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Chapter Eleven: A Viscount's Visitation

Rione pulled back his, now proven, unkempt brown hair from his face into a small ponytail. It was his job to guide the male guest of honor through the ceremony, and meaning of the position offered by the Resistance, all be it for ceremonial purposes. Rione wanted to look like he really knew what he was talking about; the fact that he did would be known as soon as he began to tell the guest of honor about the destiny the true holder of the position would have. What he didn't know was that Seto Kaiba had quite a problem accepting the word 'destiny'.

Seto Kaiba sat on the minimally comfortable bed that was nothing compared to his own very expensive, heated, pressure relieving, king-sized bed that he barely slept in as was.

He sat and pondered. There has to be a reason that Ishtar was taken. He had already come up with two possibilities, the less likely of the two involving him; he wanted as little to do with that family as possible. But even so, whoever was behind this had messed with his company; albeit in an abstract way, but kidnapping someone and then tossing them into his new virtual world that still had plot-lines to work out at minimum; was something he would not stand for.

A new thought occurred to him. What if this has nothing to do with Ishtar and she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time? After all, I'm certain it has happened to her before. His eyes then widened at a realization that started to tighten around his mind as a noose would a neck He, Serenity, and the probable unwillingly kidnapped reason they had come in the first place; they were all in danger, of themselves if nothing more.

Seto's designers had placed a guaranteed idea that would ensure the success of the endeavor at Kaiba Land, and perhaps cost phobia-countering counselors several patients. Those who dealt with the common phobias as arachnophobia, and claustrophobia would still have business enough. The player faced the person or thing they feared most, and that was not a good thing…two out of three had fears of undeniably insane individuals.

But the goal of the difficult task has yet to reveal itself. Seto set his chin into his hand resignedly.

"Which is why you must be careful, Monsieur Kaiba." A strong deeply gentle voice said.

Seto's hand immediately dropped to his side as his head whirled around to look for the voice's source. "Who's there? Show yourself, or when I find you, you won't know what hit you."

"As you wish, Monsieur Kaiba." The softly strong voice said. His eyes then watched in complete disbelief as a man with shoulder-length dirty-blond, although it could be argued brown, hair, and blue eyes that lacked the ice of the elder Kaiba's, stared Seto in the face. The man's attire was peculiar as well. An immaculately white long-sleeve shirt, save for a reddish brown spot just below his left shoulder. Also making up his ensemble was a set of pants, ideal for the late nineteenth century, from which an impressive saber hung at his side.

Seto smirked. "Are you supposed to scare me? If so, you're not doing a good job of it."

"I came to warn you, Monsieur Kaiba, of descendants of thieves from the past, dreadful ones, that threaten both you and the lives of those who are here by fate to aid you." The voice calmly stated, urgency laced within his tone. "Now before you tune me out, there is someone who has indeed sworn revenge upon you for events long passed…and revenge upon one linked to the reason you were initially here, revenge upon one who is linked to that Ishtar your thoughts have spoken of."

Seto at least gathered enough information from the man who looked like, the best he could figure-a French viscount- to know the identity of one proposed target of whoever had the nerve to lure him here with the kidnapping. The last name was enough. But the identity of who would want revenge on both he and Marik Ishtar, that was what was eluding the pondering CEO most. That is until he caught sight of a cross, hidden underneath the viscount's clothing. It was similar to one that he had seen in a photograph of an old French estate, reportedly owned by a wealthy family with the surname deChagny, and one that he had caught glimpses of on a certain card shark. Oh, I forgot about Keith; it's odd I usually don't forget anyone who traps my brother or I in a pyramid in a jungle…. I don't easily forgive those who kidnap my little brother.

"You cannot blame the one who aided those you love for their connections, or hold past deeds so grudgingly against them, for if that person blamed did not what they had, things may have ended differently." The viscount murmured.

"You speak from experience then?" Seto asked sharply.

"I'd rather not say." The viscount's voice was almost inaudible.

I'll take that as a yes. Seto smirked.

His thoughts were then interrupted by quick, hard knocks on his door. The CEO opened it to find Rione out in the doorway. What he would give to transform his love for work into a contentment in solitude, or solitude in general. He looked behind him, where the viscount had been standing only a moment before, to find that his visitor had vanished.

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