Almost Like a Fairytale.

Yuki had known, from the instant that Honda-san asked his stupid older brother to make the costume, that in the end, he was going to want to kill Ayame. He just hadn't realized how slowly he was going to kill him.

The gown was utterly and absolutely ridiculous,with enough lace and silk and ribbons – purple ones, to go with his eyes, according to the idiotic snake – enough for at least two more gowns, the skirts wide and heavy. Yuki sighed and glared at his reflection. His reflection was wearing a wig with ringlets, hundreds and hundreds of them that bounced every time he moved.

If the cat made one single noise, he'd kill him too. With a spoon.

There was a knock on the door and Yuki started counting to a million. Charity, he thought, shouldn't involve so much public humiliation. Because of course his stupid brother was out there, and Shigure, and Momiji, and Hatsuharu, and the stupid cat, and Honda-san, and there were going to be pictures and --

"Yuki-san!" Honda-san gasped, amazed and Yuki bemoaned his misfortune in silence. "You look wonderful!"

"Thank you for your kind words," he started, because it wasn't Honda-san's fault, after all. He turned towards her to try and smile to her but then he stared and gaped. "Honda-san?!"

The girl, dressed as Prince Charming, smiled softly, her vest of a matching purple to go with his gown, white tights and knee-high boots, her hair held on a low ponytail, even a sword resting on her side. Honda-san blinked and looked at her and she gave a gentle laugh.

"I thought that if you weren't the only one, it wouldn't be as embarrassing, so I asked Ayame-san for a matching costume." Then she hesitated, blushing a little and looking at him from wide, dubious eyes. "It's okay, right? Yuki-san?"

Yuki closed his mouth and nodded before he started to bow, only to remember to instead do a curtsy with the dress. Honda-san giggled but she bowed then, offering a hand to him.

"Shall we?"

"Thank you," Yuki agreed, squeezing just once Honda-san's fingers as she opened the door for him, an exchange of how things usually were. Honda-san was beaming, the boots barely making her a few inches taller but still, before coming out of the place, Yuki allowed himself a smile.

Perhaps he wouldn't kill Ayame yet.