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The PRISM Predicament

Chapter 1 - On The Trail

The young couple, after a long drive, got back to the dorms of Vassar. After entering Kim's dorm room, Ron simply threw himself on the sofa where his hairless companion had been flipping through channels and eating through a bag of chips all day. "Rufus, living the good life while we're stuck studying! You lucky dog," Ron said, giving him an playful one-knuckle noogie.

Kim smiled watching the two roughhouse and laugh, it was sweet in their own way. Kim made her way into the bedroom and to her computer. Things seem to have slowed down recently, she didn't get as many big missions as she did before. Maybe Team Go had taken up some of their slack. If that was the case, Kim could focus more on her school work. As she started a new document, her screen blinked out. "Hey! Isn't this kind of thing suppose to happen when you're done writing your paper?"

The screen showed a fuzzy scramble for a moment or so before becoming a picture of Global Justice's commander, Dr. Betty Director. "Good afternoon, Ms. Possible. Hope college life has been treating you well," she said in a dry but pleasant tone.

Kim sighed; she didn't have anything against GJ, just their methods of communication. "Dr. Director, can't this wait?"

"I'm sorry Miss Possible, I just felt it was only fair to give you an update on the TiamaCorp operation."

Kim sat there stunned for a moment and slowly leaned in, looking around her monitor. "Okay... I don't have a mic for this thing. How are you hearing me?"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that right now. Anyway, for the update. We were very close to securing an air tight case against TiamaCorp until a recent turn of events has forced us to alter our strategy."

"Turn of events? What happened?"

"Just one hour ago, eight members of the TiamaCorp board of directors have transferred their entire share of stocks to the company's founder, Duane Tiamat. I think they became aware of our investigation and decided to pull out. Since we can never officially disclose to the public our methods, Global Justice can no longer indite any of those eight men along with TiamaCorp unless we can discover evidence of their direct involvement with technology theft. However, that seems unlikely. This Dr. Tiamat, as he calls himself, though we can't find any record of him ever obtaining a doctorate, seems to be the man in charge of all company operations. We're assuming the others were simply for financial backing and legal defense."

"Okay, so you can't nail the money men but it sounds like you can still get the real thief in all this. I'm assuming he's the one that stole the cellular rejuvenator from DNAmy, right?"

"Yes he is, or, rather people directly under his employment. We've also tracked every TiamaCorp patent ever made. All of them are under his name and, interestingly enough, all of them have been claimed to be the creation of other scientific minds."

"How has he been able to get away with that?"

"That's what we'd like to know. Legally, TiamaCorp couldn't be touched by these victims before. It's as if Tiamat was stealing their ideas and copyrighting them before they even had a chance to write them down."

"Any chance of him being some kind of closet-case super brain?"

"Doubtful, the only institute of higher learning he ever attended was a community college in Go City. He dropped out his second year, leaving behind some horrific grades."

"So he's a dumb but brilliant mastermind. Yeah, that makes sense."

"We were trying to get some incriminating evidence from his home in Colorado but he's been blocking us, the entire place was secured. But, our problem now isn't mounting evidence against Tiamat, it's finding him."

Kim suddenly became interested again. "He skipped town?"

"We sent a... covert fact finding team to his home but all we found was a knocked over desk and some dead ends. Every computer in there was wiped clean; he rigged them with powerful magnets."

"Ugh, I hate it when they do that. So besides leaving you with some expensive paper weights, did he leave any clues?"

"Yes, something I hope you will help us with."

"Well, that sounds familiar."

"Nothing too complicated but the bulk of my agents are working double shifts now to find Tiamat and keep TiamaCorp stable."

"Wait, why do you want to keep TiamaCorp stable?"

"Tiamat has abandoned the entire corporation. He flushed all the money he could get his hands into an encrypted account and left the whole thing to sink. I doubt he did it as some grand plan but TiamaCorp employs a lot of innocent civilians and has become a pillar in the economic community. If it tumbles, we'll be looking at a global wide panic. We're just quietly but surely returning the legal patents to their rightful inventors and trying very carefully to keep TiamaCorp operating normally until it can be transferred safely to some other company without causing a market crash."

"Ouch, sounds rough. So what is it you want me to do?"

"During this sudden spike in activity, we've confirmed a TiamaCorp helicopter entering and leaving Townsend, Montana. We're not sure why they made a stop there but right now, I'd like to get any kind of information that might help us find Tiamat."

"Do you think he might be plotting something? I mean; abandoning his own company, wiping out all his files, getting that kind of cash. It doesn't sit right with me."

"Me either, Ms. Possible. Be sure to stay on your toes."

"I will. By the way, what does this all mean for DNAmy? She is still under GJ protection, isn't she?"

"Oh, Dr. Hall, yes. Nothing seems to indicate that she's in any further danger from TiamaCorp or it's former board members so we'll be releasing her shortly and restoring her home and personal laboratory to it's original condition."

"That's pretty generous, especially since her lab work usually breaks the law of man and nature."

"It was... part of a deal we made. We'd restore for her what TiamaCorp damaged if she agreed not to splice my parakeet."

"She tried to splice your bird?"

"Tired and succeeded. She combined him with a hamster. We had to take the rejuvenator out of protective storage in order to reverse the process."

"Ouch, sorry to hear. Well, I'll just call Wade to set up a ride and-"

"Already taken care of Ms. Possible. A transport should be arriving outside your dormitory shortly."

Ron and Rufus were lounging on the couch watching retro cartoon reruns until they both noticed the room becoming dark. They both looked behind them to the window but saw nothing. After they turned back to the television until the entire room started shaking, making the two scream and cry "earthquake". Kim raced out hearing the commotion and threw a change of clothes at her panicking boyfriend. "It's just GJ, Ron. Get dressed, we're on a mission."

Across the sea and several stories high in a private building; Tiamat, his assistant, and a number of his hired goons stood around a large cylindrical chamber as electricity hummed and loose panels vibrated wildly. The goons stood there, unsure of why they were even present other than their own paychecks. His assistant, however, dressed like an uptight librarian with a grey vest, a long sleeve white dress shirt, knee long black skirt, and flat soled shoes, only conveyed her usual cold and unemotional expression while observing the event. But Tiamat watched the chamber with almost salivating anticipation. Behind the glass of the chamber, he could see the formation of shapes, slowly molding into something that appeared to be human. Then, a siren sounded and steam spewed out of the chamber as it began to depressurize. Tiamat threw his hands up in the air. "Success!" he cried out. "The first step to Project PRISM and the very first member of my unstoppable army! Come to me, my obedient slave!" The door of the chamber slowly pushed open and as the steam cleared, Shego stepped out into the light, though something was off about her. "Yes! The first of many Shego clones!"

His assistant studied the clone closely and tried to gain her boss's attention. "Dr. Tiamat, this Shego-"

"Is perfect! All of her skill, her intensity, and best of all, her power! She's-"

"Sir!" she interrupted. "She's grey!"

Tiamat waved off her observation. "Just a minor... defect in the process, yes, that's all. Show her, my pet. Show how truly Shego you are!" The clone gave a vicious grin and raised her hand, as if it ignite it with fiery energy. Unfortunately for the clone, all she could do was cause her own hand to explode into chunks of green syntho-plasm and scream in pain. Tiamat slammed his hands down on the control console and gritted his teeth in anger. "Cherry! Disposal!" His assistant quickly responded to her employer's command. Taking a Japanese short sword mounted on the wall behind her, she approached in agonizing Shego clone and lopped her head off in one quick swipe. The clone quickly congealed into a mass of green goo just as the head landed on the floor. "Who is the scientist in charge of this cloning?"

Cherry, while wiping the blade clean with a handkerchief from her vest pocket, answered plainly. "Dr. Reynard Roux, he is in charge of supervillain technology and that form of cloning was derived from a method used by Dr. Drakken."

Tiamat stormed away from the console and made his way to the exit while shouting. "I want him in my office right now! I will not tolerate this failure!"

Sherry nodded and slipped on an earpiece headset that was connected to the PA system. "Attention, research department. Will Dr. Reynard Roux please report to Dr. Tiamat's office in testing labs immediately. That is all."

Tiamat waited in his office with two of his henchmen standing guard outside, his chair was turned away from the door as Roux made his way in. Roux tried to remain calm, assuring himself that he can walk away from this with no problem if he could find a way to pass off blame to an assistant. Tiamat slowly spun his chair around, caressing the yellow stone of his necklace with his thumb and index finger. "No, Dr. Roux, you will tell me exactly what I want to hear... one way or the other. And it would be in your best interest you don't force me to use 'the other'."

Roux cringed, it was that power of insight that made Tiamat such a powerful man. "Of course, Dr. Tiamat. I would never dream of deceiving you."

"Just tell me one thing. Why did my Shego clone explode when she tried to use her ability? And remember, honesty should be your only policy."

Roux loosened his collar a bit, feeling the pressure. "Exploded? When she used her ability?"

"Yes, exploded. The opposite of what I wanted her to do."

"Yes... well, was there... any other problem with it?"

Tiamat growled with impatience. "That's a big enough problem, I'd say!" he shouted. Dr. Roux tensed but Tiamat then had a realization. "Oh wait... Sherry said it looked grey."

Roux tried to calm down before speaking again. "Grey? Well that is interesting. But I believe I know what happened to the clone."

"Well, don't keep me in suspense. What happened?"

"It exploded because she could not recreate Shego's ability to generate energy through her hands."

Tiamat took a deep breath and almost buried his nails into the arm of his chair. "Yes, I noticed that. I noticed that because it exploded right in front of me but I want to know why!"

"Sir, please calm down. The reason the clone could not recreate Shego's ability is because the ability is not part of Shego's original genetic structure."

This slowly calmed Tiamat's disposition. "Go on... continue."

"Yes... well since the powers of Team Go originated from a meteorite that fell from space, the particular DNA sequence that's encoded with her ability is extraterrestrial. Drakken's cloning method can't replicate it because it can't recognize it. We can try some other methods but the likelihood of finding one that can successfully recreate Shego and her projectile-energy ability are dim and would take months, even years."

"So all that time and money spent on collecting Shego's DNA scraps were just a waste?"

"Unfortunately... yes. And unless we had more time, I don't see how we'd be able to find a way to clone her perfectly, let alone the rest of Team Go, without more knowledge on how their abilities actually work."

Tiamat leaned back in his chair and took deep breaths, trying to remain calm. "So it's over before it started. All because their damn powers can't be cloned..."

"Actually... Dr. Tiamat, there is a possibility. You only need Team Go's powers, right? So why not take their powers instead of cloning them?" Tiamat looked back at the doctor with a perplexed expression. "Well, I know it seems unusual but wasn't there an arch-nemesis of Team Go that captured their powers in a scepter?"

Tiamat returned to his upright seating position and pondered about what Dr. Roux was getting at. "Take their powers... store them in a scepter. Yes... that can work... and I think I know who you're talking about. It must be... yes, Aviarius, that nut with bird-based gimmick. Yes, I'll just do what he did! Brilliant, I am such a great genius!" Before Roux could say anything on the contrary, Tiamat grasped the stone of his necklace and closed his eyes. "Leave me, I must focus now." Dr. Roux quickly complied and Tiamat lurched over his desk and focused all his will. Soon, he would get what is needed to achieve his plans.

In Go City, five familiar family members in color coordinated jump-suits gathered just outside of a warehouse by the docks. Sheila, having been team leader and the new source of the team's focus, stood in front of the massive aluminum door, strategizing. Her sons watched her and waited, still not fully comfortable seeing Shego, a Shego that wasn't their sister, wearing white instead of green, a decision Sheila made to represent her lack of superpower and an acknowledgment to her skunk stripe hair. It still felt somewhat bizarre but she had built them back up as an effective team, they would just have to get used to it. "Well boys, this is defiantly the place," Sheila stated. "But something just doesn't sit right with me. A warehouse is more a... chop shop or a supervillain lair, not a hideout for a thief."

Hego scratched his head and approached his mother. "I don't see why not. Plenty of room, nice and secluded, not to mention a lot of places to hide their ill-gotten gains."

Mego interrupted. "Why would they want to hide it? If the cops showed up, you'd be running around all over the place trying to remember where you stashed your diamonds."

The twins Wego thought for a moment and chimed in. "Unless they were hiding it to come back for it later," Wego Wesley commented. "Yeah, like they had to make a quick get away and wanted their stolen goods to be safe from the police." Wego Winston added.

Mego turned to them. "Then why not just put it all in one big safe and hide it instead of a lot of different hiding spots?"

Hego now turned to the rest of his brothers to answer the question. "Well if the cops found the safe, they could easily take it back downtown to have it cracked."

Sheila, having grown tired of these antics, turned to her boys and snapped her fingers repetitively. "Boys, keep focused. My point is that thieves don't usually use warehouses as hideouts, especially by the docks where your options of escape routes are severely limited. And, not to mention, anyone who just happens to see you, oh, like a coast guard or dock security, come and go from a place like this will get a little suspicious. I'm saying this might be a trap."

Her boys returned their attention to her and Hego hammered his fist onto his cupped hand as a heroic gesture of determination. "You're right mom... ugh, I mean, Shego, sorry. This might be a trap, a very cunning tr-"

Sheila waved her hand in the air, trying to get his attention. "Yes, Hego, a trap, let's stay on task shall we? I don't think there's that much to worry about so I figure you and me bust in and take point while Mego and Wego spread out and cover us. If there is just one guy in there, we'll just flank him and be done before we know it."

Hego stepped forward and used his strength to knock down the door in a single punch, following after Sheila as they rushed straight forward. Mego and Wego took their more tactical route by keeping their heads down and circled to either side. Sheila saw the thief in the center of the room and charged at him. Without warning, she delivered a devastating right hook across the back of the thief's head which, unfortunately, knocked it off his shoulders. Hego slowed down and watched as the head rolled across the floor. "Mother! You killed him!"

Sheila grabbed the body and looked at the severed neck, noticing the wires and sparks. "It's a robot, it IS a trap!"

As the other three members of the team approached from their flanking position, they were suddenly enclosed by all sides as metal walls jutted up from the ground. Before they could act, the floor underneath them gave way, sending the five sliding and screaming down a shaft. They soon landed at the bottom, along with the remains of the robotic dummy. The walls retracted into the floor and someone stepped toward the fallen heroes, picking up the severed head of the dummy. "I hope our little surprise hasn't been too inconvenient for you, Team Go."

Sheila pulled her upper body up by her forearms and looked up to see a woman in a blue jump suit wearing an eye patch. "Great, we've been duped by pirates."

Their host glared at Sheila for that comment. "I am very sensitive about my eye and would thank you not to mock my disability."

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have sucked us down some giant chute like that."

"Unpleasant but necessary. We here in Global Justice pride ourselves in being discrete and this seemed the ideal method of gathering you all here."

The team slowly rose to their feet and looked around, all but Sheila who kept her attention dead set on Dr. Director. "Global Justice? Never heard of you and so far I don't like you. So why should we bother listening to you?"

"Because you all are heroes and heroes don't pass up an opportunity to protect the people and uphold justice."

Hego's attention peaked and he stepped forward. "What are you getting at? What kind of trouble needs our help?"

Dr. Director looked at Hego and smiled politely. "Hego, yes, our data said you would be the most likely member of your team to uphold heroism as a priority. Well, here's your chance to do it globally; we need you to go to Okinawa and investigate the TiamaCorp research facility. Our resources are stretched thin and your abilities might prove most effective for the task."

"I still don't... completely... understand what you need us for."

"I need you because that facility houses stolen and potentially dangerous technology. Normally, if the situation was different, a simple three-man crew could handle the assignment easily. However, I have a wanted criminal on the loose, a teetering international corporation threatening to punch a hole in the global market to keep balanced, and that facility may be where the aforementioned criminal might be using as a hideout. If it is, I can't risk sending a skeleton crew to infiltrate it, but, a team of super powered heroes would make quick work of him. If he's not there, your powers can still be useful in destroying the technology stored there."

Hego stroked his chin, trying to make sense of the situation. "So you need us to enter a research facility to apprehend a criminal, if he's there, and destroy the stolen technology. Well, it sounds alright, except that part about us destroying technology. Couldn't we just return it to their owners?"

Wego both nodded to each other. "Yeah, it seems the honest thing to do is to return the tech to whoever it rightfully belongs to," one of them said.

"Well, yeah, but what if it's not that simple? What if the crook pulled off some kind of copyright loophole and he legally owns it? Destroying it might actually be the more honest thing to do then, not to mention it would make sure that the technology would never fall into the wrong hands again," Mego theorized.

Sheila snapped her head around to the boys. "Hego, stop acting like a fifty's style comic book hero, Wego stop encouraging your older brother's bravado, and Mego, can you for two seconds try not to snatch up everyone's attention. You're all forgetting that we were forced down here to do a job that might just tarnish our newly remade image as Go City's protectors. We're leaving right now so, Hego, go make us an exit," she commanded, walking toward then past Dr. Director without even an acknowledging glance.

Director smirked to herself and tossed the robotic head from one hand to the other. "Well, it's unfortunate but I can always rely on someone else. Kim Possible is already investigating a lead in Montana for us but I'm sure she can check the Okinawa facility afterward."

Sheila stopped in her tracks while Hego sighed, feeling compelled to follow his mother's orders. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Ms..."

"Doctor, actually, Dr. Director."

"Yes, Dr. Director. I'm sorry but as Shego said-"

"We'd love to," Sheila blurted. She couldn't see the expressions of surprise her sons were giving her but she was glad they couldn't see the red in her own expression. "Come on boys, we're going to Okinawa."

A small group of people gathered near the edge of Townsend as they heard the whir of the engines of the Global Justice transport, just as it was making it's descent. Kim and Ron hopped out the side of the transport, Kim landing on her feet, Ron landing on his ass with a grunt. The sheriff made his way through the crowd, his hands placed on his belt. "What's going on here?" he asked.

Kim patted the dust off the legs of her pants before coming up to him. "I'm Kim Possible and he's Ron Stoppable, maybe you've heard of us? We're here to assist a legal investigation; we heard people connected to TiamaCorp were in this town earlier today," she stated. "If you have any information about it, we'd love to hear it."

Sheriff Eastwood's expression froze for a moment before he shook his head clear. "Oh, well maybe we should step into my office and get comfy before we start talking."

Kim followed the sheriff, mindful of all the onlookers. She smiled awkwardly and gave a shy wave, never really feeling comfortable being observed by so many people, even if she was an international icon. It was probably just the way they were staring at her, she assured herself. Ron followed but was more open with the onlookers, giving out quick hellos and assuring that they has the situation in control, trying give himself an inflated sense of importance. Once inside the sheriff's office, Westwood sat himself behind his desk and gave out a deep breath, his frame alone was a dead giveaway to his poor dietary practice, the exhalation just a product of the fact. Kim chose to continue standing, placing a hand on his desk. "So, about those TiamaCorp visitors you had."

Westwood looked down, Kim could see the shame creeping into his expression. "Yeah, they were here. Came in on a helicopter to pick up something."

"What were they picking up?" Kim asked. Ron finally slipped through the door to the office, having delayed his own entrance by conversing with the crowd outside.

"Miss Possible... I'm real sorry to admit this... but they bribed me... bribed every law man in this state but I'm the one that took their dirty money."

"That's a very serious violation of ethics, Sheriff Eastwood. I might have to report this to the proper authorities but I would like to know why they bribed you."

"They bribed me to keep an eye out for a particular person... someone they suspected to be in the area. Now... I don't usually busy myself with knowing people who don't live in my town but, as a lawman, the person they were looking... let's just say I've heard the name before."


He took a deep breath, more from guilt than the bad condition he let his body get into. "Shego... they wanted Shego."

Kim stepped back a step, stunned hearing that. "Did you just say... they wanted Shego?"

He nodded somberly. "Yeah... well, they wanted anything from her- her DNA. She's been a most wanted criminal for so long, I didn't see a problem helping them out... as long as their money was real at least."

Kim stormed to his side of the desk. Grabbing the sheriff's chair, she spun him toward herself and forced him to look her in the face. "Why did they want Shego's DNA? Where did they take it?"

Eastwood tried to look away but Kim's forceful hand insisted he showed his shame. "I don't know... and I don't know why I did it either to be honest. She was a crook, sure, but I didn't even know it was her until she stood up for us."

"Stood up for you? What was she doing here?"

"At first, it seemed like passing through. Her bike overheated and she went to the diner to wait. Today was the day a local gang comes to town to rob us blind and wreck the place. She overheard some of the locals blubbering over it and... she took them down. With no warning, she just cleaned their clocks and made off with one of their bikes without waiting for a word of thanks. She saved this town a lot of grief... and I just ratted on her."

Kim was silent for a moment. The news was bittersweet; for one thing, Shego saved a town without getting anything out of it, a text book definition of heroism. But on the other hand, there was now a crocked billionaire with nothing to lose with his hands on Shego's DNA. The last time she saw a scientist so worked up on getting DNA, she had to face an army of snarling Bonnies. There wasn't much more the sheriff could tell her now, Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. "Wade, can you do a trace? I'm looking for helicopter."

Wade madly typed, bringing up the proper programs. "All set, anything in particular?"

"Anything that left Townsend, Montana today, specifically a TiamaCorp helicopter."

"Already found it for you. Looks like it took a quick trip to a private landing strip in the mountains and few minutes, a high speed jet took off. The jet's in Okinawa, Japan, there's a TiamaCorp research facility there too, most likely connected."

"Rockin' Wade, looks like I'm going to Japan."

"You're not the only one. Kim, you won't believe this, but a few minutes before you called, Shego finally popped up back on the grid. She just used her credit card at a luxury hot springs resort in Nagasaki."

It all felt like something unreal; Shego was just miles north of a facility that was probably having a field day with her DNA. "Wade, is there a way you can get me a ride faster than GJ's"

"Want to get there in a hurry, huh? Don't worry, I'll set you up."

Ron, peeking over Kim's shoulder, brought up something that bothered him about Kim's new plan. "What about the Global Justice hover transport thingy? We can't just leave it here."

Wade punched in some quick commands. "All taken care of."

Just then they could hear the roar of the transport's engines kicking up and then fade into the distance. "You rock Wade. Well Ron, look's like we're going to Japan."

Ron tried to seem happy but gave up and let out a sigh. "Yeah... working vacation... always fun."