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Chapter One

Naruto hated his job. Not dislike, or occasionally wished he had a different one. He hated it almost 24/7.

From the outside, it would maybe look like his job was perfect. As a 17 year old model, earning millions every year, many would assume he was satisfied with his life. This was not the case. The other models were stuck up, conceited and self-centred. Naruto's happy-go-lucky, down to earth nature and shy personality were out of place here. The other male models avoided him, isolating him. The female models flirted shamelessly with him and their persistence annoyed him. They were after his looks and his wallet. Not that Naruto would ever admit to being good-looking. He was very modest and very self-conscious making him appear more vulnerable in this dog-eat-dog business. This was not the case however. Naruto was very assertive and could defend himself perfectly well.

At first, Naruto had paraded himself on the catwalk but had found this highly stressful, competitive and mind-numbingly boring. He pulled out after only three weeks but he had already been spotted and had been head-hunted by several high profile designer labels.

He had eventually agreed when he had been offered a ridiculous sum of money from the biggest male fashion line in the country.

Naruto did not see what others saw when he looked at himself. Didn't realise that millions of people lusted after him. Waited for new advertising campaigns from his label. Scanned every catalogue and magazine desperate to find him.

His deep blue eyes and golden coloured locks shone out from glossy pages. His well toned chest and slim, slightly feminine hips haunted others. At the bottom of every photograph of him, the text read Uzumaki, N. Some fanatics spent their time pondering what that 'N' could possibly stand for. Many claimed he was a drug. Others that he was airbrushed. Either way it didn't matter. In the media industry: Naruto Uzumaki was a god.

So here he stood, in front of the huge mirrors, in ridiculously tight jeans and desperately trying to stop the photographer's assistant from messing with his hair.

"Leave it." He said, slipping out of her immediate reach. She found his reaction strange. He didn't like the attention fawned on him. The constant adoration riled him, it did nothing to soothe or inflate his ego.

"Fine." She said in a rather annoyed tone. Her eyes wandered down to his crotch momentarily before she went to help put the finishing touches to the set. Naruto sighed. He was used to people eyeing him up and blatantly coming on to him but although the woman was pretty, there was one slight hitch.

Naruto Uzumaki, international supermodel, was gay.

Resignedly, he made his way to the set-up for the shoot where he put aside his frustration and transformed instantly into the sex symbol that the people the world over recognised. He flirted with the camera for well over an hour, taking instruction from the photographer on positioning. Finally, he was satisfied and Naruto made his way to the changing room, tired and pissed off.

Naruto was the face for several companies as well as the main focus for the leading young adult magazine in the country. He posed for shoots, modelled latest fashions and gave regular interviews. The magazine managed to be popular with both sexes as it contained everything necessary for instant popularity: gossip, information on important topics, fashion and hot models. There were several, both male and female, though Naruto was the main contributor and stole the show with every issue.

Naruto took off his shirt, stretching his aching muscles, he'd been rushing from shoot to shoot for eighteen hours, only being able to sleep in transit and his fatigue was beginning to show. Naruto's manager burst into the room. Naruto didn't know his name. They came and went so quickly, he hardly noticed anymore.

"What's up?" Naruto asked, noting the pleased look on the man's face.

"I have amazing news! You are going to love me for this Naruto!" he paused for a moment, before he continued. "First, you're gonna get to do dirtier shoots! Show the world the real you'!" Naruto smirked. He'd been in negotiation with the magazine for some time now, wanting to be allowed to do something a little daring. "Time to show the world the real 'Uzumaki N.'" his producer burbled on. "Secondly, I got you a place at Konoha Sixth Form!"

"Seriously?" Naruto had wanted to go back to public school ever since he had started modelling about three years ago.

"Yeah. But, there's a hitch. They will ALL know who you are, no doubt. It's really close to the main printing house for the magazine."

"So? I can handle a few signatures! When do I start?" excitement blazed in his eyes, his tiredness forgotten as quickly as that.

"In four weeks." Naruto's mind scanned the endless possibilities over and over. This would be the turning point in his life.


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