Welcome back students of Hogwarts! I hope you have had an absolutely fabulous summer holiday! As much as we hate to do it, it's time to hang up our string bikinis and Chanel sunglasses and take yet another trip to Diagon Alley, because this is going to be a long year.

In other news, the ever gorgeous L was spotted walking around Diagon Alley in a pale gold sundress, Ray Ban aviators, and silver sandals. But the best part of her outfit was the mysterious blonde hottie who seemed to be acting very affectionately with her. Does Lily have a new beau? Where did he come from? And how will her not-so-secret admirer J take this news?

Speaking of J, this messy-haired maurader was seen practically buying out all of Zonkos with partners in crime S, R, and P. No surprise there. Hopefully the back-to-school prank they are planning this year won't be too destructive.

Anyway, just a little spice of drama to kick off our year. I can almost smell the scandal! Can't wait to see you all in you new clothes and tans!

You Know You Love Me,

Gossip Girl.