Through Foxy Loxy's Lair To See The King

The knock on the front door came while Clark was drying off the lunch dishes. His mother had told him and Jonathan to do it, but his father had mysteriously disappeared some where between clearing up the table and the kitchen. That was okay, he would let the old man have his fun for now. Later, he would tell him the cows all liked him better.

Not that that was something to brag about.

Realizing he had nothing to get even with his father with, Clark frowned and set the plate in the cupboard. "Mom, can you get that?" Drying off his hands, he walked back to the drainer on the sink. He picked up another plate, hearing his mother's footsteps in the living room.

Tuning out his mother's voice, he frowned. He had to come up with something, Jonathan couldn't go unpunished. There was that old tractor in the barn. He could take the wheels off it and hang them from the trees with chains. Then again, he would have to be the one to take them down again.

He was just starting to think of trading like with like at the next meal when his father mysteriously appeared at the kitchen doorway. Scowling at the older man, he raised the plate at him. "Where did you get off to?"

"Trade secret, very hush hush." Jonathan jerked his thumb over his shoulder. "Your mother said come get you. She would have hollered, but apparently there's some lady friend for you and she doesn't want to appear a heathen, like some son of hers." His father held up his hands in defense. "Her words, not mine."

Clark considered it for a moment. It was probably Lois. She was the only woman who knew exactly where they lived. Had it been anyone else, they would have had to ask for directions and then the person asked would have called the farm to warn them. No one in Smallville knew his secret, but it wasn't like they didn't know something.

Jonathan cleared his throat, jerking behind him with his head.

"Oh, right." Clark started for the living room, pausing long enough to hand his father the dish towel and plate with a grin. "You'll take care of this, right, dad?" He pushed on without waiting for a response.

Standing in the front doorway, his mother was smiling at someone on the front porch. Hearing her son, she cast a relieved smile at him. "Oh look, here he is." When Clark came to a stop beside her, Martha patted him on the shoulder. "Don't say anything, she insisted on staying on the porch."

"Okay." Pecking his mother on the brow, Clark turned to look through the screen door. At first, he could barely make her out. He had to focus his eyes to see through the mesh. "I'm sorry, but do I know you?"

Taking off her sunglasses, she smiled at Clark. "Hello, CK."

Laying in his bed, Clark could hear the clock at the end of the hall ticking in time with the grandfather at the base of the stairs. Beside him, curled against his chest, Jimmy slept fitfully. Every so often, he would gently trace a hand down the younger man's side to ease his sleep. One of Jimmy's legs laid between his own.

For the life of him, Clark couldn't recall how they had ended up together in his bed. The last thing he could clearly remember was standing there in shock at seeing Jimmy alive. Whatever had happened, some where along the line, Jimmy had abandoned his disguise and now lay only in Clark's shirt. It was huge on him and ended at mid thigh.

There was also a suspicious bruise on Jimmy's neck he couldn't recall as having been there earlier.

It wasn't like their positions disturbed him, but the lack of memory was unsettling. If the ticking was right, he had lost almost fifteen hours. Strangely, the more he thought about it, the more he was okay with it. Instinctively, he knew the memories would come back to him soon.

As it was, he felt the need to get up. Carefully, he extricated himself from Jimmy, taking great care to not wake the younger man. When his foot was on the floor, he dragged the other from under Jimmy's leg and stood up. His joints cracked and he sighed from the relief of stretching. Apparently he had been there for a while.

Floating so he didn't have to step on the old floorboards in his room, he drifted to the door. He eased it open and back so he could head out to the stairs. The kitchen and the LEDs on the appliances were the only sources of light in the house. Floating down the stairs, he looked about him to ensure he was alone.

The clock said about three, thirty in the morning. It was late or early, depending upon what side of the sleep cycle you were on. He wasn't sure what he was doing up, but he ended up in the kitchen, staring at the contents of the fridge. There was a pitcher of fresh butter-milk on the top shelf, probably for fried chicken, that looked appealing. But, if he got in to that, he would drink it all.

Closing the fridge, he set down and walked to the sink. He grabbed a glass from the counter and filled it with water. Drinking the entire contents, he heard familiar footsteps in an unfamiliar rhythm on the steps. The heartbeat came to him along with the name. Setting the glass back down, he turned in time to see Jimmy wander in to the kitchen.

Hair mussed up and eyes almost shut, Jimmy scratched at his ear. "You woke up." Staggering in to the kitchen proper, he crossed to stand in front of Clark.

Clark didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around the younger man's waist. Sighing, he felt strangely content when Jimmy relaxed against him. He supposed it had something to do with the missing hours.

Laying his head upon Clark's shoulders, Jimmy moaned tiredly. "This floor is cold, how can you stand to walk it barefoot?"

"I'm used to it." Without thinking about it, Clark slid his hands down under the swell of Jimmy's bottom to lift him up. As he did so, he rose up off the floor until they hovered an inch or two above it. Holding Jimmy close, he realized the other man wasn't wearing underwear. "Feeling a draft, Jimmy?"

"Funny." However, he did nothing about it. Tightening his grip around Clark's waist, he murmured happily. "You're warm."

"Glad to know I can be of service." Clark pressed Jimmy tight against him, removing any doubt that Jimmy was male. Shaking his head, he lowered his chin to rest upon the other man's forehead. He closed his eyes, letting them enjoy the comfortable contact.

Clark didn't realize they were drifting until a few minutes later he bumped in to something behind him. Reaching back quickly, he encountered a box with knobs. In his attempt to steady it, he turned it on. A second later, low music came rolling out over the kitchen speakers.

"Hmm, I like this one." Shifting, Jimmy pushed more of his bottom in to the one hand that was holding him up.

"Put your feet on mine. I'll walk for both of us." Clark made sure Jimmy's feet were on his as the singer started up. Moving slowly in time with the music, he returned his hand to its hold. Distantly, he was aware they were actually dancing on air. The thought made him snort.

"They say that our love won't grow, but I just want to tell them, that they don't know." Singing along with the music, Jimmy snickered against Clark's throat. It was possible he was delirious from lack of sleep, but he didn't care. He just felt so damned good to be held in Clark's arms. "My mom always did like Jerry Butler."

"Of all the things I want in this whole wide world, is just for you to say that you'll be my girl." Laughing, Clark shrugged off Jimmy's slap to his back. They stayed dancing together long after the record in the player had ended.

By the time the sun had come up, Jimmy was back to snoring lightly in Clark's arms. He had to hold the other man, since there was barely enough room on his bed for him alone. Over the hours that they laid there, his memories had trickled back. There were a few things he had blushed over as they replayed in his mind, but nothing too embarrassing.

His parents had given them plenty of room, even going out for dinner while he and Jimmy talked. Jimmy hadn't any clothes or a place to stay, Clark's pants and underwear were too big, so that's how Jimmy ended up in his bed looking like a prom night cliche. The hickey was another matter in entirely. He couldn't recall how that had happened.

Jimmy's clinginess and his loneliness were probably responsible. Not that he could feel guilty about it. In fact, he hadn't thought or felt anything but happy since the other man had shown up at his parent's door.

A rooster went off in the barn, trying its damnedest to out scream the other two. Pretty soon, all three were going off at regular intervals.

Clark laid his head back on the pillow, just allowing himself to enjoy the relative peace of being back home. Given the constant flow of people and technology in Metropolis, the territorial disputes of a few fowl were nothing. Before he realized it, he was being shaken awake by Jimmy. Blinking, he frowned, then smiled as the other man leaned down to meet his lips.

Kissing Clark felt natural, and he had done it almost as an after thought. Pulling back, Jimmy laid on the other man's chest for a bit. It didn't occur to him that Clark, as a normal person, should complain about his weight. That didn't matter. Blinking slowly, he smiled. "I think I like you, CK."

"I know I like you, Jimmy." Clark pushed his hand up through Jimmy's hair, combing it back from his forehead. "You have no idea how much I've missed you. When I thought you were gone..."

"I'm sorry. I should've explained better last night, but I couldn't." Jimmy laid his head once more upon Clark's chest. He listened to the other man breath, his heart beating rapidly under his touch. "Until Micky was captured, I couldn't be sure. I'm sorry, truly, but I couldn't risk it. If I'd really known I had someone to come back to, I woulda found a way."

"It's okay, Jimmy." No, it wasn't, he wouldn't be okay with any of it for a while, now that he thought about it. Jimmy shouldn't have had to flee for his life. Clark shouldn't have felt guilty for supposedly losing his good friend. None of the people who had died, should have. It was all a big fucking mistake. "They should have listened to you."

"Yeah, they should have." It came out more venomous than he had intended, but Jimmy was too bitter to restrain it any longer. If Perry or anyone else had bothered to listen, so many other people might still be alive.

To distract Jimmy from the painful thoughts, Clark ran his fingers over the younger man's cheek. Cupping his face in his palm, he smiled at him. "You do realize this proves the rumors."

For a moment, Jimmy stared at Clark uncomprehending. Slowly, he looked down at the man's chest. Scarcely breathing, Jimmy stared for a long time before reacting. He traced out the shield pattern on Clark's chest.

Grabbing Jimmy's hand in his own, he brought it to his lips. His arm slid up under his lover's, holding him steady against his body. "We'll have to get up soon. My parents don't like it when people laze about when there's work to be done."

"They'll just have to make an exception." Raising his head, a sly expression spread across Jimmy's entire face. "Besides, who says we'll be lazing about?"

"Oh?" Clark's body decided to take an interest in the conversation. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"A few things."