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My stay at the Sohma house ended up being more than just temporary. A few weeks after new Years I received a phone call from my grandfather, telling me the renovations were complete. Yes, I did return... for a day. Yuki and Kyo were very prompt about rescuing me from what was soon to become a living Hell in every aspect.

Because my residency became more permanent, it was decided I could inform my friends about my new address. To ascertain for themselves that all would be fine, the two soon came over to investigate.

It was like a disaster waiting to happen! So many times if any of the three Sohmas walked into the room with them you could be sure they would soon be transforming. We did have fun, though, I will admit to that.

Shigure was probably the most excited about my friends coming over, and although he was possibly disappointed with their persona types, one a yankee and the other goth, even a week later he could be heard singing high school girls in his study. When ever I happened to pass by the room I distinctly caught his gaze as he continued to sing, a serious expression as he stared at me.

With the arrival of Momiji and Hatsuharu, everything seemed even more topsy-turvy. Haru, when he went Black, became a total pervert. When White Day came around, the others showed me how grateful they were for the chocolates I'd given them previously for Valentines by way of their return gifts. Momiji was very sweet, taking us all to a hot springs resort for the weekend. Yuki gave me a ribbon, and for Kyo, he promised to put up with Yuki. Shigure, on the other hand, went over board. Upon our arrival back home, he called me into his study once again.

"Tohru, I hope you know I wish I could have gone with you to the hot springs resort. I shudder to think what all those lecherous boys did to you in my absence!" he dramatized.

I giggled for him, though inside I felt much more giddy. My facade was the only thing keeping me from laughing my guts out right there. "It's all right, Shigure. You had to work, I understand. I do wish Momiji hadn't gone to so much trouble for me, though."

The man chuckled. It wasn't just his idea to go to the resort."

"Oh?" I asked, curious.

"Yes. I played a role in that myself, but one of those annoying book conferences prevented me from joining all of you. I found another gift for you instead, and I hope you like it." he was so serious, I never would have expected what he pulled out from behind his back.

My eyes shot wide, as I sank in the sight of the little uniform, key word being 'little.' With a short skirt and plunging neckline, the maid's uniform was quite the naughty ensemble, as well the author knew.

"Sh-Shigure... is that... really...?"

He was smirking now. "Yes, it is. Like it?" I couldn't move as he came closer to me, the same grin plastered across his face. "It was made by Ayame specifically for you. A good designer can tell with his eyes the size of the model, and he is anxious to hear how it fits. How about trying it on... Tohru? For me?" We were standing so close now I almost couldn't breathe without his scent filling my nostrils, causing me to further swoon, almost.

"B-but... Shigure..."

"Do you not like it, Tohru?" he faked a hurt look, but the expression in his eyes showed an ulterior motive.

Finally realizing his game, I smiled curtly myself. "Shigure... where do you expect me to change? If I go outside the room wearing it or even just holding it, you can imagine how Yuki and Kyo will react. And if you merely stood in the hall they would still get suspicious of you..."

He nodded. "A bit of a problem isn't it? There is one more solution, one you haven't mentioned yet."

"And that would be?" I knew what it was.

This time he leaned his lips in to my ear, playing with a strand of my hair. "Change in front of me..." he kissed my ear before leaning back, gong to sit on his bed.

I faked surprise. "Why, Shigure! I couldn't do that... not with you looking at least... maybe, if you turned around?"

The man smirked again. "As you wish, princess." he actually did turn to face the opposite wall, without so much as an extra comment.

Slowly, I began to undress. Keeping my eyes on his turned head the entire time. It was like I shared a room with a statue.

Once every article of my clothing had been discarded, excepting my panties, I pulled the dress on. There were ties in the back, something I could torture the pervert with.

"Oh, Shigure, it seems I can't get the straps at the back. Would you please help me?" I asked, purposely trying to sound desperate and seductive. He turned around, and I met his eyes, though I had turned to the other wall, showing him the dilemma I didn't really have.

"With pleasure..." he growled quickly coming up behind me. His hands wasted no time grabbing my waist on the pretense of holding the fabric closer to my body. I could feel the heat of his stare as his eyes raked over my back in a greedy fashion. Slowly, and with many unwarranted caresses of my skin he began to tie up the straps.

When he was done, one hand slid back down to my waist while the other tickled my shoulder as he searched for my hand. Upon reaching it he twirled me around to face him, his eyes darting around appreciatively. "It fits you quite well, Tohru..."

It was my turn to smirk. "And you would know... how?" he had started to spin me around as if leading me in a romantic dance.

"By the way it fits your body's delectable curves..." he growled, for the first time blatantly acknowledging his crush on me. Or was it lust? With him it seemed both were possible, though lust more likely.

"I don't know if I should thank you or not... you're starting to make it seem like you want it off me more than on."

"And if I told you the truth?" he whispered, leaning his face closer to mine. Our bodies continued to sway as both of his hands snaked themselves across my hips.

"Then," his face was merely an inch away now, "I would have to answer you, too."

"Favorably or negatively?" he growled again, letting me know the way to tell he was aroused.

Our lips were less than a breaths' hair away from the other, and as I spoke they just barely rubbed themselves together at the edges, "what do you think?" His lips crashed into mine, melding our mouths together as the only way we could with his curse.

With passion we lost track of time, and with lust we made it up. Our tongues were at war, and if he could have held me in his arms he would have been crushing my body to his. Such is the way it was when the kiss came to an end, Shigure caressing my face in his hands. Softly, he whispered before slowly bringing his lips to mine again, "Tohru, you are not the innocent, and I'm starting to think you never were."

I merely chuckled into his lips as the passion slowly flowed back to us. Oh, if only he knew how right he was...

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