Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

By Criminally Charmed

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Chapter One – Nothing is ever as simple as it seems

"Alan! Gordon!" Virgil Tracy yelled out to his two youngest brothers. As the two young men ran up to their middle brother, he pointed to the top deck of the sinking ferry. "I need you two to check the upper deck. Kate has gone to make sure the lower deck is all clear."

Alan nodded, but Gordon asked before he left, "Virg, do we know what is causing the ferry to sink?"

Virgil shook his head. "No, but we don't have time to worry about that right now. There were two hundred people on board and they were lucky that we were returning from that forest fire in the South of France anyhow. Now, hurry and get to the top deck."

Watching as his younger brothers run off, Virgil couldn't help but shake the dark feeling that was overwhelming him. "Field to Thunderbird Two, can you read me?"

Tin-Tin's voice came from the giant green monolith hovering above the ferry currently lurched to one side in Atlantic off the French coastline. "I read you Thunderbirds. I ferried the last group of passengers to the shore. Do we have the all-clear yet?"

"One minute Thunderbird Two. Thunderbird One, how are you eyes?"

Jeff Tracy's voice came from the big blue rocket poised above the scene. "Field, I can see a few people left on the top deck. We need to get them out of there. Scott is still on the rescue platform. Thunderbird Two, swing him straight to the top deck, let's get the last of the people off and get out of here."

"Confirmed, Commander; I sent Alan and Gordon to the top deck to make sure the deck was clear. They can get those people and we can wrap this up. I don't know about you guys, but I would love to get back to base."

Jeff chuckled lightly. Two rescues, one after another like this, were unusual. And easy rescues like these had been were even more unusual. In all honesty, International Rescue was actually overkill for this rescue, a ferry slowly sinking in the Atlantic off of Calais. But with the Summer Olympics about to open in Calais, local fire and rescue were stretched to their limit. And while the adrenaline loving Tracys found their lives in International Rescue a source of constant challenges, since his sons had also become fathers, Jeff found that they loved heading home to their children just as much. In addition to Scott's two sons, Jason and DJ, there was John's daughter Elizabeth, as well as Virgil's four-month-old son, Michael. (Sarah joked it was their version of Michelangelo – at least, Jeff assumed she was joking.)

Currently, Sarah was manning command and control back at base, as well as helping Onaha with the four little ones. While Michael and DJ were simply a matter of feedings and diaper changes, and Jeff's only granddaughter was happiest with a picture book and a quiet spot, Jason was quite another story. Jeff smiled smugly at the thought of his firstborn's firstborn. There was a boy guaranteed to give his parents grey hairs. Kate and Scott were welcome to it; Jeff had done his share – it was time for him to be the doting grandpa, not the disciplinarian.

Alan Tracy looked over at his closest-in-age brother Gordon. Gordy was now twenty-six, five years older than Alan's twenty-one. International Rescue had been fairly busy this summer. The youngest Tracy son shook his head, chuckling lightly. "What," asked Gordon "is so funny about a sinking ferry?"

Alan was still laughing. "Oh, it seems like when Tin and I go back to college each vacation, people always ask what we do on vacation. I wonder how any of them would react if we could tell them?"

Gordon shrugged. "You can say you took a brief trip to France during the Summer Olympics, that you took a quick cruise and saw some real hot sights."

Shaking his head, the blonde began his quick patrol of the upper level. "Bad, Copper Top, real bad."

The two youngest Tracy began to move to where they saw a young chestnut haired woman trying to pull three children, no more than seven or eight years in age, from where they had hidden themselves under some tarps. Hearing the approaching footsteps, the woman looked up and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Smiling at the children, two boys and a little girl, the woman softly said, "Regardez, les enfants, le Thunderbirds sont ici. Vous êtes sûr maintenant. Ils aideront à vous obtenir à la sûreté, veuillez sortir." (Look, children, the Thunderbirds are here. You are safe now. They will help get you to safety, please come out.) Turning back to the two men were surprised when she said in perfect English, "They are scared. I have been trying to convince them to come out so we can leave."

"Are they your brothers and sister?" Gordon asked.

Shaking her head, soft caramel colored curls falling about her slim face, the woman responded. "No, some of us agreed to escort some children from the French foster care system on a say trip. This was the last ferry heading back."

"Where are your friends?" Alan asked.

A bitter set to her mouth, the woman responded. "They made sure they were some of the first people to get off the ferry. I have been making sure the children all got off. These three are the last ones." Touching the faces of the children who had come out to see the Thunderbirds, she shook her head again. "No one should let a child be hurt. No one should let a child be scared. Children should be safe, children should be protected." Standing up, she smiled at the children, "Venir enfants, la Thunderbirds vont nous obtenir à la sûreté." (Come children, the Thunderbirds are going to get us to safety.)

With each young adult taking the hand of a child, they led the children to the safety of the hovering rescue platform. Handing the children carefully to the oldest Tracy son, Scott spoke softly to the children, wishing that his brother John were here. The second Tracy brother spoke several languages, French among them. While they had translating programs on the Thunderbirds, only John could comfortably speak and understand several languages with ease. Then the young woman again began speaking to the children, comforting them in their native tongue as Scott secured the gate behind the woman. Addressing his two youngest brothers, the Field Commander told them,"Get the others, we need to get off soon."

Even as Scott spoke these words, their attention was drawn to the lower level. Scott's wife Kate was running out of the lowest level of the ferry, yelling into her headset. "We need to get out of here now!"

From Thunderbird One, the Tracys could hear their father ask, "Kate, what is it?"

"This wasn't just an accident. The explosion in the engine room was a bomb. The typical use of this in terrorist acts is usually in tandem. There is a very high risk of a second device." Kate, a former FBI agent, kept in touch with people in the intelligence field. She was more than aware that terrorists had been threatening to use bombs to disrupt the Olympics, and that the particular group that was most prominent in the threats frequently did use the tandem bombs, with one causing a disaster, then the second attacking rescuers.

But even as Kate finished her explanation and she began to move with Virgil towards the stairs, an explosion rocked the ferry once more. Scott had his hands full trying to hold tight to the three frightened children and could only watch in horror at the results of the blast sent Alan flying down the stairs knocking over Kate and Virgil before landing in a still heap. It took a moment for Scott to realize that Gordon had also become airborne, careening limply over the railing of the ferry into the water below. With the three children clinging desperately to him, the older brother could not go after Gordon and Virgil, Kate and Alan were either unconscious or unaware of the blasts devastating results.

Suddenly, before anyone else could respond, the young woman on the platform kicked off her shoes, stood on the edge of the railing and dove into the water. Tense moments passed, while Kate and Virgil began to carry an insensible Alan up the stairs. Even as they handed the twenty-one-year-old to his oldest brother, Scott heard his father saying, "Scott, what's going on? Are you alright?"

"Dad, Alan is unconscious, I think Virgil and Kate are alright," his wife and brother nodded at him, "and one of the rescued is in the water with Gordy."

Kate and Virgil looked at each other, horrified. How could they have missed that? Just as the two made to head into the water themselves, the woman broke through the waves below, clutching Gordon in one arm as she used the other arm to stay afloat. Jumping onto the rescue platform, Kate took over with the children from her husband while Virgil lowered the platform closer to the water. Once they were close enough, Scott carefully laid Alan down and leaned over the platform's edge, pulling first his unconscious brother and then the unexpected savior onto the platform.

Jeff Tracy found himself shaking in the seat of Thunderbird One. Two of his sons were nearly killed. There were times he wondered if it was all worth it. But watching the monitor of Thunderbird Two, seeing Kate put a blanket around the young woman who had first disregarded her own safety for three children she had never seen before and then had dove into the churning waters to pull Gordon from danger, Jeff knew that for all the evil in the world, the good could still triumph.

Virgil had taken over the controls of Thunderbird Two from Tin-Tin. He knew the young woman would want to be back in the med bay, watching over her injured husband. Alan had woken up shortly after they laid him on the gurney. Gordon was still out of it. His helmet had taken the worst of the blow and no water had gotten into his lungs but he was still unconscious. The main pilot of Two was anxious to drop the woman and children off on the shore so that he could hurry his two youngest brothers back to the safety of Tracy Island. Virgil would not be happy until the two injured Thunderbirds were safe in the infirmary under Emily's eagle eye.

Scott Tracy watched from around a curtained-off area of the med bay as his wife and the young woman calmed the three French children. Turning back to his brothers, he smiled at Alan who in turn seemed to be offering as much comfort to his wife as Tin-Tin was giving to him. Hearing a groan from their red-headed brother, Scott was quickly at Gordon's side. "Scott? What the hell happened?"

A grimace spreading over his face, Scott nodded tightly. "I don't know Gordy. But I damn well am gonna find out. And God have mercy on those responsible, because I will have none."

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