Legend of Zelda:
The Greatest Adventure
Ian Gainsborough

Author's Note: After many sudden inspirations in the middle of my job, I have come up with a new brilliant story that will, indeed, be the Greatest Adventure.


Back before all was, before time began, before spirits existed, there was nothing. Then came the Great Goddesses; Din, Goddess of Power; Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom; Farore, Goddess of Courage.

They brought together the things to make the world, as they always have done. Din, with her great fiery arms, raised the mountains high, carved the ravines deep, and cultivated and tilled the soil and turned the earth red. Nayru, with her infinite wisdom, gave the Light and Spirit of Law to the world. Farore, with her rich and beautiful soul, planted the seeds of the first Beings to stride the world, to have the courage to explore, and uphold the Spirit and the Light.

But where there was Light, there was Darkness to match it. For with Light and Law, came Darkness and Chaos. The great Chaos that was born cast unto it its own spell, for it was of thoughts and designs of its own. And the Darkness lay dormant for very long.

Once the Goddesses had completed their labors and finished their work, they returned again to the heavens; but not before leaving the Mark upon the world that which they had made. At their ascension again to the Heavens, they left in their trails, three golden triangles. Where they had been left, when it touched the ground, the land around it became sacred, and known as the Sacred Realm. And forevermore, the Triforce lay.

One had once sought it out, and once they found, could write the cryptic rhyme that was learned by children and scholars alike:

In the Realm beyond sight,
Where the sky shines gold, not blue
There the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.

And forevermore, the Triforce was sought.

Chapter 1

The Kokiri were the Children of the Forest, as it couldn't be put any other way. They were known by many names: Forest Children, Seeds of the Tree-People, and Leaves of the Great Tree among others. But they liked to be known as Kokiri, simply. They traversed the forest freely, fearing only the Lost Woods that was forbidden to them by their Elder, the Deku Tree. The Southeast of Hyrule bore the Kokiri Forest, and they thrived and lived happily. They were oblivious, only children they acted, even when full-grown, to the outside world, from which they were protected by the Deku Tree's magic seal. It protected them of intruders who sought their whereabouts.

"You'll never catch me!" taunted a young spry boy, looking over his shoulder at the girl in pursuit in the branches of the forest. The girl behind him was smiling, with hair green as the leaves, bounced careless about her shoulders. She trod a branch skillfully, pushing off of it to gain a burst of speed after her friend.

"How much would you like to bet, Mido?" the girl called after the boy. She soared on the breeze that pierced the thick canopy, preparing to jump off another branch. But a sound caught her long pointed ears—a feature, mind you, distinguishing in most of the races of Hyrule—and they swiveled towards the sound.

Saria missed a branch, landing into it with her stomach, and tumbled to the ground where the sound she heard grew louder. Groaning and holding her sore stomach, Saria sat up. Not but a few yards away, swaddled in a green cloth, was a small creature, that wailed relentlessly. Beside it, lay a motionless creature, wearing light blue clothes of sorts unfamiliar to Saria. Behind her, Mido landed, and looked curiously at what Saria was inspecting.

"What is it, Saria?" Mido asked, poking his head over her shoulder.
"I," she paused, unsure of her words at first, "I think it's a baby."
Mido scoffed. "A baby!" he said, "All things grow from the seeds of trees, as Deku Tree always told us! We were never babies! We were seedlings! So is everything outside the Forest!" The baby continued to wail loudly for the motionless body beside him. Saria looked over to the fallen figure, brushing away the strands of golden-blonde hair. She was beautiful, even if she was motionless. Saria realized then, this woman was dead. She gasped in shock, and turned away from the sight, the baby continuing to cry. The woman's blue robe was stained with blood, their source a stab wound to her side and two arrows in her back. Saria whimpered, the sight unbearable even for her eyes. This was…death, then. She willed herself to look again, towards the baby, and scooped him into her arms. She cradled him, rocking him to sleep. He silenced, and Saria looked up at Mido.

"What do you plan to do with a baby?" Mido asked. Saria stood, staring for a moment at the dead woman, then the baby, then back.

Glittering against the emerald glow of the forest canopy, a locket was clenched by the chain in the woman's hand. Saria bent down and pried the locket from the woman's cold grip, and opened it gently. On one half, it read LINK in carefully carved letters, on the other half two names were engraved just as articulately to the point the letters couldn't be recognized. Saria dropped the locket down into her left boot to keep it safely, and sprung towards a branch with a confused Mido still on the ground.

"Where are you going?" he called after her. But she was too far away to hear, and he pursued groaning to himself.
"Where you going?" Mido repeated, matching Saria as they leapt from tree to tree. Saria stared ahead, clutching the baby close to her to keep him safe.
"I'm taking him to the Great Deku Tree," she said. It was an answer Mido didn't anticipate, and the seriousness in her voice had landed Mido face-first into a tree. Mido caught up quickly, swearing to himself as he rubbed his nose.
"Are you insane, Saria?" he exclaimed. "I think you've been hanging out with Skull Kids a little too long! The Deku Tree wouldn't allow a…baby," he sputtered at that last word, " to be raised as a Kokiri! He won't have it!"
"Would you rather let it die in the forest alone?" asked Saria sharply, "He needs our help and I can think of nothing to do for him."
Mido groaned loudly. "You are rightly insane," he said. "All right, but don't come crying to me when the Deku Tree decides it should be left outside the forest."

Saria and Mido came to the Kokiri Village, nestled peacefully in the midst of a forest clearing. About, Kokiri hustled and bustled, going this way and that, talking and laughing and the nearby tavern that served the finest Birch Ale and Beech Beer this side of the Hylian River was lively. Saria kept the bundle close to her body, looking about at familiar faces of Kokiri, all of which garbed in green or naked and slathered with mud. Mido grimaced at Tido, who was busy with a test of strength against an elder Kokiri. Sitting outside their tree-stump house, the Elder Reso practiced Forest Magic for youngsters, all of which clapping and cheering gleefully as butterflies and fairies appeared from wisps of green smoke emanating from her fingertips.

Straight through the village, Saria and Mido stood before the path, high ridges that connected the valley of the Kokiri village and the valley of the Deku Tree. Saria set a foot forward to proceed.

"Halt!" a voice shouted sharply, a long lithe pole of fine Deku wood struck the ground and stopped Saria from another step. Jumping from the ridge, a boy of black hair and ornate markings painted upon his face rose to face Saria and Mido.
"Hello, Tire," said Mido flatly. Tire flashed his green eyes from Mido to Saria.
"What business do you have with Deku Tree?" he asked, pulling his Deku stick lance from the ground.
"Nothing that concerns you, Tire," said Mido. "Let us pass."
"The Deku Tree will not be seen unless it's important business," said Tire sternly.
"But this is important, Tire," said Saria, holding the baby to her chest. "I can't give you details, but tell the Deku Tree I must speak with him" Tire watched Saria carefully, turned on his heel, and went through the path. Minutes passed by, before Tire emerged again, motioned for Saria to pass. Mido was stopped after a few steps, leaving Saria to venture the winding path alone.

Sunlight shone down on the wide spacious clearing, the forest floor dipping slowly downward towards a large tree. Around this tree, there were others that were not as beautiful or as ancient. It towered high; with its many branches bearing even more leaves to provide shade for a long way around it. Saria stepped gently into the edge of the shade, keeping the baby safe.
"What is thy business, Saria?" the Deku Tree boomed. From the bark of the old tree, a face shifted and formed, and looked down upon her. He was a worn face, like that of an old man, who had seen many years and survived many winters; yet nothing showed of his old face withering. Saria marveled for a moment how beautiful—and terrible—she had forgotten the Great Forest Father could be. She was overwhelmed to be in this presence, but the words bubbled up from inside her, and kneeled in the shade of his leaves, presenting the sleeping baby.

"O Great Merciful Master, Deku Tree," said Saria, "I found a baby in the woods, near the northwest borders of our land. All that was there left was his mother, who was dead." Silence, even from the Deku Tree, meant something was being decided. From the depths of the great leaves, a numbers of birds swarmed and flocked, gripping gently the cloth in which the baby was swaddled. A number of branches gathered before the Deku Tree's face, and the baby was planted softly into its boughs. The Deku Tree stared longingly at the baby. There was a moment Saria swore that something like a thought forged itself in the Deku Tree's mind. Roots snaked up from the ground around Saria's boots, finding in them the locket. A bird took care of grabbing this as well, and adding it to the baby. The Deku Tree groaned heavily, and the baby and the locket were safely returned to Saria's arms.
"I sense a destiny in this child, Saria," the Deku Tree's voice thundered. "Outside this forest, a war is being waged; a war that has shaped and twisted our beautiful land of Hyrule and the fate of many. You will raise the boy; teach him the way of the Kokiri and the sword passed down from the ancestors. His destiny is bound up with all of Hyrule. All of Hyrule will revere his name, Link."

Saria bowed deeply and gratefully before the Deku Tree, backed out of the shade, still marveling at the old tree's beauty, and turned and left.

Author's Note: I had to revise this story FOUR times. My novels had only been revised about three times. That kind of tells how much work, heart, and effort I put into this story. A note about the Kokiri names: Unless you haven't noticed, but the Kokiri names are created using a combination of the eight notes: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. They are prounced accordingly, excpet of course for Saria, whose name would be Sorea, but of course, translators changed it, which made it as it is now.