Someone is waiting alone on my front porch, just standing there while the rain pours down to soak everything. He stares emptily at my door knocker, as if waiting for the courage to see me. Many times he raised his hand, and just as many times let it fall to his side.

His head drops, and he kneels on my step, leaning his head against the door. So badly do I want to run and open it for him, so badly I want to show him that yes, I still love him, but I can't. The only reason he stands there now is because I was the weak one. I was the one who wanted him to be happy... even if it meant he were not with me. I am nine years younger than him, it isn't fair to him when he could be much happier with someone else. All I want is for him to be happy, even if it kills m inside.

We met not too long ago, when I ran across a lonely house in the midst of a forest...

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I live in a tent. Make that I lived in a tent. Yesterday I was found out by my classmate Yuki Sohma, and his older cousin Shigure. There was a landslide while I was being lectured on how my camping site was on private land, so whoops! My mistake. I would have just moved someplace else, but too late, my home was gone. Instead, the two have been so kind to me and are allowing me to stay with them until my Grandfather's remodeling is finished. I will return to living with him when the time comes.

Everything is so new, I'm still getting used to the idea of living with the two men, and one one other, Kyo Sohma. Kyo makes a rather odd first impression, crashing through roofs like he does. Shigure was slightly perverted when I met him, so I guess I can't just call Kyo odd. So far most of the Sohmas I've met are!

Speak of the devil, there's the perv now. "Tohru, will you follow me for a moment, please?"

"Sure, Shigure-san! Is there anything I can do to help you?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No, I just wanted to talk to you a little, get to you know you better seeing as we'll be living together for awhile. Also, to discuss the chores that will and won't need to be done."

"Oh, all right. Anything you need done, I'll be glad to help you!" Even if it was far from what I was thinking of doing, I had long since begun a facade of being the nice, bubbly-headed idiot everyone adored.

To be honest to myself would mean admitting that the way he posed in the office's doorway was arousing me to the point of no control. He was looking down at me from his six feet of height to my own five foot three with a smirk of bemusement across his features. The yukata adorning his built body lay slightly open and drooped off his shoulder just the slightest bit to show off that tight, smooth stomach and one small nipple itching to be played with by me. His face is handsome too, making the image of him all the more appealing. Those gray-black and secluded eyes were searching me for an answer I was hiding equally as well as he was, and that matching hair color of his was helping the effect. The whole scene looked as though he had planned it, down to his sweeping surveillance of my body.

"I'll remember that, Tohru." he whispered, before slowly lowering the arm he had had propped up on the door frame. He adjusted his clothing before turning into the room, opening it enough to almost show me his entire chest. Not a hair to be seen. Cocky man, probably does anything to get himself laid.

Pretending not to understand, I tilted my head to the side for a moment before shaking it off. "So what all do you want me to do? I would gladly clean the house top to bottom, cook you whatever you want, however you want it! And if you want takeout I will gladly or-"

"Tohru, Tohru, Tohru! You make it sound like I want you to never have any time for yourself while you're living here. You'd just overwork your self, like you were doing before. No, all you have to do is general straightening when it needs it, and you don't have to do anything extravagant for food. Whatever you'd like to cook will be fine with us. Just be your self and do things at your own pace. All right?"

More pretending to do while I yawn inside. This man is dull. While I pretend to look very happy, calm and composed I tell him "Thank you, Shigure-san, I will do my best."

We had been standing in his messy office throughout the conversation. Shigure decided at that point to sit down on the floor at his desk, leaning against his bed while reaching for a bottle of sake. "One more thing on the chores bit, do not clean in here. It's my room, and I rather like my privacy and clutter."

"Anything you want, Shigure-san." I turned to go, curious as to just what all does he have to hide in here.

He stopped me before I shut the door. "Oh, and, Tohru?"

"Yes, Shigure-san?"

"Don't call me 'san'. You make me feel like I'm a stranger to you. My name is Shigure, just as yours is Tohru."

I smiled, genuinely, this time. "Sure... Shigure."

Calling anybody 'san' for so long was getting on my nerves, too.

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