She's My Little Riot Girl

By: Miss Dollface

Disclaimer: I only own Symone James.

Pairings: CalebOC

Chapter One: New A Ride Home?

I hacked out my brains for the billionth time today. I then sighed as I took a sip of my poison in my cup. Ugh, I absolutely HATE tea, but I basically had to live on this shit 'till I felt better. Oh, but I didn't get this cold by not wearing a jacket or a pair of socks when I should have.

Nope, I got it from my idiot cousin Reid. And speaking of him, I turned to him and said "Next time you're sick and drink out of my glass, wanna try warning me next time asshole?"

He put up his hands in defense "Hey, don't blame me. Blame illness."

I glared at him. "I. Blame. You."

We were at Nicky's hanging out for the night. I didn't even want to be here, but Reid dragged me with him. We were waiting for his friends to arrive. I didn't really get to meet him, seeing as I just moved here. My family and I moved up to Massachusetts so we could be closer to other members of our kin. Now I go to Spencer's with him and the other students there.

"When are your friends supposed to get here anyways?" I asked him as he settled up a rack on the pool table.

A long-haired dirty blonde called to Reid waving "Hey man!"

"Does that answer your question?" Reid said smirking. Wise ass.

I rolled my eyes at his remark. Four other boys came over also to greet him. One of them, I particuarly noticed. Spikey, short brown hair, soft eyes to match and such a sweet smile. I watched him as he approached Reid. Then after a minute, he turned to me and said "Hey guys, I want you to meet someone. This is Symone, she's my cousin. Symone, meet the guys. Pouge Perry (he pointed to the one with the long hair. He looked like some man in every girl's dream.), (Next he pointed to a shorter male with brownish hair above his ears) Tyler Simms, (And lastly, he pointed to the boy I was eyeing.) and Caleb Danvers."

I smiled. "Nice to meet you all."

"So you're the one Reid's been talkin' about. That's cool. Welcome." said Pouge. He extended his hand out gesturing a shake.

I accepted. "Yeah, that would be me. (I looked over to Reid) What do you say about me anyways."

He shrugged. "Hey, nothin' bad. Just about how much you love to get it on with other girls."

Reid snickered. I glared at him and whacked him hard across the head. "Prick. I do not and you know it."

"Knock it off, will ya?" Caleb told him.

"Thank you." I said to Mr. Danvers.

"No problem. He does this all the time." he said.

I smirked. "Oh really now? So you're like his baby-sitter?"

"Blow me." Reid said offensively.

Caleb was the one to whack him this time. "Yeah."

"Nice." I laughed along with the other guys. But as I was, I began coughing again. I groaned in pain. Dammit, it hurt so bad. Especially since my cough was more of a bark. Everytime I would start, my chest would get sore and weak.

"Oh, that doesn't sound too good." Pouge said.

I held my head. It also gave me headaches. "Ughh. You have no idea."

"Want me to take you back to the school?" Caleb offered. Oh what a relief.

"Oh would you? That would be great." I said. "I didn't want to come out here until Reid asked if I'd meet you all."

"It's cool. Come on." he said leading me out the door. As I put my coat on, and took my cup of tea and went with him. I waved good-bye to Reid and the others and then left with Caleb.