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Warning: There is mentions of malexmale relationship. If you don't like, don't read. Thank you and have a nice day.


"I don't know about this Greg. I feel like an intruder." Nick sighed as they drove toward Greg's aunt's house.

"Don't worry about it. Everyone will love you. Some may not be comfortable with it, but I could care less. They know, and they deal. You'll be fine." Greg smiled at Nick. The guys eventually stopped in front of a medium-sized colonial. Nick admired the house. It was festively decorated with lights, wreaths, and fresh fallen snow. It was a beautiful sight and Nick was happy Greg had asked him to come with him to Pennsylvania for Christmas with his family. Greg's parents had arrived the day before, but because of work Nick and Greg could not go with them. Nick really liked Greg's parents. Jan and Dave loved Nick and treated him like another son.

"Are you sure your family is going to like me?" Nick pulled at the collar of his black, cable-knit sweater. Greg had told him that it was semi-formal dress for holidays, so Nick was dressed in his sweater, jeans, and dress shoes. Greg wore a pale blue button down shirt, black dockers, and dress shoes. Both gentlemen were laden down with presents for Greg's family.

Greg knocked on the door and was answered with barking coming from inside. Nick and Greg smiled at the noise coming from inside. The wooden door opened to a familiar person. Amanda was holding a dog back as she invited the two men in. Releasing the dog to greet the two, the dog beat her to it. "Jewel, get down! Sorry about that. She loves people. C'mon Jewel, get off Nick." Amanda pulled the dog, Jewel, away from the two men. "Hi guys. How was your trip? You can put the presents under the tree in the living room." Amanda informed them as she hugged both of them.

"Our trip was fine. How have you been? Looks like you've healed up nicely." Greg responded.

"Yep. All better. I get sore every now and then, but otherwise fine. C'mon I want to introduce Nick to everyone." Amanda beamed. Nick gulped nervously as he set the presents down. "Don't sweat it Nick. Everyone's excited to meet you," Mandie assured as she led the boys to the dining room. "Hey, look who finally showed up."

Everyone turned to greet the newcomers. Greg was soon engulfed in hugs by his family. "Nick allow me to introduce you. These are my parents, Kari and Jay, and my sister, Kat." Amanda led Nick around the room. "This is my mom's sister, Annie, we call her Nene. This is her husband, Josh, and their kids, Logan and Corie. This is my mom's brother, Caleb, his wife, Vivian, and his kids, Jana and Alic. This is my grandmum, Jenny, and this is Greg's and my gran, Beth. Last, but not least, you know Greg's parents, Aunt Jan and Uncle Dave." Everyone greeted Nick, some more enthusiastic than others. Nick smiled at the somewhat large family. It reminded him of his own family holidays, only here there was a more relaxed atmosphere.

"So what do you think?" Greg popped up beside him.

Nick wrapped an arm around his boyfriend of 4 months waist. The two watched as Amanda, Kat, and Jana played Disney Scene It with Logan, Corie, and Alic. "Your family is great, Greg. I'm glad I came." The two shared a smile.

"Nick, Greg. Come play with us." Mandie called.

"I want Nick on my team," Logan called. Kat nodded in agreement, since the two were already a team.

"Then we get Greg, cause Corie has Amanda and she doesn't need the extra help." Jana announced as Alic made room for Greg on the floor.

"Alright, let the game begin." Amanda and Corie cheered. The guys smiled as they joined the others.

…And they lived happily every after.

…Well, for real life anyways.

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