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Chapter 3- The Lost Member


"Hahahahaha! There's not enough blood yet!" Comix yelled as he ripped off a NeoShadow's head, while he used an Assault Rider's spear to shishkebob several Shadows and Night Walkers.

After Comix obliterated and mutilated several hundred heartless, the rest just fled. Comix was standing in the middle of the gradually disappearing corpses taking deep calming breaths when Xigbar walked up behind him.

"You ok?" He asked Comix.

"I'm fine. Let's get going." Comix stated, his voice emotionless and callous. Comix started walking away from the battlefield, and down the mountain with Xigbar following close behind.


-Outside the capital gates-

As the two members of Organization XIII made it to the capital city, they heard yelling on the inside of the gates.

-Inside the capital gates-

"Damn it! What do you mean you found a member of the Organization out in the snow?" Yelled a gruff, albeit young, voice.

"Riku, please calm down! If you keep yelling at Mulan, she'll just clam up, and we wont find out what we need to know!" Yelled a young female voice.

-Back outside-

"Hey wait a minute, that was that sleepy ninja chick's voice!" Comix blurted out, his normal random exterior returning.

"Uh, I think her name was Yuffie?" Xigbar asked.

"But I wonder...Could the member they found be your missing predecessor?"

"My predecessor? Wait, you mean there was a Number XIV before I was brought in?" Comix asked, now thoroughly confused.

"Yeah, but suspiciously, he vanished on his standard info pick up..." Xigbar replied.

"Hey, now that I think about it, his info was from here!"

Comix sighed.

"You mean to tell me you didn't think to check here?"

Xigbar just shrugged his shoulders.

"Too much going on."

Comix just blinked a few times before running up towards the voices.

"Dude! Where're you going?!" Xigbar asked.

"To go talk to Sleepy Ninja Chick!" Comix replied happily.

However, as Comix opened the doors to the palace, he ran into somebody.

Specifically, this somebody had lavender hair in front of his eyes and going down to his shoulders.

Comix blinked a few times after looking at Riku, then he backed up and pointed at him accusingly.

"Emo Kid!"

He then proceeded to turn chibi and hopped on top of Riku's head, then pulled his mouth into a smile and yelled:

"Cheer up Emo Kid!"

Riku began to twitch fiercely.

He then roared out:

"I, am not, EMO!"

Xigbar ran in, and proceeded to laugh at the display.

Comix blinked and stared down at Riku.

"Lighten up, guy, I was just kidding, ...mostly."

He hopped down and went over to Yuffie, who was still laughing.

"Hi Sleepy Ninja Chick!"

Meanwhile, Riku had stormed over to Xigbar, and pointed at Comix.

"What, or dare I say, WHO, is that?!"

Xigbar chuckled.

"That, is Number XV."

Riku just blinked.

Comix however, turned around and stared at Riku.

"Wait, who is this guy? Is he Emo Kid's white haired alter-emo?"

Riku began to fume once more.

Xigbar however, returned the peace.

"Okay okay, enough with the shits and giggles. You said you found an Organization member?"

Mulan fiercely nodded.

Xigbar's stare was cold and serious, something Comix hadn't seen before.

"Where is he?"

Mulan immediatly turned around.

"Follow me."

Xigbar nodded, and they all followed the young female guard down a series of hallways.

Inside, sat a young figure with an Organization cloak at his side, kneeling on the ground in a chinese warrior training uniform.

"Number XIV!" Xigbar yelled out as he ran over and gave the man a nuggie.

"Jeez, lighten up Xig, I'm not gonna fade that easy." The man replied as he flipped his long black hair, a smile creeping across his face, as his eyes kept a strange purple gleam.

"What in the name of Kingdom Hearts happened to you?! You never returned with the info, and here you are! What happened?!"

"I got ambushed, I'm fine." XIV answered as he sipped some tea.

"Fine?! You've been gone over a month!"

XIV sighed. "Has it already been a month? Hm, I guess I can survive in the cold longer than I thought."

Xigbar just muttered something.

"You are way to overconfident."

XIV shrugged his shoulders.

"What? I should be dead right now, but I'm not."

Xigbar just turned back.

"Exactly how long have you been here, anyway?"

XIV sat in thought for a moment.

"Little over a day."

Xigbar just sighed and left it at that.

XIV got up and bowed to Mulan.

"Thank you, I owe you my life."

Meanwhile, Comix bounced over to the strange XIV.

"Who's this, Captain?"

Xigbar chuckled as XIV looked Comix over.

"I'm guessing he was my replacement?"

"Hardly. He hasn't been here long enough. This is Number XV, Comix."

XIV just stared at Comix for a minute.

"The name is Maragex." He said as he put out a hand to Comix.

"Hm...What to call you...Hm...I'll have to get to know you better first." Comix replied as he shook the hand.


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