Hi, yeah I normally don't do announcements but I figured that posting this is the only way to contact aaaallllllll of you. I do apologize if anyone was expecting an extra chapter.

-clears throat- Okay first off, I decided to do a sequel to Wait I'm Marrying Who? It will not be the same. There is no dramatic plot; it's pretty much a look into Sasuke and Sakura's life as parents and how their relationship develops (there some drama). Why? Because it's never Happily ever after, that's why. The story is called… um… 'The things I do for love'. It was originally gonna be called something different but I figured that it'd be another quote like the first one. It's gonna be shorter, about 11 chapters maybe but lots of fun. It'll be coming out between today and tomorrow so keep an eye out.

'All My Life' comes out today as well so check it out. I'll post the second chapter when I get time. I also am working on another AU which will be a NaruHina (I decided that I really like this pairing and want to try it). Before you brush it off keep in mind that I do not do the 'usual'.

Ummm besides that I'm going to try to stick to fics in the Naruto World since those are lots of fun. I'll probably start my next one in a month or two.

-phew- that's it. I just figured I'd let out all know at once rather than scan through the reviews and write replies. I have dial up so I have to stick with whatever is cheapest. Anywayzers, I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have an even better New Year. I know I'm going to spend my New Year watching the Pucca Marathon and eating a salad. Dance Pucca Dance!

The one and only, Nikki