Heart or Blood

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...6 months later...

Emma's restaurant was booming; it didn't take long for it to become one of DC's hotspots once it became public knowledge that Dr Temperance Brennan is a frequent visitor. The Squint Squad, Rebecca, Parker, Emma and Keith all sat around a large table at the restaurant celebrating the release of Temperance's latest book.

The book would be released tomorrow morning but Temperance had a copy for each of them. Booth eyed the table wielding the neat stack of books; Temperance hadn't let him read the book before publication and he had been dying to get his hands on it. He had considered sneaking onto her laptop, he knew her password, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

Temperance now surrounded by those she loved deeply couldn't imagine a better life. She was surprised how easy it was to let these people into her heart, she knew without a doubt it was because of her boys. Booth had taken down her barriers and had shown her what true really love is, and that it isn't something to be afraid of. And Parker had helped to demolish the last of her barriers, his innocence and love has helped her to see a world beyond loss, murder, death and crime.

Once the night ended Temperance handed each of them a copy of the book as they left, technically she had given them the book on the release date as it was now past midnight.

Parker was also given a copy of the book, which Rebecca took to keep safe. So that he didn't feel left out, Temperance had written him his own book which Angela had illustrated. The book told the tale of a clever young boy who helped to save people with his trusty dog.

Booth had even let Temperance drive so he could begin to read her book as they made their way home.

Emma opened the book and read the dedication:

This book is dedicated to:

My partner, best friend and love Special Agent Seeley Booth, for picking up the pieces of my heart

My friend and saviour Emma Sheppard and Jasper – without them this book and my current bliss would have been impossible

To Parker Booth, for showing me how wonderful the world truly is

And finally to Angela Montenegro, who has been telling me all this time, I'm sorry for not listening to you sooner

Tears came to her eyes as she read the dedication; for a moment she realised what a difference she had made to Temperance's life. She didn't know every aspect of the anthropologist's past but she knew that now Temperance would pass on feeing loved rather than accomplished.

Ange opened the book expecting to read the dedication to Booth; a squeal escaped her as she read 'love' in the dedication. As she read the next few dedications, she smiled thinking about how far her friend had come. She reached the last name on the list; a gasp escaped her as she read her name, she smiled with glassy eyes as she closed the book

Temperance and Booth pulled up to their house; they moved in 3 months ago.

At first Rebecca had been overwhelmed and unsure at Temperance's proposal. After much discussion Rebecca came round to the idea; Rebecca wanted to buy the house by herself, not wanting to be so reliant on someone, but knew there was no way she could afford it. So they decided on a figure that Rebecca could pay-off, and Temperance paid the rest.

Once that was settled Rebecca was still hesitant to live so close to Booth; especially considering his past reactions to the men involved in her life. Once Booth promised to be on his best behaviour and Temperance promised to kick his ass if he crossed the line; it was settled.

At first it took some getting used to, but now life seemed so much easier. Much to their surprise the conflict between Rebecca and Booth had diminished, and Booth now got to spend more time with Parker. Parker had moved schools, and though he was upset at the onset he had settled and made plenty of friends. Just last week he had taken Dr Bones into school for bring your parent to school day. She won over the class giving them a basic talk about bones and dinosaurs, which Booth and Parker had helped her to prepare to make sure it there wasn't too much squint-speak.

By day they are still Booth and Bones one of the bureaus best crime fighting duos and every other time they are still Booth and Bones, and so much more.

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