The misfits and x-factor and the x-men belong where ever don't sue

bear with me I never used neo office before

What x-factor should not do

"I can't believe this." grumbled Valarie the liaison to the x-factor as she went down the hallway and hung up what looked like a list

A few minutes later members of the team known as x-factor came down the hallway

"Hey whats this?" asked Havok also known as Alex Summers he was the leader of x-factor

"Well let's see what it says." said Jay Guthrie the member known as Icarus for his powers which consisted of giant red wings on his back as the group crowded around

New rules

1.NO MORE SKEET SHOOTING! Havok Starfire this means you

"Kill joy." muttered Havok

"I thought skeet shooting was okay." said Starfire the alien ex teen Titan

2.Please don't brainwash people you don't like and make them run down the hall way looking like idiots. I know it was one of you telapaths

"Those guys did not need to look like it they were idiots." Muttered Esme one of the telepathic quintuplets codenamed five in one "They were idiots."

3.When you guys get mad at someone please don't curse them out in other languages Starfire,

Dust that means you."

"I said I was sorry." said Sooraya the former member of the x-men codenamed Dust "I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"Anyone have a tamarainian dictionary?" asked Phoebe another member of the five in one "I have no clue what Starfire was saying."

4.Please don't try to pick up girls in the middle of a mission, THAT MEANS YOU ICARUS!"

"Hey I can't help it if the ladies love me." grumbled Icarus

"You have been hanging around Starchild too much." Havok groaned referring to Craig starr a member of the misfits

5.Please if you have your relatives come over keep an eye in them."

"This is about what happened with Noriko isn't it?"asked Dust who was referring to hr foster sister who was also a former x-men that used to go by the codename Surge "She said she was sorry for shorting out the t.v it's not here fault that Jay and Alex were having a video game marathon when it happened."

6.The following people are banned from the kitchen:Starfire

"I did not know the food would react like that." Starfire replied in her own defense "How was I going to know it would crawl away."

7. I don't care what you are doing do not invite trinity over and show them the new inventions!

"Sorry." said all five members of five in one at once

B.A's coffee is now banned we still have the lawsuit from when Starfire terrorized senator Kelly while hyped up on it

"Sorry about that." said Starfire "I fixed his roof."

9.Please do not steal my car, I don't care if one of the misfits does it all the time."

"It's not my fault aja taught us that." said Havok referring to the misfit speedster codenamed Lightspeed

10.Please don't prank call Kelly pretending to be god or X'hal

"Kill joy." mumbled Dust

"I know how to take care of this." said Havok as he took the list off the wall "Starfire go long."

Meanwhile in her office

"Why me?"Valarie groaned as she banged her head on the desk "I really need to ask Xaiver on how to get these kids to behave



Starfire I said shoot the paper not the wall." Havok yelled

"Than again maybe not."

the end