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'Six years…' Haruno Sakura silently mused as she sat across the room from the object of her thoughts. Uchiha Sasuke… the lone survivor of the Uchiha Clan massacre, the great Uchiha avenger, and all around jerk.

She tucked one arm under the other as she sipped on her sake. She watched as Naruto bounced around merrily, attempting to lighten the mood. Nothing could lighten her mood now. That stupid Uchiha left her heart-broken six years ago, it'd take more than a massive battle and a pathetic apology to calm her nerves.

What did she want from him? Friendship? Trust? No, she just wanted to be left alone. After he left Konoha she made a point to become stronger. She was now one of the best Kunoichi that Konoha ever gave birth to. She trained with the Fifth Hokage, became anbu captain at age 16, grew her hair out again, and was probably the most popular female in Konoha.

She raised a fine eyebrow as the said Uchiha made eye contact with her. Sakura quickly averted her emerald eyes to a more interesting sight, namely Naruto who was singing (or howling) at the top of his lungs.

She smiled "Naruto…" he never changed. He would always make her smile.

Her eyes narrowed at Sasuke once more. After thinking over her past she silently swore to never try to become romantically involved with Uchiha Sasuke. Little did she know, that oath would soon be broken.

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