Title: My Brother, Myself

Author: Jade Pilot

Characters: Ben Skywalker, OC, L/M

Genre: Drama AU

Summary: Ben is the head of the Jedi High Council, his younger brother has been found convicted of Treason and crimes against humanity. His sentence: execution.

"Good morning, Grand Master."

"Good morning, Mr. Reed," said Ben, as he removed his lightsaber and placed it on the table. "How was your evening?"

"Fine, sir. He was very quiet last night…no singing or any of his usual banter." The security guard picked up the lightsaber and placed it into the metal locker, closing the door, he engaged the voice locking system.

"Good, I'm glad to hear it," said Ben taking three steps forward and raising his hands out to his side.

The guard patted him down and then stepped back as he activated the room's scanning device. All necessary procedures, Ben thought with a sigh, allowing the guard to perform his duties. He had to admire Mr. Reed. Not many people were given the opportunity to search, let alone touch, the head of the Jedi High Council. But he always did it with a great amount of respect and professionalism. Not once had Ben ever felt degraded or abused. He estimated his age to be around forty standard years, but noticed that he was the kind of man who appeared ageless.

Ben reached out with the Force again to determine if there was any Force sensitivity in the man. Again, he felt nothing. Just a gracious man doing his job to the best of his ability…no, it was more than that. Mr. Reed treated prisoners with the same respect that he treated everyone. Ben was grateful that his brother had been interned in Mr. Reed's cell block—grateful that the head guard set the tone for the rest of his men in this high security area. Thank the Force for small favors…

"Right this way, sir," said the guard, unlocking the door and allowing Ben to walk through first.

This was the hardest part. A few more steps and he would feel the bubble press against his temples. It always made him dizzy for a moment, sometimes even to the point where he'd have to stop and lean against the wall to get his bearings. Ben took a breath and stepped forward, feeling the walls close in on him as the air seemed to rip his senses from his body. He gasped and froze for a moment, fighting the panic that welled up. Unable to draw on the Force to calm himself, he tried to breathe deeply allowing his body to acclimate to the sudden loss. His father had once likened it to losing your sight and hearing at the same time. Ben shuddered. To live like this would be punishment enough for him. He felt his knees begin to buckle and reached out hoping to find the wall. The vertigo sensation stopped, as he adapted to his sudden loss of the Force.

He opened his eyes to see Mr. Reed holding him securely as if it was something he did every day. Ben swallowed. "T-Thank you, Mr. Reed."

"Of course, sir." He removed his arms slowly and headed down the rest of the narrow hallway, his face pleasantly neutral as always.

Ben followed, becoming more and more accustomed to his lack of sensation as he walked toward the door at the end of the hall. He knew it had to be this way, the place laden with ysalamiri. It was the only way to keep a Force sensitive individual from escaping. Still…it seemed to border on cruel. He kept his eyes focused ahead knowing that behind these dull gray walls were hundreds of the small furry salamander-like creatures. Ben idly wondered if prison officials had had to import them for their current prisoner of if they'd had them all along. Either way, it was disconcerting.

They approached the last door together. Ben took a step back to allow Mr. Reed some room. The guard placed his hand palm side down on the scanning device and waited. The familiar tone sounded as the door opened towards them.

"I'll just be a moment, sir," said the guard. He stepped through the door, closing it behind him with a click.

Ben knew that he was being observed by a dozen monitors as he waited to go in. He stood motionless thinking back to the conjunction that had brought him to this moment. He was so weary of these thoughts, always leading to the same conclusion; Knowing there was no restitution that could be made to end this nightmare. He heard the door open and looked up.

"I've put a chair next to the cell for you as usual, Grand Master." Mr. Reed held the door open wide. "You may go in now, sir."

Ben nodded and walked pass the man responsible for keeping his brother from escaping. He paused a moment and extended his hand. "Thank you, Mr. Reed. For all you've done."

Mr. Reed simply smiled and shook his hand. "You're welcome, sir." He then closed the door and locked it.

It always took Ben by surprise…the cell that they kept his younger brother in. No bars or restraining devices, just thick clear walls of what looked to be transparisteel. There were air holes along the sides. He had a mattress of sorts on the floor and a small facility to refresh himself. Ben winced, they keep him like an animal. Of course that was what many were calling him now. He would never get used to seeing his brother like this and the ambivalent feelings the scene elicited from him. He entered the room that housed the three meter square cell and caught the eye of his sibling. …

to be continued.