Things I did after Watching Signs

1. Immediately after watching the movie, I hastily made myself a tinfoil hat.

2. I boarded up my window, and the only reason my door isn't blocked by planks is 'cause my mom wouldn't let me.

3. I confiscated my little brother's old baby monitor. It is currently on my desk and on at all times.

4. I now keep a fully loaded Super Soaker next to my bed.

5. I run around my house four or five times before I go to bed screaming like a lunatic to scare any lurking extraterrestrials off.

6. I try to find at least one book on aliens every time we go to the library.

7. I emptied the pantry so that if any aliens are foolish enough to enter my house I can lock them in there.

8. I demolished my mom's vegetable garden, lest it attract any of them.

9. I saved up for some heat vision goggles in the hope that they are endothermic. ('Cause you're not always able to see them.)

10. I have 'extraterrestrial invasion drills' on a regular basis, and don't mind when the rest of my family gives me The Look.