Shinigami no Shinobi

(Death god's ninja)

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"Nooo, I can't die now, there is too much too do." a blonde haired ninja with a leaf head band said as he had been engulfed in a destructive wave of fire.

Naruto felt every inch of his body vanishing in the destructive flame, Naruto couldn't do anything about it. He was too exhausted from his fight with the last of the Akatsuki too escape. His heart slowed and finally stopped, with the force of a bullet his spirit was split from his charring body. He looked different from when he was alive running for his life. He had a dark black t-shirt on, nothing special about that. His panst were jus a set of dark black jeans, which was weird because he always wears a bright orange jumpsuit, but these pants were okay. His face had his usual whisker birth marks, he had bright blue eyes, under a mop of bright yellow hair. Nothing special, the only weird thing was different was that there was a chain coming out of his chest. He was surrounded by the flames, but they weren't hurting him.

"Well that is interesting," Naruto said completely startled at what death is like. A butterfly appeared in front of Naruto, which was confusing too him because there was still a raging inferno around him.

"Soul identified, Reitsu is off the Charts, Shinigami training will begin, immediately," A deep voice came out from behind Naruto. Naruto spun around too find a white haired boy in a dark uniform Naruto couldn't really identify, and a white cloak with the Japanese Kanji for ten in a diamond on it's back.

"Um, excuse me," Naruto said uncharacteristically polite, because he was freaked out with being dead.

"It is too dangerous too talk right here and now, but is there anything you would like too do in this world." The boy said holding a large katana Naruto didn't notice before.

"NO, not really anything I can do as a spirit. The last Akatsuki just committed kamikaze too kill me, I got Sasuke back too the village and in allegiance with Konaha after helping him kill Itachi, and Kabuto is dead. Anything else I wanted too do, I can't do it now I am dead. My dream is something I can't complete now," Naruto said.

"Ok, I am going too send you to Seretei, (The court of pure souls)" The white haired boy said raising his katana.

"Will it hurt?" Naruto asked scared.

"No it is faster and easier then falling too sleep," The white haired boy said waking Naruto with the butt of his sword. "I will meet you there,"

Naruto began too glow and turned into a butterfly like he saw before, sending him skyward.

(In Seretei)

Naruto appeared in front of a large castle like structure.

"Nice isn't it," The white haired boy said.

"yeah, it is, who are you," Naruto asked, "You, never said."

"I am a shinigami," The boy said "My name is Hitsugaya Toshiro, Call me Hitsugaya taichyo.

"Taichyo, Captain, Shinigami, Death gods? What do shinigami do?" Naruto asked.

"Shinigami have two responsibilities, one is to send spirits or wholes too soul society and the second is too Purify and destroy Hallows," Toushirou said, and anticipating Naruto's next question, "Hollows are souls that had been eaten by a Hollow, They are masked beasts that attack and eat souls too create more hollows."

Naruto nodded and then asked another question "What is Reietsu, I heard you talk too somebody about it back in the Living world."

"huuuh, Naruto there is a lot too explain, but I will say this you will have too go too the Shinigami academy, it will be fast and you will be a full fledged Shinigami your self. They will explain what reitsu is.

With that Toushirou rushed Naruto too the Shinigami Academy, which looked like the Hokage's tower back in Konoha.

(Reitsu is the energy shinigami use, it is like Chakra in the Naruto universe,)

Chapter One


Naruto's memories of the Shinigami academy were a blur of joy. He had friends, the classes were entertaining, he doesn't have too make a fool of himself too get attention, and nobody wanted him dead. His friends were a variegated bunch, his closest friend was his roommate Matsumoto Rangiku an attractive Brunette. She had a very kind face and a body that any guy would die too see, with similar blue eyes too Naruto's. (Shinigami seemed too have no problem putting girls and boys together in a dorm) Naruto and Rangiku became very good friends during there time at the Academy, they had few secrets from each other and was completely comfortable around each other.

Then there was also Abarai Renji, a class mate of his, he had a lot of weird lighting shaped tatoos on his entire body, and red hair bound into a ponytail. He was a bit obnoxious, but so was Naruto. He was about Naruto's size and strength. They trained together too get stronger, both their sword play is very impressive.

Kusajika Yachiru was another friend of his that was completely childish in every aspect, with bright pink hair , a cute face, and a body the size of about a ten year old. she is a very fun person too hang around. Naruto could completely enjoy her childish antics without getting annoyed, which is really impressive.

Last, but not least was Kuchiki Rukia, adopted into the Kuchiki noble clan, she was proud and strict, with black hair falling down too her upper back. Naruto was always competing with Rukia in all their classes, and only a couple of times Naruto is able too best her.

Everybody in the Shinigami Academy was dressed in the same black Shinigami uniform.

His classes were all interesting, with practice of Kido (demonic art. Shinigami version of Jutsu), Zanpakto use and control (The swords all shinigami used. This is an extension of ones soul, all shinigami are trained too meditate so they know themselves as well as they should. Zanpakto are extracted from the shinigami's soul in a very painful process.), and much more. Naruto was a adept at everything, and he was second best at everything. The best person was always, except in combat training was Rukia.

Naruto always wants too be the best, so having somebody above him, no matter how annoying too him was the best motivation. This all took five years, and today was Naruto's last day as a student, and the day he became a Shinigami, it also happened too be the day he had died. Naruto looked different from when he looked like in life (Reitsu allows you too change your appearance if you are a shinigami without a body.) Naruto's hair was longer framing his face, he was about five feet nine inches tall, a good five inches taller then he was in life. He looked a lot like the Yondiamen (Fourth Hokage), except for his whisker birth mark.

There was only one hurdle left, The last test. Naruto was totally excited about the last test. He knew that this last test was a field test, and he could best anybody at destroying hollows, even Rukia who can beat everyone else.

All of the Shinigami students stood in rows as there instructor stood up and faced the prospective Shinigami. "Good morning all of you, if you are here, you are too perform one final test, too prove you belong in the Gotei thirteen."

(The Gotei thirteen are the thirteen different divisions of Seretei. Each division has a different specialty. 13 is the police force, 12 is development of technology, 11 is pure strength, 10 is balance of kido and zanpakto, 9 is sensory weapons, 8 is Kido and tactics, 7 is strength and skill, 6 is for nobility or people with great honor, 5 is general defense and distance weapons, 4 is healing and support, 3 is unique fighting styles, 2 is assassination and greatest skill, 1 is strongest of all and general overview off all the divisions.)

"You will be accompanied by one member of the Gotei from 5 seat too Captain class. And I feel sorry for those paired with a captain and I can grantee that you will be returning too the academy for another five years." With that depressing statement, He began reading names and their partners. Naruto only heard his friends name in the dull blabber of the instructor. Matsumoto Rangiku with Ayasegawa Yumichika.

"Good, she is going too pass no problem," Naruto thought too himself. As he heard Abarai Renji with Hinamori Momo.

"Damn that one is going too be tough for Renji," and he was interrupted again with Kusajika Yachiru with Hisagi Shuuhei.

"That is going too be no problem for Yachiru," and he heard another name Kuchiki Rukia with Ikkanzaka Jiroubo.

"Rukia could beat that fat bozo, no way she is going too fail." and the name he was waiting for.

Naruto with Soi Fong Taichyo…. "Oh you have got too be kidding me, I got paired with the Ice Queen," All of Naruto's friends were looking at him with nervous looks in there faces.

"Find your partners and go down too earth quickly and pass of fail," the instructor said. "Grab your Zanpakto's on your way out."

(Shinigami in training were not allowed too carry their Zanbakto's with them unless it was training,)

Naruto Grabbed his Zanpakto (calling it a sword is an insult), He could have slept on the flat of the blade if he wanted too, but Naruto only wanted it too be a reasonable size, but his control over his zanpakto is impossible because of the amount of retsu he has and transfers too it, it was about half its with when Naruto was done with it. Naruto's handle was a dark red and black contrast. The hand guard was a spiral of gold, it was quite beautiful too look at.

"So there you are," Soi Fong said walking up too Naruto with mild interest in her face. " We better get started,"

Naruto grimaced, but always seemed too notice that she acts nicer too him in general compared too other people, in the few times he had contact with the second division captain.

"Sure Soi Fong Taichyo," Naruto said, and walked too the transport gate with the captain walking right behind him.

"Where are we going Taichyo," Naruto asked Soi Fong at the gate. "We are going too a town called San Fransisco, we have sensed a Hollow's presence there for some time, be we are unaware of its strength."

"Yes Taichyo," Naruto said as they both walked through a dark path, getting too the world and he instantly saw a bright orange red bridge. "Where is the Hallow, Taichyo?"

"It is in a sort of arena, too the south." Soi Fong Pointed at a large Baseball field. Both of them landed on the pitchers mound looking for the hallow.

Naruto started too pump out enough energy too attract any hollow in the general area. Naruto got a response immediately, a large hollow, about the size of a truck landed in front of him. The Hollow's masked looked like a clowns mask with sharp fangs protruding from it. The thing looked like a giant worm, with six arms coming out on each side. Each arm was carrying what looked like a pitchers bat. The giant worm hollow roared and charged at Naruto with great speed.

Naruto didn't say a word, all he did was dodge the hollow, wanting too see what its strength and speed was. Naruto was disappointed with its speed, him once being a ninja.

Soi Fong looked at some gear she took out of her pocket. She read the hollow's stats. This hollow is known as Seigen Suri, it is an A class hollow, This Hollow's special ability that completely paralyzes an opponent with any contact with it's limbs. 'this is well beyond the abilities of a Shinigami student. I doubt that a third seat could beat this Hollow, I should step in. If I step in he will instantly fail, but he is doing okay right now, if he gets in trouble I will help him,'

"This is so annoying, it is faster then I thought a hollow with that build would have, but it is still slow," Naruto said aloud too himself. Naruto drew his Zanpakto too block one of the Hollow's bats. He raised his left palm yelling " god of fire, beast that guards the gate, flame that consumes, release you fury, feel your pain, destructive art 22 Yellow Blaze," Naruto yelled and a yellow flame appeared in his hand, spraying the Hollow, scorching the worm Hollows three arms. 'damn, I thought that it would do a little more damage it more.' Naruto thought too himself. Naruto slashed off one of the arms that he had scorched, the Hollow turned quickly and hit Naruto with its' undamaged arms, smacking his left leg.

Naruto was sent spinning strait into a wall. Naruto tried too get up, but his left leg couldn't move. "what is going on," Naruto said quiet enough not too let Soi Fong miss it.

'looks like he is in trouble, I better step in…' Soi Fong was distracted by Naruto, who got up raising his left hand again and he was chanting as the worm charged out him. " blaze of the Infernal flame, come and disintegrate my enemies, come consume your meal, destructive art 33 Fire Shot," Naruto shot a flame at the mask of the Hollows. This didn't do anything too the Hollow, but Naruto didn't intend it too destroy the hollow. He wanted it as a distraction. Naruto boosted himself with his un hurt right leg, with his Zanpakto raised and severed the untouched arms. Naruto caught himself standing on his right leg alone, Naruto jumped with his only working leg landing on top of the Hollow. Naruto slashed a couple of times before he had too jump off the Hollow.

"Wow you are going too get really annoying." Naruto said unhappily, he knew that if he had Soi Fong waiting too long, she would destroy the Hollow out of shear boredom.

The worm made a charge too attack Naruto, Naruto raised his Zanpakto and slashed again at the Hollow, scratching the Hollows mask. And Naruto was smacked in the right leg again by an arm, that was badly damaged Naruto's his yellow flame. Naruto was sent spiraling, this time landing flat of his face. Naruto put his Zanpakto back in it sheath idea of how too destroy the Hollow. He forced more reitsu into both his hands and he started too chant. "god of fire, beast that guards the gate, flame that consumes, release you fury, feel your pain, destructive art 22 Yellow Blaze," Naruto held a yellow flame in his left hand, "blaze of the Infernal flame, come and disintegrate my enemies, come consume your meal, destructive art 33 Fire Shot," a red flame held in his right hand. He launched both attacks and both of them fused together too make an orange flame wave. The Hollow disintegrated with the flames only leaving cinders and a couple of embers on the field. Naruto collapsed, still not able too move his legs.

"Wow, impressive, I read in that hollow's report, that it will stun your entire body with a touch," Soi Fong said impressed with the Shinigami.

"It does, I suppressed the effects by forcing my reitsu into the parts of my body that didn't get paralyzed." Naruto said, "I could only do that for about a minute, before the paralysis takes complete control. The power of the Hollow should ware off any second since it has been destroyed. Sorry for the inconvenience Soi Fong Taichyo." Naruto said standing up slowly.

"We will go back too Seretei now," Soifong waved a hand and a gate appeared at her command.

(Back in Seretei, in a captains meeting.)

"We have received reports on all the people that have passed their exams, and there proficiency." General Yama said (First division captain)."Most are quite easy too place, we are at the last five. Kuchiki Rukia, at the request of Kuchiki Byakuya will be placed in thirteenth division. Abarai Renji will be placed in sixth division. Kusajika Yachiru will be placed in the eleventh division at the request of Zaraki Kenpachi. Matsumoto Rangiku will be placed in tenth, as she is practically made for that division. Now, here is the problem, Uzumaki Naruto."

"What is the problem Yama-dono?" Byakuya (sixth division captain) asked with regal reserve.

"He is extremely skilled, but he doesn't fit in most of the divisions." Yama said. "Thirteenth is too general for Naruto, and he is far overqualified just too be sent out like a pawn in safety."

Ukitake Jyuushiro (captain of the Thirteenth division) looked disappointed.

"He has no skill in technology and probably would just be exploited as a test subject in the twelfth division,"

Kurotshuchi Mayuri(captain of the twelfth division.) disappointed that he had a test subject taken away from him.

"He uses too much Kido too fit in the eleventh division,"

Kenpachi (Captain of the eleventh division) looked disappointed too lose another sparring target.

"Tenth division is too mellow too accept his energy well, and He uses his Zanpakto too carelessly too be put in the ninth division,"

Toshirou ( Tenth division captain) looked a different direction in an 'I don't care' fashion. Ninth division captain was missing from the proceedings.

"Eighth division is also a bad fit, he doesn't only use Kido, Seventh would be awkward for Naruto too adjust too well their style."

Both captains were not there at the time, one was incapacitated by sake, the other was on assignment.

"He is too informal too work in the sixth division, and he is close combat so fifth doesn't work either. He has no skill at healing, so fourth is out,"

Byakuya nodded silently, Aizen wasn't paying attention. Unohana Retsu was looking disappointed looking at the child's face in his profile.

"He is too direct for the third division. Second division would be an okay fit, he is kind of energetic and noisy though, but that is up too Soi Fong Taichyo too allow. And my division, he is too inexperienced too do well," Yama finally ended.

"Yama-dono, I wish for him too be in my division," too every ones surprise Soi Fong announced quickly.

"Are you sure, he is a fire cracker, he may be… disruptive too your division." Yama said with a grimace on his face.

"Yes I am sure," Soi Fong said nodding.

"Fine, unless somebody has a reason for this not too happen," Yama waited for a second. " Fine Naruto will be in the Second division."

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