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I shuddered under my warm parka as I stepped off the air plane, Forks Washington my own personal hell. Well I wouldn't say hell, my hell is the last six months of my life in Phoenix.

His face flashed in my mind, Andrew Mort, or Drew to his friends and sometimes me. I dropped my brow lifeless hair over my face and tried to concentrate on what I would say to Charlie. This was the first time I have ever lived with him since the divorce. Though Charlie has no idea the real reason I wanted to live here in this dreary town I would soon call home. I needed to get away from him, his piercing blue eyes frightened me to my very core even in my memories.

"Bella!" Charlie called to me taking my bags, he pulled me into an awkward one armed hug. I tried not to wince as he touched my bruises.

"Hi Dad." my voice sounded broken and defeated even to my own ears, maybe he would chalk it up to a long trip? The car ride was long and silent but it suited me just fine, I didn't want to talk. I didn't want him to ask questions about me.

"Renee said you had a boyfriend, you know she didn't like him very much." Charlie said suddenly, maybe Renee put him up to talking to me about it. I shrunk back in my seat a little bit. What the hell am I supposed to say? Oh yeah Dad I did but he was a complete bastard and almost killed me so I'm here running away even though I'm not quite sure I didn't deserve it. No, I couldn't tell him that.

"Yeah, we aren't together anymore though." I said as calmly as I could manage. I wondered if he could hear the hysteria bubbling through. Charlie just looked back to the road and nodded. We didn't talk much the rest of the ride but that wasn't a problem for me. Right before we pulled off the highway into Forks Charlie mentioned he got me a car. For a second guilt crept into my heart, what had I done to deserve the car or even the kindness from Charlie? I pushed the thoughts away and managed to smile, thank him, and ask him a few questions about it.

As we neared the house I could see the red monster of truck that would be my car, I smiled. Its perfect for me, accident proof. I tend to mess up things a lot, and fall a lot. That's part of what bothered Drew, I'm practically disabled I'm so clumsy.

He hated it when I fell in front of people. I grimaced slightly, looking down at the black driveway pavement. I took a deep breath and smiled for Charlie.

"I love it!" I told him, he just smiled and mumbled thanks before taking my bags into the house. I spent another minute admiring the gigantic old truck before I followed him into the house that hadn't changed since I was a baby.

Charlie left me alone to unpack and I couldn't have been more grateful, Renee would have never managed leaving me alone even though our relationship was strained at this point. As I finished unpacking I took a deep breath, but winced. My side still hurt, maybe I fractured a rib or something, I frowned and pulled up my shirt looking at my black and blue side. Bruises littered my ivory skin unpleasantly. I glared at myself in the mirror until I felt my eyelids droop. I lazily got into bed, tomorrow I have my first day at Forks High School where everyone else has known each other for generations. Great, just great.

I woke up groggily not to my warm Phoenix sunshine, but to the wet mist that is the town of Forks. I slowly went through my morning ritual pulling on a pair of jeans and a dark long sleeve shirt to hide my discolored arms.

After choking down a cereal bar and making myself look a little more presentable I slid into the cab of the truck and soon found the High School with little trouble. In the office an old woman sat at a desk.

"Hello, I'm a new student here. My name is Isabella Swan" I said so quietly I wasn't sure she even heard me. She must have though because she welcomed me and handed me things to help me on my first day. I nodded and thanked her as I left.

My heart was pounding a jagged rhythm in my chest and fear shook me to my bones as I walked through the strange buildings. I tried to remind myself that I could do this but it wasn't easy because I don't think I really believed it. I closed my eyes took a deep breath in a hopeless attempt to calm myself, then started towards my first class.

Everyone looked at me, it made for a permanent blush on my cheeks. He also hated that, I shuddered and wrapped my arms around myself wincing slightly at the sharp pain in my side. A boy with jet black hair and acne came up to me after class, my hands shook slightly thank god he didn't seem to notice. Or maybe he just didn't care, I don't know.

"Hello my name is Eric." He said smiling, I shrunk down a little bit and smiled meekly trying to breath properly. Logically I knew he was no where around and wouldn't do anything about me talking to Eric but the fear was basically a conditioned reaction at this point. Eric walked me to my next class, but then my hands were shaking even more so I held on to my books as tightly as I could.

I mostly spaced out in my classes; a girl had two classes with me. She talked a lot so I didn't have too it was nice actually. Another boy came up to me, his blue eyes made me shudder, they reminded me so much of his. The boy, Mike I think, seemed harmless but then again so did Andrew.

By lunch time I was having a hard time breathing normally, it was all too much. Its too new, its too scary I didn't know how much longer I could take it. A little after we sat down I excused myself to go to the bathroom. The girl, Jessica, asked if I needed help finding it but I quickly told her I would be fine just wanting to be away from everyone for at least a moment.

I walked quickly away, the bathroom was easy to find since it was right outside the lunch room. I quickly ran inside it. I splashed my face with a little cold water and gripped the sink tightly closing my eyes and breathing slowly. I opened my eyes after a second or two and let go of the sink.

I glanced in the mirror, but it wasn't me who I saw. It was a girl with deep bags under her eyes and a frazzled, scared look on her face. She looked kind of hollow and all around too thin and her eyes were glassy and lifeless. I shuddered and unconsciously wrapped my arms around myself, holding myself together.

I heard the door open, I looked up in fear. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen gracefully danced through the door. She was small even compared to my measly 5 4", her short black hair shot out from her head at all angles, her face was clean and angular. She looked perfect in every way.

"Are you alright?" She asked quietly, even her voice was perfect and musical. I finally realized she asked me a question. She must see the girl I see in the mirror too, I wanted desperately to explain to this perfect girl that something must be wrong with the mirror because I am not that broken girl staring back at me but... I guess I am.

"Yes." my voice was hollow and ugly compared to hers; I walked quickly out of the bathroom not really feeling any better.

I sat down quietly and tried not to let people notice me, it didn't work of course. I did eventually get to slip out of the conversation and then I glanced around the lunchroom quietly. My gaze landed on five amazingly beautiful people, the pixy girl was one of them. It shocked me to see another girl more beautiful than her.

As I was looking at them, the bronze haired boy turned to look at me. I dropped my gaze immediately out of habit and shielded myself by turning so my hair blocked my view. He would kill me if he saw me looking at another guy, but he isn't here I tried to tell myself. In truth it didn't matter if he was here or not here, I still almost couldn't breath because of the fear.

I had no reason to be so scared, it's really very stupid. I couldn't seem to erase my memories though no matter how hard as I tried it was still his face that I saw when I closed my eyes.

His long brown hair cut to hide some of his face, his jaw muscles flexed in rage under his tanned skin and of course his ocean blue eyes hard as rock glaring at me. I can practically hear him screaming at me now looking at me like I was nothing more than dirt on his shoe.

I looked down studying my uneaten lunch. I tried to concentrate on what everyone was saying, but I couldn't seem too. Finally the bell rang freeing me from everyone and I walked with a shy girl to my next class which was biology. She didn't have the need to fill up the silence with noise and I liked that about her. It might be nice to have a real friend.

The teacher, Mr. Banner, was shuffling around papers when Angela, the nice and quiet girl, lead me over to him. He introduced himself and luckily did not make me introduce myself to the class like my English teacher had. I turned towards the seat Mr. Banner pointed me towards to see the oddly beautiful boy sitting there. I stumbled forward keeping my eyes on the ground and my heart pounded in my chest. I did look up for a second but I should have just kept looking at the ground.

The boy, Edward, the teacher had called him looked at me and our eyes connected. His pitch black eyes contorted in rage and agony, his nostrils flared and his hands gripped the desk tightly. I could feel myself start to sweat and my heart beat rapidly in my chest, I had hoped no one would ever look at me like that again but I almost wasn't even surprised that he did.

I winced and looked down quickly forcing my fear frozen muscles to move forward. I sat down and shifted away from him slouching in my seat trying to make myself as small as possible.

My hands were shacking violently so I clenched them into fists and shoved my fists between my knees that I bounced on my stool. I didn't pay attention in class at all; I only concentrated on breathing normally. I didn't look over at him again out of fear at what I might see.

The bell finally rang freeing me from the torture and the boy got up quickly and basically ran out of the room. I slowly got up and trudged to my last class completly ignoring the blonde haired boy walking with me. Something about my expression must have made him not question me, thank god.

Gym was ok but only because I got to sit out. It would have been terrible if I actually had to participate, but the only good thing was that we can wear what ever we want for gym so I'm free to go with pants and a sweat shirt.

That boy who kept talking to me, Mike I think, was in my gym class though. Fear pulsed through me like blood. I kept looking around, almost expecting him to spring out from behind the bleachers and storm over to pull me away from the other students.

I rushed out of the school as soon as the bell rang and ran to my car not wanted to give anyone the chance to talk to me. I thought I might have seen Angela wave at me in the parking lot but I didn't acknowledge it. At home I decided to make myself useful by cooking dinner for Charlie with the limited supplies in the panty.

Too bad cooking only kept your hands busy though; my mind was all too free to think. I thought about the horrible murderous glare that boy gave me. It reminded me too much of his glare when I did something wrong. I shuddered and the spoon shook in the boiling water full of noodles.

I was starving thanks to not eating lunch today so I ate dinner alone at the old wooden table quickly and washed my plate quickly putting it away quietly. I didn't want to disrupt the silence, I hardly ever got any but maybe living with Charlie would change that.

I was just fixing everything a little when Charlie got home. He grinned as he stepped into the kitchen, I smiled a little but looked away already uncomfortable with the sign of affection.

"Um, I already ate so I'm going to go to my room and do my homework ok?" I mumbled quietly.

"Oh yea sure Bells" he said as he slumped into the chair. I walked slowly up the stairs so nothing really hurt. I pulled my hair up into a lose pony tail and threw on sweat pants and a baggy T-shirt.

I frowned when I saw a purple bruise on my right arm. I desperately hoped that when the bruises disappear so will my past but it was a useless hope. I can't change the past; I really should just deal with what happened and get over it. Easier said than done.

With that thought I buried myself in my homework, making sure to complete it one hundred percent correctly. I could have been done sooner but I just didn't want to be.

My dreams that night were terrible. I was sitting alone in a room, then he came in screaming at me about something. I tried to apologize, but he didn't seem to care. He never cared about apologies, nothing I could ever say would make it better or make me a better girlfriend.

Tears welled up in my eyes as he neared me, he was blind with rage. People suddenly appeared, they were shaking their heads at me and saying things like "Bella you should have been better." or "Bella when will you learn you stupid, stupid girl?"

I begged them to stop, and screamed "I'm sorry" hundreds of times but not once did I see anything but disappointment on their faces.

I jolted upright in bed, tears still fresh in my eyes and a sheen of sweat on my forehead. I carefully curled up in a ball and let the tears leak silently out of my eyes. The looks of disappointment and disgust haunted me because they were all too realistic.

The clock on my nightstand glowed 5:45, I might as well get up for school today. I sighed and wiped away my tears. Today is another painfully frightening day, but that's just how life for me is isn't it. Yes, I silently answered myself that's just how it is.

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