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Just a little background on how I modified the timeline for my own twisted purposes.Sebastian doesn't leave for London until after the first game (which is not against Cornwall). He's agreed to let Vi pretend to be him, since she'll be for covering his musical butt while he's playing rock star. Sebastian comes to talk to his sister the night Olivia kisses him, and gets mixed up in the game the next day. Vi doesn't break down and reveal herself yet. Duke is still pissed 'Sebastian' stole his girl. You have your own imagination on how the carnival went with both twins there. I'm pretty sure how our favorite heroine will end up, but it's a surprise for now. And yea, of course, I don't own She's the Man, just wish I did.

An after-game bonfire was exactly her chance to talk to Sebastian. Making the final goal of the first home game win had made Sebastian impossible to get alone all afternoon. Constantly there were students congratulating him and even more aggravating were the girls who kept asking for his number. Five unsuccessful attempts at conversation finally convinced Olivia to be patient. The opportunity would present itself. So, when she heard about the bonfire she couldn't wait to go. She spent the majority of the day waiting for the sun to sink below the horizon. After-game bonfires never start before sunset.

Stepping out of her roommate's glossy yellow Eclipse, she does a slow three-sixty looking for that adorable smile. Behind her, other equally shiny and brand-new looking vehicles pull up, spilling forth their loads of laughing and intoxicated teenagers into the dark woods. She ignores these, knowing the team would already be there, and turns her gaze toward the direction of Lake Illyria. Between the trees she can see shadows of fellow students, some dragging loads of wood to throw onto the growing fire, others using the nippy weather as an excuse to cuddle. Watching the sparks rise into the air, Olivia lets a shy smile cross her face, remembering the shocked look on Sebastian's face when she had kissed him. That kiss had been amazing, but he wasn't nearly as soft as his skin looked. Once again, she looks down at her hands, the ones that had caressed his face and pouts a bit at the deception.


"Wha?" Startled out her daydream, Olivia looks up to see an irritated Julia.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to look for Sebastian?"

"Oh, of course. I guess I'm a little nervous."

Julia rolls her eyes, grabbing Olivia by the hand. "Oh? Could this be because he's the only guy who's ever turned you down?" She pulls her lovesick friend along, continuing to tease her. "I still don't get what you see in him. He's so small. He's almost girly, and . . . "

"Cute and thoughtful and sensitive and warm and . . ."

"Ugh. Fine. So, what are you going to say to him? After all, he kept telling Duke there's nothing between you two. And he told you you're not his type. If he hadn't dropped his pants at that game, I'd say maybe he really is Viola."

"Julia! Don't even think that. I just have to talk with him. Let him tell me what that kiss meant to him, alone, without his jealous roommate hanging around."

"But Duke's so hott. Great smile, rippling muscles, his tight ass. Sebastian . . . "

Stopping abruptly, Olivia glares viciously at her roommate. "Has so much more to offer."

Not letting a little death stare intimidate her, she finishes her thought. "In a dress would look like his sister."

"Julia Thompson, you are supposed to be my best friend."

Hands up in defeat. Julia just shakes her head. "OK, ok. I get it, Liv. Now, instead of trying to kill me with your death rays, maybe you should go look for him."

With pursed lips and tightly clenched fists, Olivia considers strangling the girl in front of her. Before she can convince herself not to, she is patted on the shoulder and Julia walks away. For a few moments, she can only stand shaking in silent anger. A growl-like groan escapes her throat. He does not look that much like his sister! Well, maybe their hair and great fashion sense. Oh, and those amazing green eyes. And they're both in great shape, tight and toned and . . . NO! Stop. Boy. Girl. Totally unalike. I have to find Sebastian and talk to him about that kiss. Now where is he? Resolved to stop thinking and find her would-be love, she pivots on her heel to begin her search. So engrossed with concentrating about how unalike the twins are she fails to notice the tree root her foot is tangled in.


"Whoa there, don't recommend face planting in the mud."

Barely a foot above the ground where a warm set of arms holds her, Olivia can smell the moist earth. As her rescuer eases her up she clings tightly, taking several deep breaths to steady herself.

"You okay?"

Well, guess I didn't have to look far. She manages to look up and smiles into a pair of familiar eyes. "Yes. Thanks, Sebastian."

"Um, Viola."


"I'm not Sebastian."

Only now does she notice the long silky hair, mascara, low-cut shirt, and cleavage. "Oh my god." Viola? Not Sebastian? But she sounded just like him! Wrenching away from Viola's support and with that foot still firmly tangled with the root she begins the downward journey again. Despite the sudden absurd thrashing Viola maintains her grip, pulling the blonde back into her steady embrace.

"Olivia, what the hell are you doing? Let's try getting you untangled before you try moving again, huh? Hold onto my shoulder. I'll free your helpless foot." While the very female twin squats down, Olivia keeps a firm grip on her shoulder not wanting another embarrassing trip. So they sound similar. People mistake me for my mother all the time on the phone. "How's that? Didn't sprain your ankle or anything?" Now back at eye level, Viola looks at the blonde expectantly.

Testing her weight on said ankle, Olivia shakes her head and releases her grip. "Thanks, um, Viola. Hey, have you seen your brother yet? I need to talk to him."

"No, I just got here myself. What do ya need to talk with him about? Is it about what happened at the game?"

"Actually no. Something else." Embarrassed, she looks down. "Scared me a little, though, when Headmaster Gold accused him of being you."

A nervous chuckle forces itself from Viola's throat. "Yea. Funny. He definitely proved his, uh, manhood though. Now that is something I didn't need to see."

You're right. I didn't either. "He didn't need to do that to prove himself to me." Again, that small smile pulls at the edge of her lips. Even in the dim light the dreamy look across her face is quite visible.

"Awkward! Leaving now."

"If you see him before I do, tell him I need to talk to him please."

"Right. Later." As quickly as she can without running, Viola scurries away looking for the real Sebastian.

Putting enough distance between herself and sweet, if misguided Olivia, Vi is free to agonize over her own problems. Crap. I dunno if I can keep this up until the Cornwall game in another two weeks. At least I got Mom and Dad to let me stay to try. Now that is a four-hour argument I have no wish to repeat. I've never seen Mom that particular shade of red before. Heh, all she wants is a little girl who wears dresses. Instead, she got me. A cross-dressing tomboy who wants to play rough with a dirty ball. That stupid debutante thing tomorrow is going to kill me. Well, I suppose it's fair. I have to wear ruffles in exchange for the chance to beat that jackoff coach and Justin at their own game. Ergh, but how am I going to reveal who I really am and still get that chance? When I do tell everyone what's really going on, are they going to understand? Will Duke or Olivia be able to forgive me? Ergh! Come on Vi, stop thinking about that. Find some silver lining in this. Uh, Sebastian still loves me. Ha, he's leaving for England tomorrow, he better.

So deep in thought she fails to notice her own twin now standing in front of her. "Hey, Vi. What's up?"

"Sebastian!" She squeaks loudly enough to earn a few glances from around the fire. Lowering her voice and dragging her brother a little way from the others she asks, "Enjoying being a hero?"

"Heck yea. Even if it's for your outstanding soccer skills. Just think, the crowds in London will be fawning over my music like they love you here." Usually playing up her hard-worked-for soccer prowess would bring at least a little smile, but his efforts received only a frown.

"At least for now. Have you noticed the mess I've gotten into in just the two weeks I've been here? Not only does the guy I like totally think I'm a douche, stealing the girl he likes, kissing her; but that same girl has a really, I mean huge, crush on me. Mom and dad totally freaked out when I explained where I've been all this time. After the Cornwall game, I'm pretty sure everyone at Illyria is going to hate me! They might even hate you because of me, I'm just ruining everyone's life."

"Whoa there. I thought you wanted inconspicious while you're here tonight." He lays a comforting hand on his sister's shoulder only to find her trembling. "Vi, you're shivering."

"I can't h-help mys-self, I'm sooo sc-aared."

"Come ere, you." Gently Sebastian pulls the distraught girl to him. "It'll all turn out okay, sis, I promise." Contrary to popular belief he had seen her cry many, many times over the years. This time, however, shook him a little. Viola didn't cry in public. She would scream or glare angrily, occasionally a tear might escape, but never sobs out in the open for anyone to see. Yet here she is, sobbing and shaking with dozens of other people just feet away. In fact, he could see quite a few watching the little spectacle in the dancing light of the bonfire. One of them he recognizes as the beautiful woman that had kissed him and recited his lyrics in his ear. She is so hott. With that thought, a huge smile plasters itself across his face.