Forbidden Love

Chapter 37

Hermione slowly made her way through the infirmary and to the last bed at the end, pulling back the curtains she immediately saw who she had been looking for. Ginny Weasley was sitting on the side of Neville's bed, her head down and her hand clasping his. The soft light of the candle on his nightstand was the only source of illumination, casting a dim and slightly romantic glow over the duo.

Hermione smiled softly to herself; the younger girl had not left Neville's side since Professor Cypher, whom they had learned was an Auror of all things, and Mr. Weasley had levitated him on a bed to the infirmary. Madam Pomfrey had worked on him for over two hours, but like a good ending to a bad muggle fairytale she had indeed been able to put Neville back together again. Hermione watched Ginny lean forward and push some of the older boy's hair out of his face when he shifted in his sleep and smiled once more. 'Maybe Ginny is finally opening her eyes to her feelings as well as Neville's,' she thought before her smile faltered a bit and she took a deep breath. She hated to break up the moment between the two but she was here for a reason. There was finally a break in all the chaos and she really needed to talk to the younger girl about something.

Taking the last few steps forward she placed a hand lightly on the red haired girl's shoulder. "Ginny?"

Ginny turned her head slightly and gave Hermione a fleeting look before looking down at the boy in the bed once more. "Hey."

The older witch made her way towards the top of the bed so that she was in front of the younger one. "Hey, where's Neville's Gran?"

"She's getting a quick kip," the other girl replied, motioning to a bed across the way, "she was exhausted and I let her know that I would stay with him."

Hermione nodded. "So how's he doing?"

"He'll be alright, just needs some rest. At least that's what Madam Pomfrey says…"

"And how are you doing?"

She looked up at the other girl in surprise. "Me?"

"Yes you, Ginny Weasley," Hermione replied arching a brow. "You've been here for hours, not to mention the battle and everything else that happened today…how are you doing?"

Ginny nodded slowly and looked down at her and Neville's hands. "I'm… doing. I suppose… I can't believe what he did."

"Yeah he was really great out there," the other girl agreed looking down at his face once more.

"I know and the way he got me out of the way… Hermione, he saved my life," she whispered.

"Yes, well that's just the type of bloke that Neville is."

Ginny gave a jerky nod. "I still can't believe what he did for me," she whispered.

"Why not?" Hermione quizzed; Ginny's gaze shot to her. "Come on Gin, I mean he's a great bloke sure, but it's no secret that Neville fancies you –he has for quite some time."

The younger girl gave her a surprised look and her gaze shifted between the two before settling on Hermione once more, "He does?"

"Yeah," Hermione laughed, "where have you been?"

Ginny sighed and frowned. "Obsessing over a bloke who can barely stand, and in no way at all fancies me."

The brunette's smile faded and she chewed worriedly on her bottom lip. "Oh Gin… that's not true. Harry can stand you, you mean a lot to him… to us…"

"I was a brat," the redhead replied not looking up.

"We deserved it… well, Harry and I did, but Ginny, Ron didn't do anything."

She nodded, "I know I just hated that he had forgiven the two of you so easily, therefore making me look even more pathetic."

Hermione sighed and took seat a in the chair next to the bed. "You weren't pathetic Ginny." When the other girl shot her a 'get real' look, she winced and amended her statement. "You weren't…. Sure you were perhaps a bit psychotic –totally obsessive and maybe a tad stalkerish, but not at all pathetic."

The younger girl laughed softly. "Gee, thanks." She looked over at her, "Hermione, I'm sorry for constantly trying to hex you –oh and snog your boyfriend."

The brunette winced and looked at her hands briefly before looking back at her. "There's no need, you see… I … well, I snogged your boyfriend first…"

"What?" Ginny asked with a frown.

Hermione sighed. "Gin, there's something I didn't tell you that I've been wanting to… It's actually the reason I'm here," at the other girls questioning look she continued. "You see, Harry and I we… shag-er, snogged before you guys broke up," she stumbled then scrunched her eyes closed when she was done and waited for the hex.

"When?" Ginny frowned.

The brunette kept her eyes shut and whispered. "The day Ron and I broke up."


Hermione's eyes snapped open and she looked the younger girl. "Excuse me? Good?"

Ginny frowned. "Well, not really –but yeah in a way. I mean I knew that something had happened between you two that day, but Ron and everyone else I mentioned it to just told me I was overreacting or going mental." She looked over at the older girl, "But my gut had told me something happened and it was usually right. So when Ron came back and told me that you two had had a row and that was all, I felt like I couldn't trust myself anymore, like my instincts were off. Then when I found out about the two of you I felt I couldn't trust either of you anymore and then when Ron continued to call you guys his best mates instead of flipping out as usual I felt like I couldn't trust him anymore. Which basically left no one –not even myself that I could trust…" her gaze flicked to the bed, "well almost no one."

The older witch sat quietly for a moment before speaking. "Is that how you ended up with Malfoy?"

Ginny blushed and shrugged, "Yeah, I guess. I mean I was angry at you, he was angry at Harry –it seemed like a good idea at the time."


"I don't know, I guess part of me was hoping that Harry would be so upset by the notion he's come running back to steal me from Draco. And another part of me…" she trailed off her blush deepening.

"Another part of you? …" Hermione hedged.

"Well… another part of me loved the snogging, I mean he may have been a git but Draco is a great kisser."

"Ewwww," the brunette made a face and the redhead giggled. "Gin, that is absolutely disgusting! I'm going to be scarred for life now –great, just bloody brilliant."

"Hey the truth is the truth," the younger girl shrugged with a grin. "Besides you scarred me for life a while ago, so this just may make us even."

Hermione sighed and ran a hand though her hair, "I guess it might," she bit her bottom lip again. "Ginny, I really am sorry for what we did to you –what I did to you. And I want you to know that Harry and I never expected to feel what we feel for one another and when we did then we fought it. We fought it hard, with everything in us because we didn't want to hurt you or Ron."

"Fought it hard eh?" Ginny's brows rose. "How hard?"

The other girl smiled. "Well… let's just say that if our lives were a story and the story began this summer, out of –oh I don't know, thirty five or so chapters we fought what we felt for at least twenty two and a half, if not more."

"Wow, that's way over half the story," the younger girl smirked.

Hermione nodded, "Yeah, I know if I were a reader I wouldn't be too happy about it myself. I'd probably write little reviews to the author complaining about the time frame."

"Me too, though I'd be rooting for Harry to stay with me," Ginny shot the older girl a look and then laughed softly. Hermione joined in for a moment until the other girl sighed and looked back down at Neville. "Do you think he'll forgive me for being such a prat?"

Hermione nodded. "I know he will… especially if you can forgive me and Harry for being the biggest prats ever…"

The redhead's gaze flicked to her briefly before returning to the boy in the bed. "I can try…"

"That's all I can ask." Hermione replied with a small sigh. They sat in silence for several more minutes before Ginny spoke again.

"Did you guys ever find out what they wanted with Neville?" she frowned looking up.

Hermione nodded. "Yeah, Profess… uh, agent Cypher explained it to us. It seems that after his battle with Dumbledore, Voldemort had seen two people. A healer to help him recover from his injury, though all they did was provide a potion or two –from what I understand he doesn't trust anyone enough for them to do more than that -and a Seer. The Seer informed him that he could forgo the need for any future potions and regain all of his strength and possibly a bit more if he got one very important ingredient." The brunette frowned, "The blood of the boy who lived."

"Harry?" Ginny inquired, when Hermione nodded she threw a quick look to Neville, "But what does that have to do with him?"

The brunette sighed, "Well, Harry is virtually impossible to gain access to. He's probably the most well guarded wizard of our time, a fact that Voldemort is aware of. When he told the Seer of this he was informed that, though it may not be as potent, the blood of another boy of the same age and birthday may be just as useful to his needs…"

"Neville," Ginny whispered.

Hermione nodded, "As you know the only thing that made Harry the 'boy who lived' as opposed to Neville was the fact that Voldemort chose to go after Harry instead."

"So his blood could still have healing qualities…"

"Not as potent as Harry, but yes –at least that was the belief," she shrugged.

"Is it true?" Ginny frowned.

"I don't know…" she shook her head, "I don't know…"

They fell into a comfortable silence, each retreating to their own thoughts about the new information that had been gained.

"So Cypher was sent here to protect Neville?" Ginny asked after a while.

Hermione nodded. "Yes, I believe she is an Auror from Ireland or something," the brunette frowned. "Mad-eye says that they placed her here as opposed to an English agent so that any spies for the D.E.'s would not know they had an agent on the inside. Also so that we wouldn't realize that we were being watched and start worrying, since Harry knew most of the Auror's already thanks to his trips to the ministry."

Ginny nodded. "Wh-"

"Why didn't they tell me?" a voice cut in.

Hermione and Ginny's gaze shot to the dark haired boy in the bed. Neville stared at them from behind sleepy lids, his curious gaze trained on Hermione.

"I –I don't know. All I can say is that they rarely tell us anything, it's quite vexing if you want to know the truth. After all, if they would just be honest with us we may be able to prevent half of this stuff from happening," she frowned.

Neville sighed. "I just wish someone had let me in on the secret, it was my life after all that they were gambling with."

Both girls nodded in agreement.

"So, how are you… you know, feeling?" Ginny inquired reaching out a hand and pushing a few stray hairs from his face.

He averted his gaze and shrugged. "Alright I guess, kind of sore and a bit of a headache but…"

The red head nodded, "Well good… er, not about the soreness or the headache but that you're alright. You know, good- for that, that is."

Neville nodded and Hermione suppressed a smile.

"How long have I been out?" he inquired glancing at the clock across the room.

"A couple of hours," supplied Ginny.

He nodded again.

"I'm actually surprised you're up so soon, Madam Pomfrey predicted you would be resting at least till late tomorrow afternoon."

"Really?" he frowned.

"Um-hum," she nodded, "uh, your Gran is here she's just across the way catching a quick kip."



Hermione looked between the two as they snuck glances at one another and smiled softly to herself. "Well, I'm going to go and let everyone know that you're okay Neville," she said aloud. "I think Ginny wanted to talk to you about something anyway," she finished giving the red haired girl a pointed look.

Ginny's eyes widened and she shook her head. "No, no I think I'm good…"

"Really? I thought you wanted to say thanks… and something else if I remember correctly," Hermione frowned.

Ginny blushed. "Right…"

"Right," the older girl repeated. Coming forward she gave Neville a light kiss on the head then turned to Ginny pulling her into a light hug. "Tell him how you feel, trust me he feels the same way. Besides," she pulled back and finished in a low tone, "after the way he fought today you can't be expecting him to stay single for long." The younger girl sighed and frowned and Hermione gave her a smile. "I'll catch you later Nev."

With that and a jaunty wave she headed though the curtains, making sure to loudly call out a silencing charm on her way to let them know that they had a spot of privacy. Ginny chuckled and Hermione shot her a wink. "Have fun you two."


Harry looked up as he girlfriend re-entered Gryffindor Tower. Standing, he approached her and pulled her into a strong hug.

"How did it go?" he inquired, pulling back and leading her over to the couch were Ron and Luna sat.

"A lot better than I thought I would," she breathed, taking a seat next to him and laying her head against his chest. "Where are my parents?"

"In your dorm, they're using your room tonight," he replied.

"What does 'a lot better then you thought' mean?" quizzed Ron, lightly stroking Luna's hair.

"It means… she was –oddly enough, relieved by the information."

"What?" Harry and Ron exclaimed in unison.

"I know. I felt the same way, but it's true. She says that her gut had told her something had happened and she was relieved to find out that her instincts were still spot on," the brunette shrugged.

Ron and Harry shared a look and the red head rolled his eyes. "Bloody women," he muttered.

Hermione shot him a glower, "And just what does that mean?"

"That means that if I found out that you and Harry snogged before we broke up, relieved would not be the word to describe the exact emotion that I felt," he stated with a frown. When Harry winced and exhaled Ron threw him a look. "Did you?"

"Did we what?" Harry asked.

"Did you two snog before we broke up?" the other boy frowned sitting up a bit on the couch.

Harry opened and then closed his mouth, "Well-"

"Did you?" Hermione interrupted, lifting her head from her boyfriends' chest and studying her red haired mate.

"Did I what?"

"Did you and Luna snog before you and I broke up?" she inquired arching a brow.

Ron turned a dull red and Luna grimaced a bit, "I…we… well… so-so how's Neville doing?"

Hermione gave him a smug look and laid her head back on Harry's chest as he relaxed once more and gave a deep chuckle.

"He's doing well," she replied dropping the other subject. "He was up and talking when I left. In fact that's why I left, so that he and Ginny would have a moment alone to hash a few things out."

"What kind of things?" asked Ron.

Hermione and Luna shared a look and the brunette rolled her eyes. "Oh for goodness sake, don't be obtuse Ronald."

"I'm not, it was a perfectly logical question," he frowned.

"It was stupid, it's quite obvious what they had to talk about," she replied.

"How is it obvious, I-"

"Oh please, how is it not?!"

"Just because you ruddy well think something-"

"Alright, alright!" Harry called cutting them off. "Ron she's taking about them going over whether or not they fancy one another. Hermione, lay off of Ron you know reading signs is not his forte."

"Oi! That's not true," the other boy exclaimed.

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. "Oh come on Ron, how long did it take you to realize that Hermione fancied you? Or that Luna fancied you… or to suss out that Hermione and I were-"

"Alright, alright," he grumbled, "I get your bleedin' point, no need to do a detailed recounting."

Harry smirked and Luna giggled. "Don't worry Plumperdink, you have other skills," she winked. Ron blushed a deep red.

Harry arched a brow at them, "Are you two-"

He cut off with a grunt when his girlfriend elbowed him.

"That is not any of your business Harry," she stated primly.

Harry rolled his eyes and then shot Ron a discreet questioning look, the huge grin that spread over his mates face told him all that he needed to know.

"Well we should head out," Ron said a second later. "I'm going to go on over to Ravenclaw tower with Luna –since most of her house is gone and what not."

When Harry and Hermione arched brows at them both teens blushed.

"He helps to keep the Duberdemons away," the blonde commented softly.

"I'm sure that's not all he helps to do," muttered Harry, wincing when Hermione elbowed him again. "Geez Luv, what are you trying to do? Permanently bruise me?"

Hermione shot him a glower but didn't respond. "We'll see you two tomorrow then," she smiled.

Luna smiled back. "Yes, tomorrow."

Ron nodded and winked at Harry before the two stood and quickly made their way out of the portrait. Finally alone with his girlfriend, Harry pulled her back into his arms and held her close.

"I'm glad that you're okay," he whispered kissing the top of her head.

"I'm glad that you are," she murmured back, lightly kissing his chest. "Harry?"


"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For my life… for my mum's life."

"Well thank you for my life too…"

"I'm serious," Hermione stated pulling back and looking up at him "thank you for what you did. If it weren't for you my mum…"

He sighed and kissed her lips lightly. "You don't need to thank me for that. It is something that I would do again and again if need be."

She exhaled and gave him a watery smile. "I know…" When he nodded she cupped his face. "But I still want to thank you."

"You already did," he smiled.

"No… I mean, thank you…"

Harry's brows rose. "Th-thank –thank me, thank me?"

She nodded.

"Right now?"

She nodded again.

"But… here?"

She chuckled. "No… your room."

"But… but I think Seamus is still here…"

She shrugged and stood from the couch, Harry watched the sway of her hips entranced as she slowly sauntered to the stairs of the boys' dorm. "True…" she replied throwing an impish smile over her shoulder. "However if I remember correctly your bed does come with a rather sturdy set of curtains and, if I do say so myself, I am quite adept at silencing charms," she finished twirling her wand.

Harry's mouth dropped a bit before a huge grin spread over his features. As he hopped up from the couch, Hermione let out a girlish giggle and sprinted up the steps to the dorm, her boyfriend hot on her trail.


Harry stood at the bottom of the stairs, his bag a few feet away near the front door as he watched his girlfriend hug both of her parents.

"Are you sure you can't write or something?" Ella was asking with an anxious look.

"I'll try mum, but I can't guarantee it," Hermione replied with a frown. "We're on a serious mission here and there will be people looking for us. I can't allow them to trace me back to you guys."

"Don't worry," chimed Mrs. Weasley, "We'll keep an eye on your parents dear."

Hermione gave her a grateful smile and a quick hug. "Thank you Mrs. Weasley."

Harry smiled also. It was a couple of weeks after graduation and into the summer and they were about to head off to find the remaining Horcruxes. Harry, Hermione and the Grangers had arrived to the Burrow a couple of days ago so that they could have some time to hang out together with their mates and their parents could get a briefing from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley as to what exactly was going on. Harry was relieved when the parents retreated to the living room to talk over everything and left them to their own devices. He didn't like being in the room when people heard his story, they always looked at him oddly and it made him feel uncomfortable.

By the time they saw the Grangers a few hours later they were up to date on everything that had occurred. Ella had pulled Harry into a strong embrace and whispered that she loved him, while Dan had given him a hearty handshake, an admiring look and said that he was proud of him. The dark haired boy had blushed under the attention and grudgingly accepted the compliments from the two as well as the ones added on by the Weasleys before deflecting some of the praise to Hermione and Ron who had been with him every step of the way. That in turn caused a round of tears from Ella who berated herself for not being aware of the danger her daughter was in everyday, as well as a demand from her to summon Dumbledore so that the Headmaster could explain to her face why they, Hermione's parents, hadn't been informed when she had been hurt at school –especially second year when she had been petrified.

Her husband and Mrs. Weasley took straight away to soothing the other woman's ruffled feathers as everyone instantly realized that they did not want to see what happened when you mixed a man like Dumbledore with an irate Ella Granger. Forty-five minutes, three arguments and one very long owl to the Headmaster later, all was well once more and the family sat calmly in the living room going over just what the trio had planned for their search.

They had decided to start where he and Dumbledore had left off and resume the hunt for the locket. Hermione had several ideas of other possible items and locations that they were going to explore once they had the locket in hand. In the mean time the Grangers would be staying with the Weasley's for a while and would have guard of the very capable Weasley twins when at their dentistry to work. The newest couple in their mists, Ginny and Neville would take over the command of the D.A. at Hogwarts to continue to train students to defend themselves should the need arise. Neville would be staying up the road in Hogsmeade so that he was close to the school incase anything else happened there.

Harry was pulled back to the present as Hermione put her arm around his waist and hugged him lightly. "Hey there, were did you head off to?" she inquired softly.

He gave a subtle smile. "No where, just thinking."

"About?" she pressed.

He chuckled, "About, stuff."

"What kind of stuff," she persisted.

He grinned and leaned forward a bit, "I don't know… about you, me, private tents and long nights…"

She blushed and threw a look over her shoulder. "Harry," she reprimanded, "my parents are right there."

"I know, that's why I'm only thinking about it," he winked.

She slapped his shoulder. "Oh you."

He laughed lightly and pecked her softly on the lips.

"Aww, come on," griped Ron heading down the stairs, "are you two at least ready to go before you start all that."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"We've been ready," Hermione stated, shifting in her boyfriends arms so that he was hugging her lightly from behind. "We're waiting on you."

"As usual," chimed Harry with a smirk.

Ron pulled a face at Harry before addressing Hermione, "Well we're ready, aren't we sweetie?"

"Oh yes," Luna said skipping down the last several steps.

"Luna dear, are you sure your father doesn't mind?" Mrs. Weasley frowned, referring to the fact that the younger girl would be joining them on their search for the remainder of her summer break.

Harry hadn't really wanted her to go, he was worried about placing another person in so much danger. But Ron replied that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, he also informed Harry that he needed Luna there as much as the dark haired boy needed Hermione. Unable to think up a proper counter to that argument because he knew how much he needed his girlfriend at his side, Harry had relented and agreed to allow Luna to join them for part of their search.

The blonde shook her head in response to Mrs. Weasley's question. "Oh no, not at all –he thinks it's the perfect way to do a mini-expedition for the Snorkack." She grinned excitedly, "I can't wait myself, after all we will be camping in some really remote areas."

"Snorkack?" inquired Mr. Granger with a frown.

"Don't ask," mumbled Mr. Weasley.

"That's nice dear," commented Mrs. Weasley.

When Harry and Hermione snorted, Ron shot them a glower, "I figured that I'd help her, between the two of us we might even manage a picture," he stated to his mum giving his girlfriend a small smile.

"I'm sure," muttered Hermione.

Harry dropped his head and laughed into his girlfriends' hair.

"So is everyone ready to go?" inquired Ron ignoring his mates' reactions to what he had just said.

"I am," chimed Luna.

"Once again, we've been ready," stated Hermione arching a dark brow.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Well let's head out."

"Do you have your tents?" asked Mrs. Weasley anxiously.

"Yes mum," replied Ron. "I have one in my bag, Harry has another."

"How about food?" quizzed Mrs. Granger with a frown.

"Yes mum," replied Hermione, "It's in my bag."

"Do you have your fireworks?!" called Fred from the top of the stairs.

Hermione rolled her eyes while Harry and Ron laughed.

"We don't need fireworks," she stated prudishly with a disapproving frown.

"Of course you do," replied George.

"Yeah, they're essential to any Dark Lord soul expedition," added Fred.

"You should never leave home without them," chimed George appearing suddenly between Hermione and her mum.

Ella Granger jumped, her hand going to her chest. "Wha?! How…"

"Never seen that before," inquired Fred appearing on the side of her and throwing an arm over her shoulder. "Funny, I thought you had."

"No… no I haven't… how did you do that?"

"It's called apparation," supplied George pulling a bag of fireworks from his coat pocket and handing them to Ron.

"Wizards use it all the time," threw in Fred, conjuring another bag and handing it to Luna.

"Fastest way to travel, it is," nodded George.

"That's how the kids will be getting around," commented Mr. Weasley with a kind smile. "Gets you from point 'A' to point 'B' just as quickly as you can envision point 'B'.

"Wait," Dan Granger held up a hand "all wizards and witches can do this?"

"Of age, yes," nodded Mrs. Weasley.

The other mans gaze swung to Harry. "Can you do it?"

The dark haired boy's mouth dropped a bit but before he could conjure an answer Mr. Weasley chimed in.

"Why yes, Harry can. I took him to get his apparitions license as a Christmas present," he grinned, "passed with flying colours on his first try."

Harry shifted uncomfortably as Dan Granger frowned, the older man studied him for a moment before looking at his daughter. "I knew it," he shook his head, "I knew it –what did he touch!" he exclaimed jabbing a finger in their direction.

Hermione blushed, "Nothing daddy, geez!"

"Don't nothing me," Dan scoffed, before pacing, "I knew it, I told you Ella," he looked at his wife, "didn't I tell you?! He was in her room –I know he was." He stopped and glowered at Harry. "What. Did. You. Touch?"

"Nothing sir, honest… I… we…" he shot Mrs. Granger a helpless look.

She was watching the two of them with a surprised expression before shaking her head and grabbing her husband's arm. "Don't be daft Dan, Hermione and Harry didn't start seeing one another until she broke up with Ron –which was after they returned to Hogwarts."

"Ha! Bollocks!" exclaimed Dan, "What has he touched?!"

"He's touched everything," muttered Ron.

Everyone shot the ginger haired boy dubious looks and he blushed a beet red.

"Wow… did I say that aloud?" he winced.

Fred and George gave low whistles while Hermione groaned and covered her face with both hands. For his part Harry took several steps back towards the door.

"So… we really should go, we'll call you guys later bye!" called the dark haired boy disappearing through the exit before the last syllable rang out.

"Wow…" said Fred.

"I think that was faster than apparation," commented George.

Dan Granger blinked, once… then twice, before suddenly coming to life.

"Danny no!" yelled Ella grabbing her husbands arms and trying to keep him where he was. Fred and George each grabbed a shoulder to help. "Her-Hermione…d-dear," she continued still struggling to be heard over the bellows of her husband for Harry to 'Come the hell back here!' "why don't you kids… go-go..go on and he-head out!" she called blowing her daughter a kiss.

Hermione nodded quickly and blew her a kiss back before running to the door and grabbing their bags. She gave Ron a punch in the shoulder when the got outside "What the hell was that?"

"Sorry," he shrugged "how did I know it was going to get so bloody quiet at that exact moment."

"You shouldn't have said it to began with you prat," she hissed as they met up with Harry at the end of the drive.

The dark haired boy was craning his neck to look past her "Is it safe?"

"Somewhat," Hermione sighed, throwing Ron another glower; Luna giggled. "My mum and the twins have him pinned."

"Yeah but for how long," added Ron looking at the door, "he looked ready to ruddy well kill yo…" he trailed off at the set of glares his mates were giving. "Right then… well, let's be off."

"Sure, oh and thanks for opening you huge ruddy mouth Ron," Harry said sarcastically.

"What?" the other boy frowned, "He's just in shock Harry, it'll blow over just give him a week or two-"

"Let me go! I'm not going to kill him, I swear! I'm just going to remove every sodding part of his body that touched my Pumpkin!! –And I know just where to start!"

"Dan you're being ridiculous, Hermione's not a little girl anymore!"

"She's my little girl –she always will be! Now were do you keep your hedge clippers Arthur?!"

"Er… or a month or two…" the redhead corrected wincing when upon hearing that there were no hedge clippers Mr. Granger requested a rusty knife.

"We… should… go…" murmured Hermione.

Harry, Ron and Luna all nodded quickly in agreement. Both boys put their arms around their respective girlfriends and closed their eyes envisioning the place where they wanted to be. The familiar pull of apparation took over, ensuring his escape and Harry released a relieved sigh as Dan Granger's last comment floated to his ears.

"Aww, but dear he doesn't need children!"

The End

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