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A Serene Rose

Chapter One: Girls Day Out

Serenity Wheeler woke up one Saturday morning, running late, as usual. The one day she hadn't wished to be late for was here at last, and she was running late. She ran a comb through her auburn hair, quickly chose a light blue T-shirt, a pair of blue jean Capri pants, and some white sandals to complete her ensemble for the day. The doorbell rang, forcing Serenity to hasten her preparations.

Mheralo Ishtar only had to ring the doorbell only once before Mrs. Wheeler answered the door. A small petite woman with curly auburn hair, and honey-almond eyes, Mrs. Wheeler said, "You must be here for Serenity. Would you like to come in? My Serenity is always running late. Honestly, I think the way she talks about you and Tea Gardner, she would have been waiting for you instead of it being the other way around." It's okay, "Mrs. Wheeler. I am a little early." Mhera said calmly. "It's a little cold out here, do you mind if I come inside?" "Of course, why don't I just take your coat?" Mhera obliged by handing Mrs. Wheeler her silver blazer, who then hung it on a coat rack by the door. It was a quaint house with a white doorway, and a big foyer that led to the dining room to the left, the living room to the center, and the stairs to the right. "You have a beautiful home." Mhera said. "Thank you, Mhera, right?" "Yes, that is correct, Mrs. Wheeler." "Why don't you go into the living room, and while we wait for Serenity, have some tea?" Mrs. Wheeler suggested. "That would be lovely. Thank you for your hospitality. I really appreciate it." Mhera smiled.

Serenity heard voices downstairs, her mother's and… Could it be? Serenity thought that Tea was going to pick her up. She quickly grabbed her matching light blue purse, before running down the stairs as fast as her legs would allow. She leapt off the bottom step with a dull thud, running into the living room, seeing her other friend. "Hey, Mhera! I'm so sorry that I am late! I haven't seen you in so long!" Serenity leapt on Mhera with a hug. "Don't be sorry, I'm early. Are you ready to go?" Mhera said as clearly as one could when getting the air hugged out of them. "Yep, I'm all ready to go. Is my mom spoiling you?" Serenity's almond eyes beckoned Mhera's violet ones to answer. "No, your mother is not spoiling me." Mhera responded softly.

"What happened to Tea? I thought she was taking me to meet you, not the other way around." Serenity asked her auburn haired companion. "Serenity, Tea is having car trouble." Serenity looked at Mhera, eyes wide with surprise "Again? But I thought she just put it in the shop two weeks ago!" "So did I, but apparently that car is more trouble than it's worth." Mhera said bitterly.

"Are you two going yet?" Mrs. Wheeler asked from the kitchen. "Yes, Mom, we'll be leaving shortly." Serenity called back. The two girls then took note of each other's attire. Mhera wore a dark blue T-shirt, with dark blue jeans, and her black boots, a tan knapsack held loosely in her hand. Serenity was wearing a lighter shade of blue T-shirt and jeans, and the white sandals, the blue purse held tightly in her hand. "Did we arrange this, or is it merely a coincidence?" Mhera asked, trying not to laugh at how things worked out the way they did. "It's a mere coincidence, Mhera." Serenity answered. "Come on, let's go already!" "Alright, we'll go, but please get your coat. Your mom won't let you come with us ever again if you come back with a cold." Serenity just smiled "Mhera, you worry far too much. But I'll get my coat, anyway." Serenity retreated back to her room, and returned carrying her brother's green jacket. Mhera smiled, "Alright, now we can go." As the two teens ran out the door, Mhera thanked Mrs. Wheeler for her hospitality one last time, and grabbed her coat.

They then burst out the door. It wasn't too cold, but there was a nip in the air. Mhera pulled her blazer on, slinging her knapsack over one shoulder. "You'll find out why I asked you to bring the coat shortly." The two ran down as couple of blocks, watching buildings go past view rather quickly. "You might want to put that coat on now, Serenity." Mhera panted "Why, Mhera?" "Because, we're going airborne. You have to trust that I won't let go of you as I take flight. Can you do that, Serenity?" Serenity thrust her hand into Mhera's, gripping it tightly. "You bet." "Alright, on the count of three. One…two…three!"

Serenity felt almost weightless. The ground was getting smaller under her. "Wow, Mhera. Look how high we are!" 'You aren't afraid of heights, are you?" Mhera asked using telepathy, as she was concentrating too much on keeping the two of them airborne. "No." Serenity responded "Then., look down." Serenity did, and it was amazing how the colors mixed beautifully.

After a while Serenity heard Mhera's voice again. "We're coming down, so don't be scared." Serenity only nodded. She felt the gentle descent with pressure returning. Mhera was very careful of the rate of their descent, for it would be crucial to maintain a constant rate, so that the pressure change wouldn't be too drastic. They landed across from a park bench where Tea was sitting, obviously a little frustrated at losing her car to the shop. Tea smiled, blue eyes shining brightly when she saw Serenity with Mhera and that they were both safe. Tea was wearing a light pink shirt with a dark pink skirt with green dress shoes.

The brunette was ecstatic. "Hey, over here!" "Hey Tea." Serenity and Mhera said in unison. They exchanged greetings. "Alright, we planned everything except what we're going to do with today. Any suggestions?" "I'd like to go shopping." Mhera said, but Serenity had a better idea. "Hey, Mhera, I want to see you duel someone." Tea jumped in on the opinion. "Yeah, we never saw you duel." Mhera was reluctant, "Please, no, I can't." "Please, Mhera?" Serenity and Tea asked. Mhera reluctantly agreed to, but not without an inaudible, "Let's just hope this one doesn't go somewhere I can't get myself out of."

They arrived at Kaiba Land, where Mhera paid for all three of them. The three then proceeded to the dueling arenas, where Mhera would find an opponent easily.

Seto Kaiba came to Kaiba Land at least once a week to see whether the dueling arenas attracted any real talent. He was in his office, just below the dueling arena, when he saw the three girls enter. There's Ishtar, I already know that she can duel with a bit of proficiency. There's Gardner, she'll only duel if she has to for her friends. But, what's Wheeler's sister doing here? I would love to see how she would fare against me. Seto Kaiba triggered an innocent trap door right under the trio's feet.

Just as the trio stepped on a tile, it collapsed under them. Mhera could be heard yelling, "Just once I would like to go somewhere without trap doors, secret chambers, or staircases that lead to them!" "You really have a problem with this, don't you Mheralo Ishtar." A loud speaker blared over her head. The speaker system was turned off, and a staircase was revealed.

Seto Kaiba rushed out of the control room, his trench coat flowing behind him. He went to where the trio was sprawled on the floor. Even though Mhera knew it was futile, she wanted to challenge Kaiba to a duel just for triggering the trap door. But before she could even get a word out, Kaiba pointed at Mhera, saying, "Although you would be a worthwhile opponent, it is not you I wish to challenge." He pointed instead to Serenity. "It is her I want to challenge. But I have heard that you have minimal dueling experience, so Mhera, if you would be so kind as to get a decent deck together for her, and meet back at arena one in thirty minutes. I'll be waiting for whatever you give her." Mhera's eyes flashed fury at his apparent insult of her skill. "Don't talk to me, ask Serenity."

"It's fine, Mhera. Don't let him get to you." Serenity then turned to Kaiba. "Thirty minutes it is, then. I'll see you at arena one Seto Kaiba."

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