After several hours of training, Hinata sat down panting. She grabbed a water bottle and drank the whole thing as Naruto fell on the ground. He looked over at Hinata and asked, "H-Hinata…can you toss…me a water b-bottle?"

"H-here N-Naruto-kun." Hinata walked over and sat down beside him with his water. Naruto slowly sat up and took off his metal mesh, since he had removed his jacket prior to this. Hinata blushed as she looked at Naruto's six pack, then remembering what Kurenai had said, she pulled of her long sleeve shirt to reveal a low cut tank top Kurenai had picked out. Naruto couldn't help but stare at how developed Hinata had become in her chest area over the years as Hinata ran a hand through her short indigo hair.

"Uh Hinata, do you want to get a bite with me? I'm starving." Naruto rubbed his stomach but didn't take his eyes off of her.

"Sure, I'm kind of hungry too." Hinata stood up and gathered her belongings along with Naruto. They walked to the Ramen Bar and placed their things outside as they took up two seats. The couple ordered the same item as they did the day previous and talked about missions they had been on when they were younger. Naruto talked about his mission with the fat cat lady and Hinata talked about one were squad 8 had to dress up as clowns for sick children. Both laughed after the stories were told and continued to talk into the night. However, they were not alone, for once again, hiding in the bushes was Kurenai along with Asuma.

"So why'd you drag me along again?" Asuma asked.

"Shh! Be quiet! I'm trying to listen." Kurenai hissed.

"I had a great time with you Hinata." Naruto smiled at a still laughing Hinata.

"Yes, I had a good time too. Thanks for treating me to ramen again." Hinata blushed as the two walked alone together from the bar.

"C'mon, they're leaving!" Kurenai grabbed Asuma's arm and pulled him after the walking couple.

"Troublesome woman." Asuma lit up a cigarette.

"Do you still live at the Hyuga mansion?" Naruto asked casually. "I can walk you there if you want."

"But it's way past your apartment. We can stop off at your place first. Plus I don't want my father to see us like this, not that it's a bad thing that we're together." Hinata smiled nervously as she tried to explain the situation. When Naruto heard about Hinata's father he got a sudden picture of Haishi accompanied by Neji, beating him to a pulp. Naruto quickly got rid of this and struck up another conversation with Hinata. They walked for a long time unaware of the two Jounin who were following them.

Soon Naruto and Hinata where standing at his door while Kurenai and Asuma where crouched down in some nearby bushes. In the process of hiding, Kurenai had accidentally pushed and sat on top of Asuma. Naruto pulled out his house keys and unlocked the door.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" Naruto asked before opening the door.

"What?" Hinata was a little taken back.

"Would you like to go on a date with me, tomorrow?" Naruto asked nervously. Hinata paused to take in his words fully.

"Of course I would." Hinata smiled at Naruto who sighed in relief. Then he pushed the door open slightly and gazed into Hinata's eyes. He quickly leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Blushing and rubbing the back of his head, Naruto said, "Sorry, I just-" Naruto couldn't finish before Hinata pulled him close to her and passionately kissed him. Shocked at first, Naruto wrapped his arms around Hinata and pressed her body tightly against his. Naruto was a little surprised at how passionate Hinata was as she pushed him against the door. Hinata ran her hands through Naruto's hair as he ran his hands over her thighs. Naruto struggled a little with getting his door shut since he didn't want to break the kiss. After finally getting the door shut, Naruto press up against Hinata and began to feel every inch of her body with his. When he did, Hinata pulled Naruto into the middle of the living room by his jacket. He responded by guiding her to his bedroom as he removed their articles of clothing seductively.

"So, can we go now?" Asuma blew smoke out as he stood up. "I don't want to watch teenagers getting laid if I can't."

"Alright, alright! We can go." Kurenai stood up and dusted herself off. "I'm proud."

"Of what?" Asuma asked as they walked down the road.

"Hinata is finally with Naruto and they looked so happy together. I'm glad she broke away from her shy nature." Kurenai smiled.

"I remember some one else who was shy around guys." Asuma said as he cupped Kurenai's chin.

"Oh shut up! I don't know what you're talking about." Kurenai pushed Asuma softly while he chuckled. Then he put his arm around her and they walked to his house.

Naruto lay on his back with a pillow behind his head. Hinata lay beside him on the bed and rested her head on Naruto's bare chest. Both were breathing quickly and had smiles on their faces. Naruto ran his hand down Hinata's bare back and stopped at her thigh. While he did this, Hinata rubbed her leg gently against Naruto's and he let out a soft moan. Then looking over at Hinata, Naruto sighed "You're hair makes you look so sexy when it's short. Just the way your bangs fall in front of your beautiful face." Naruto kept his left hand on Hinata's thigh as he stroked her hair with his right.

"You're so strong and perfect…and," Hinata looked up at Naruto.

"And what?"

"I love you."

"Me too, Hinata, me too." Naruto lifted Hinata's head and kissed her.

The End

Hoped you enjoyed my little fic. Tell me what you thought about it and how I can improve my writing skills.