he realized he wasn't speaking English. "Oh, sorry. I guess you don't understand me at the moment…"

"I know the Goblins tongue, so that isn't the case." Thomas stated. "Though I believe you still have to get out of breaking into the vault."

"Unspeakable Thundercloud is right. It is forbidden to enter a vault not your own." the same Goblin that had spoken before said.

"I'm sorry." Harry said. "I don't know how I got in here. I just rested against the wall…"

"That would explain it. One feature the high-security vaults have, are that they can draw people into them, but don't let them out again." The Goblin said.

Thomas interrupted. "I believe introductions would be appropriate. Potter, this is Gringotts chief of security, Ezznar. Ezznar, this is seven-point Unspeakable Harry Potter, Silver wizard."

"Greetings, Chief Ezznar." Harry said politely.

"Greetings, Unspeakable Potter" Ezznar answered. "It seems there will be no fight. Umbar, take the others back to the surface. The Unspeakables and I have some business to take of."

"Chief!" the Goblin, Umbar, answered.

The Goblins left in a few mine carts, leaving a single cart left in the tunnel.

"I believe you mentioned business." Harry started. "Would that have anything to do with me being in this vault?"

"Indeed it does…" Thomas said. "The best way to get out of being in the vault, would be if it was yours. Apparently it is unclaimed at the moment, due to a rigid set of criteria necessary to fulfil to get it."

"And what would those be, Ezznar?" Harry asked.

"The first is simple. You have to have been in the vault." Ezznar said. "That one is fulfilled, regardless of the how and why."

:That's the most hilarious thing I've heard in quite some time: Padfoot exclaimed.

Harry ignored him. "And the second?"

"You must be able to use at least four branches of magic. I believe you shoved that with your translation spell and the magic you did while escaping the guards." Ezznar stated. "The third requirement is also fulfilled. You must be an Unspeakable."

"That's good. Are there more of them?" Harry asked Ezznar. Actually owning all these books would be useful.

"Yes. The fourth is that you are a descendant of at least one of the last four owners. And I happen to know that you are, so that is no problem." answered the Goblin.

"Is that all?" Harry wondered.

"No. Finally, you have to give the correct answer to the following question."

Ezznar paused.

"I don't believe you'd know this, but…" the Goblin said. "What is the difference between good and evil magic, and whose way is it?"

Thomas stared at him. "That's the question? How's he supposed to answer that correctly?" he exclaimed.

"It is no big deal." Harry begun. He stopped, and broke his translation spell.

"There is no good or evil magic; only power and intent. That is the way of the Guardian." Harry stated calmly.

Ezznar and Thomas blinked. Then they blinked again. Ezznar asked, though in English, not the Goblin's tongue:

"How did you know?"

"It was easy, really. It says so in a few of these books." Then he decided to add: "Besides, I agree with it. I suppose I'm the only Guardian now…"

"That would be correct." Ezznar stated. "The title of 'Guardian' comes with the vault."

"What's a Guardian?" Thomas asked, feeling a bit left out.

"I will say no more." the Goblin chief of security said. The sentence had a feel of finality to it. Then he added: "And remember: This time we will honour our pledge."

"I won't forget it." Harry said.

:Neither will we: his voices added.

Thomas looked perplexed.

"Let's go back to the surface." Ezznar said.

"I'll just gather up some books first." Harry responded. "By the way, can we go by my other vault, to get some money, on the way up. My last try to get there got a bit interrupted, and I still haven't done my shopping…"

"Of course, my L… Unspeakable Potter." Ezznar answered, collecting himself. "Of course."

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