Hey I know I haven't updated my other story in F-O-R-E-V-E-R and I feel really bad about it, well for those who didn't say "screw this story" and gave up on me. Don't worry, I would've done that too if it were someone else. The horrible lamest and most used up excuse I have for you is writers block. Yeah, I'm being honest, I have no idea what I want to do with it so I was the only one who knew it was on haitus (jeez I'm not making myself look much better). So instead, this idea that I've had lying around in the back of my mind resurfaced and since my last real story didn't seem too bad to some of you, I decided, what the hell? I'll start writing out this thing. It's not entirely original because there's been a lot of entries like this after it came to mind and I was lk crap, now it lost its originality ring to it, but I want to write it out sometime so I chose to now. Well not literally now, actually about two months ago I started, exams and last minute school cramming got in the way, I picked it up again after it ended, and now I have summer school. I shit you not, I do, even though some of you might remember somewhere waaaaay waaaaaaaay back that I said I took it last year for history and said I was never going to do it again and my friend somehow convinced me because I think I was on some sort of crack. It's hard to believe but I regret this more than history. Why? Because it's accounting, which is like a cram fest with all this info you have to learn and memorize in less than a month, I mean at least in history we basically just do some class work, watch documentories and movies, and write one crappy essay. And since today's my birthday, I felt the need to post at least something up because so far I've had an amazing sweet 16 with the party, presents (I'm getting a guitar tomorrow :D), two FUCKAWESOME concert experiences this month, and my all time favorite band Faber Drive released their new single on my birthday of all days and I've played it a gajillion times. I was planning to post this when I was done but when I tried to finish it before summer school started, I failed miserably. It might be changed slightly later on when I can finish it and get it edited, but I think this will be a huge improvement to my other stories because I'm actually taking my time on this and thinking carefully exactly what I want to happen. It's called Coming Back for More (title might change) so check it out and I hope you like it, and I will TRY to finish this before summer's over so I can just post the chapters a lot quicker. So far I'm on chapter 7 so wish me luck.

Love, lildevil