DISCLAIMER: Godzilla and all related characters belong to Toho Studios. This poem belongs to me.

I am...

Daisuke Serizawa

A brilliant mind.

A genius.

Whatever you wish to call me.

I was...

An inventor.

One who created something

Of unspeakable horror.

The Oxygen Destroyer.

I was...


Should I use it?

Or not?

I wanted to wait

Wait until I could use it for the good of mankind.

Not as a weapon.

I had...

Seen the horrors of Hiroshima

And Nagasaki.

I did not want for that horror to occur again

Or anything that could be worse.


I loved her.

But, she loved someone else.

She begged me

To use it

To use my invention.


That monster born of the atomic bomb.

An abomination of all that is nature.

If the atomic bomb spawned such an evil upon the world

I shuddered to think of what the Oxygen Destroyer

Would've created.

But I had no choice

I had to use it.

To save the world.

Gojira must die at any cost.

However, I knew...

If I live,

My invention would be used for pure evil.

I sacrificed myself

To destroy the abomination once and for all.

Yet, it is not over.

My soul

My mind

Continues to fight on

Even after my body was disintegrated.

My own invention

Gave me new life

A new form.

I am reborn.

I am...

No longer Daisuke Serizawa

I am...


Author's Notes: This is just a little "what if" poem I wrote for the fun of it.I mean, what if Dr. Serizawa's mind and soul became a part of Destroyah. It would make the relationship between Godzilla, Destroyah, and the Oxygen Destroyer far more interesting. Plus, if Biollante can have a human soul, why can't Destroyah? He's much cooler than Biollante. And, yes, Destroyah IS a MALE!