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The PRISM Predicament

Epilogue - Fading Hope

The team of doctors and medical technicians left the operating room after nearly three hours. The head doctor removed his surgical mask and stood in attention to his superior; Global Justice Director Betty Director. "Dr. Director, we have sewn shut a rupture in Shego's kidney and lower intestine, realigned all major bone fractures , and cleaned and sanitized the... damaged areas of her backside. However, her condition is still critical, stable, but critical. In her current condition, it would take months before we could even consider taking her out of bed, even longer before physical therapy can become feasible."

Dr. Director simply nodded and pulled out an instrument that was strapped to her waist. "I have to disagree doctor," she said before walking into the operating room. She looked down on the operating table; Shego had to be laid face down, a series of gauzes and bandages were wrapped around the large scars on her back. Her face was covered with a breathing mask and several wires and tubes were hooked into her, recording vital signs and feeding her body. Director slowly reached her free hand to her side and pulled out the cellular rejuvenator ray gun.

"Shego, I don't know if you can hear me but I'll say it anyway. I am the director of an organization dedicated to securing the safety of the world from the extraordinary criminal elements that might threaten it. So now, I'm faced with a dilemma; what to do with you. On one hand, you're a career villain, a wanted felon in several countries. You participated in several counts of global domination, theft and destruction of public and private property, and I'm sure if we looked hard enough, murder might be in there somewhere. That thing on the loose in Okinawa has claimed to be you in the future, which means stopping you now would probably prevent any of this from happening, if time worked that way. I can save a lot of time and due process right now with this sonic disrupter. It's even a humane way of ending your suffering right now in your sleep. One direct shot at the base of your neck will shut down all nerve connections to the brain, killing you painlessly.

"But on the other hand, there's a rumor about you trying to reform. I can believe that; when I investigated why Kim suddenly broke off on her own in Townsend, they found out that you stopped a local gang from ransacking their town. You even made the first successful attack on our new enemy. I don't think I have to also bring up the Lorwardian incident. They said Kim did what she did when you were in trouble, she sacrificed herself to save you. That leaves me with some conflicting thoughts; firstly, letting you die would let Kim's death go in vain. But then again, when you do wake up, you'll remember she died saving you. You'll live with that knowledge and if you really are trying to become a decent human being, then that would be a crushing weight on your conscious for as long as you live."

As Dr. Director stood there, pointing both devices at Shego, she observed something on Shego's near-lifeless face. A tear had traveled down the corner of her eye and was stopped by the respirator mask. Betty gave a single nod in understanding and holstered one of the devices. "That's all I needed from you."

The remaining members of the group all gathered around a preservation device laid in the center of the room. Kim Possible seemed to be merely sleeping behind the clear hatch of the air-tight contraption. All the Go brothers simply looked down upon her, in silent grief. Yori held her hands up clapped together in front of her face, chanting a quiet prayer for both Kim's soul and for Ron, who was being treated in a room near by. Sheila kneeled down to the ground and would alternate from watching Kim's peaceful expression to staring down at the floor. As Team Go's leader, she felt that the casualties that occurred in the TiamaCorp facility were a result of her actions. Dr. Director was making her way toward the room they were in and saw DNAmy waiting just outside the door. "It's been two hours, they're still grieving aren't they?" Director asked.

The mad geneticist nodded. "Yes. I felt it was best to stay out of the way, I have no business to br in there with them."

"Thank you again for agreeing to do this, Dr. Hall. I know you want to return home."

"Oh, I would do anything for a fellow cuddler. But I can't make any promises, this might not work."

"It's worth a shot."

"Speaking of which, I need the rejuvenator back." Dr. Director promptly unholstered the strange ray gun from her side and handed it to DNAmy. She entered the room without a word while DNAmy examined the container holding the cellular rejuvenator formula. "That's funny, it looks like it's been used recently."

Dr. Director kneeled down at the foot of the preservation pod and punched in a few commands. After a loud hiss, the transparent hatch popped open a crack. "Dr. Hall, we're all waiting for you," she said loudly enough for DNAmy to hear as she slowly pulled the hatch open all the way. She looked down at Kim's body and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry this had to happen Kim. But if anyone deserves a second chance, it's you."

DNAmy slowly made her way in, adjusting some small knobs on her ray gun. The others stepped back, Sheila only stood there for a moment but eventually yielded and joined her sons. DNAmy aimed and a beam of orange light poured into Kim's body. They all stood there, waiting, hoping for any sign of life to reemerge from the heroine that was once so full of life. "It's not working, I think it's repairing the damage to her neck but nothing else," DNAmy stated.

Dr. Director did not break her gaze over Kim as she answered plainly. "Increase the ray's intensity."

"It's already set on the highest settings I've ever ran it on, I don't know what will happen if I turn it up any higher."

Betty's eye sharply darted from Kim to Amy. "Increase the ray's intensity. Set it on maximum if you have to, this is her only chance to come back!"

DNAmy felt a knot turn in her stomach but she complied and twisted the knobs on her ray gun until they could go no further. The beam was now much stronger, almost blinding to look at. Soon the ray gun began to tremor in Amy's hand. "It's becoming unstable!"

Dr. Director quickly sprang to her side and held the device steady. "Keep firing!"

Together, they kept the powerful orange discharge on Kim's body consistently stable until the ray gun exploded into tiny bits in their hands. After the initial shock wore off, Dr. Director quickly bent down to the preservation pod's controls and activated a screen with several statistical information displayed. "...Heart rate is zero... respiratory, zero, brain function, blood flow, nothing... we failed," she said, hanging her head.

Sheila quickly turned away from the others and stormed out toward a door on the opposite end of the room, slamming her fist into the metal wall before slipping out of sight. As Dr. Director began to reseal the pod to keep Kim's body preserved, DNAmy was trying to gather all the broken pieces of her rejuvenator ray gun into a single pile. Yori hung her head for a moment before approaching Betty Director as she was using the control panel. "Dr. Director, I should be the one to inform Stoppable-san of this turn of events."

The pod hissed, evacuating the air from the inside to keep Kim's body from decomposing. "That's very noble of you Yori... but we should wait... even after he wakes up, he might not be ready to hear that Ms. Possible is dead... let alone our failed attempt to bring her back." Before Yori could answer, they both turned their heads toward the door. "You heard that too, right?"

They both quickly made their way to the door and poked their heads out, scanning the hallway only to find it empty. As their footsteps echoed off the walls of the narrow hall, Ron threw his bandaged head back against the metal wall just around the corner. He let his body slide down the wall until his knees were pressed against his forehead. "KP..."

Back in Okinawa, in the medical research wing of the TiamaCorp facility, three doctors work under extreme duress on the vicious woman who now proclaimed to be their new employer. They wanted to escape, but copies of their dictatorial boss watched them with glaring eyes; one eye on each of them. As instructed, they began the process of implanting a cybernetic eye, built by what was left of the robotics wing under similar threat, into the empty socket of the Corrupted One. If it were only a simple implant, they would not have been so hesitant. The real distraction came from the fact that she ordered them to perform the procedure without putting her under. A savage growl could be heard from the impatient patient. "If you take another moment longer to do this, I'll take out one of your eyes," she hissed.

The head medical research scientist slowly approached her with her new electronic eye. "Again, I must insist we put you under. Having your optic nerves attached to the eye will be extremely painful-" he said before being cut off.

"I said get on with it!" she shouted. He took a deep breath and forced himself to insert it, against his own ethical belief. The Corrupted One gnashed her teeth and gripped her hands tightly on the metal table, easily denting and twisting it in her grasp. She let out a pain filled yet suppressed howl of pain as the automated system of the device began forcing her severed optic nerves to connect to the eye. A steady flow of blood gushed out of the crack between the metal sphere and her eye lid, steaming down her face and spraying on the doctor. After only a few excruciating minutes, the connection was made and the pain began to subside. The doctors slowly backed away but dared not pass the doppleganger guards. The Corrupted One took deep, heavy breaths, resting her hand over her new eye, the blood dripping on her face felt warm. "I can see... good..."

The scientist slowly began to calm. "Well then, if we're done here I think we've all deserved some rest."

She slowly removed her hand and looked around the room, cycling through the eye's different visual capabilities. After she returned to the regular setting, she simply laughed to herself. "Actually gentlemen, your services are here by terminated." The scientists felt the hands of the doubles grasp their shoulders and soon the halls were filled with horrible screams.

Some time later, Fukushima entered into what was once Dr. Tiamat's office, a bandage covering the open cut he received during his fight with Ron. Inside, he quickly noticed Dr. Roux, tied to a chair and looking noticeably roughed up, struggling in vain to break free and standing behind Tiamat's desk, a woman with a strange eye and dried blood on her face. "What is this? I barely had a chance to dress my wounds and now a woman barks orders to me over the loudspeaker like I am her dog! I demand an explanation!" he shouted.

The red iris of the Corrupted One's new eye widen and narrowed, focusing on Fukushima, examining him. "So you're Fukushima; head of security, former ninja, and, you should know, no longer working for Dr. Tiamat. I can see all the questions in your head but what's important is the question I pose to you; are you smart enough to be loyal to me?"

"What are you talking about?"

She motioned toward a file cabinet on the side wall. "Check inside the file cabinet, you'll know what I want you to find when you see it," she alluded. Fukushima slowly looked inside the top cabinet and slowly pulled out a small pistol Tiamat kept if he ever needed to defend himself. "Roux betrayed your former employer and helped your enemies, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Show your loyalty to me and shot him."

Fukushima stood there, shifting his gaze from the pistol, to the bound traitor, and to the wicked looking woman behind the desk. He wondered why he would want to show loyalty to this stranger, he wondered what would happen to him if he didn't. In the end, he decided there was nothing left for him but his vendetta and any revenge against the outsider, is revenge worth having. The quickness of his hands barely gave Dr. Roux anytime to realize what was about to happen before he slumped dead in the chair, a hole in his head stretched from one side to the other. He threw the gun into the trash can. "There, it's done. And for the record, I-"

The Corrupted One waved him off. "Yes, yes, you did it for yourself, you don't use guns, you're no one's servant. Don't get all high and mighty, you still did what I asked of you and now you'll be rewarded. You're my new right hand; at my side, you'll have a powerful position in the new world order."

"And if I refuse?"

She began to laugh, softly at first but then it became a booming laugh. "Trust me, you do not want to upset me," she warned smirking, trying to stifle the last of her chuckling. To give her new minion a reason to remain loyal, she quickly created three more of herselves. When she was sure the gravity of the situation had sunk into Fukushima, she recalled them and stood up. "You have one hour to prepare and meet me at the hanger. It's in your best interest not to be late."

In the hanger, a team of mechanics worked on restoring Drakken's flying disc, the disc Shego had abandoned earlier in the conference room on the twelfth floor. The team toiled under the eyes of the handful of guards who have sided with the Corrupted One willingly after her sudden take over. The Corrupted One made her way toward them, the guards obediently standing at attention. "Is it ready?" she asked.

The mechanics slowly stepped away from the disc. "Yes, it's as all patched up and ready to fly."

"Good," she said before nodding to the guards. Without warning, the guards responded to her gesture by executing the mechanics just as Fukushima entered the hanger in his old ninja gi. The Corrupted One kicked over one of the fallen mechanics before turning toward Fukushima. "There you are, just in time."

Fukushima walked toward her, stepping over a widening pool of blood and a dead body. "Was it necessary to kill these people? And where exactly are we going in that contraption anyway?"

"Necessary? Maybe not, but it was entertaining. And we're going to find some new recruits." She stepped into the disc and sat down on the passenger seat. "Now if you ever want you chance for revenge, you'll get in here and fly this disk where I tell you."

Fukushima grumbled quietly to himself but did what he was told, the hope of defeating Ron was the only source of his obedience. "Where to then?"

"Just up and out. I suggest you do so quickly." The disc began to make it's accent, awkwardly at first but soon Fukushima gained enough control to fly smoothly out of the hole in the roof on the hanger. Once in the open air, the Corrupted One leaned back in her seat and pulled out a small device with a single button. "Global Justice will be after me and that facility will be their first target. I can probably crush them easily but I'm not ready to see how Hego's super strength can handle a missile at point-blank. So, while we gather our new allies, I think it's best I do some house cleaning." Behind them, Fukushima could hear a thunderous explosion as his new employer pressed the button on her device. There was no point looking back though. For him, all he had to live for was revenge and to get it, he must now allow himself to bend to the will of his cackling, evil mistress.