IGW Chapter 5

Both men had dozed off, only after Grant had assured Jason that he wasn't freezing to death and had him put his shirt back on. Didn't need Jason sick too.

As they slept a loud banging noise woke them. "What was that?" Jason asked, rubbing his eyes. Grant glanced around.

"Don't know. Sounded like it came from the autopsy table."

Jason settled back against the wall. He had almost dozed off when the loud banging happened two more times. From the same area.

Jason stood up and made his way over to the table, slowly walking around it with his flashlight. "Be careful. I'm not sure what this thing is. If it's human or not."

But Jason never seemed afraid. When ever he was told that it might be inhuman he almost got this childlike happiness. Grant remembered how He smiled when he was told that Leap Castle had an inhuman in it.

Suddenly a mist formed on the autopsy table. It too was in the shape of a body. "Oh my God…" Jason whispered when he saw it.

"That's what I saw! That's exactly what I saw!"

"Dammit!" Jason muttered the first time he gets to see a full body mist and he doesn't have his camera with him.

Slowly Jason reached out and touched it. His fingers skimmed right through it. It felt like his hand was buried in a block of ice.

After a few seconds it slowly dissolved, the mist rising upwards. The cold feeling his hand suddenly began spreading up his arms and into his chest. With in a matter of seconds the feeling began spreading throughout his entire body.

Jason gasped and grabbed at his throat. It felt as if he had swallowed a block of ice. It was like he was freezing from the inside out.

Jason cried out, falling to his knees. The cold feeling was getting even more painful. It felt like a brain freeze. Tears ran down his cheeks as he pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes.

Grant stood, hobbling over to him. "Oh God! Oh God! What's wrong?! What is it?!" Jason sat on his knees, sobbing. His sobbing making Grant even more scared. Jason was crying. He never cried. This is bad. Very bad.

He pulled his friends hands away from his face and looked in Jason's tearstained face… and cried out, stepping backwards.

"Oh God…h…help me…pl…please." His eyes had turned completely blue. Like shimmering ice.

Chapter 6

Jason stood to his full height, he slowly walked toward Grant. Grant again began backing away. "Jason?" He asked. Tears still streamed down Jason's cheeks but his face showed no emotion.

"Grant…help…me. God something's…in me." Still it was like a corpse talking. Jason's voice sounded strained.

"What should I do?" Grant asked he stopped backing away. Slowly, he inched toward his friend. Suddenly Jason lunged out, grabbing Grant by the throat.

Grant let out a strangled cry as he was hoisted into the air by his long time friend. Jason smiled up at Grant as he strangled him. "J…Jason…no" he gasped out.

Jason suddenly tossed Grant across the room into the wall. Grant slammed violently into the wall. He slid down to the ground. He gasped for air.

"Jason" began stalking Grant. He got to his feet but suddenly fell to one knee as he tried to stand.

Grant tried to fight him off. Jason again began strangling him. He easily dodged Grant's hands. He didn't want to hurt his friend but he was going to kill him if he didn't do something. His vision began blurring and he couldn't hear anything but a dull roaring in his ears.

He managed to raise his hands and box Jason on the ears. Jason gave out a cry and fell backwards.

Chapter 7

Jason fell onto his back, after a few seconds he sat up. He stood and slowly made his way over to Grant. Grant stood, leaning against the wall for support, clutching his throat. He coughed violently.

"Jason…please…no." He whispered, his heart beating wildly in his chest. Jason grabbed Grant by the arms. "Please no!"

But instead of harming him, the larger man pulled him into a tight embrace, holding Grant's head against his chest.

He could hear Jason's voice rumbling in his chest. He began to cry. His sobs loud and harsh. His voice quivering when he finally spoke.

"Oh God, G! Oh God I'm so sorry…so fucking sorry." He realized that it was his Jason back. He maneuvered his arms so that he could hug him back.

After a few minutes Jason pulled away, bringing him into the light so he could see Grant better. In the dim light he could see dark, purple bruises forming on his throat.

"I'm so sorry man. I could…I could see and feel myself doing it. But I couldn't stop. It was like…my arms and legs…"

"weren't your own, right? It's not your fault." Jason gently turned Grant's head, inspecting the damage done. He ran one thumb over a bruises and jerked back when Grant let out a hiss of pain.

"Sorry, G." He smiled and patted Jason's arm.

"No, man. I'm sorry. I sorry I hit you." Jason shook his head.

"No. You did what you had to do. I had to do the same thing on one of my first investigations. The guy I was with started freaking out. He started trying to hit me and shove me down the stairs. I had to knock him out."

Grant sighed. "Damn. I hope Steve finds us soon. We don't need either of us getting possessed."

Jason nodded slightly, a shiver ran up his spine when he thought about what it felt like. "That was not a good feeling. I was scared to death. I was so scared that I'd hurt you." Another tremor racked his body. "God…what if I had killed you?! I should have had more will power than that!"

Grant squeezed Jason's arm. "It wasn't your fault! And look…I'm okay! Don't think about it. I know you'd never hurt me." Jason pulled Grant into another hug.

"I'm so damn thankful to have you as a friend everyday." Grant smiled.

"Yeah…me too man."

-To Be continued-

Chapter 8

Jason watched as Grant slept. The younger man sat against the wall, his chin resting on his chest.

Occasionally Grant would twitch or moan in his sleep. The only words were "No" and "Please". he knew he was dreaming about Jason attacking him. It broke his heart to know he caused his friend pain. He sighed and continued scanning the room with his eyes.

He was so worried. What if this thing came back and possessed him again? The next time he could seriously hurt Grant. He wished Steve would hurry up and find him. And hope the same thing didn't happen to him.

Jason began dozing off when a cold blast of air woke him. His eyes snapped open at the feel of the cold air. A mist began forming around him.

"No." He whispered Oh God…please not again!

He realized he couldn't move. He felt paralyzed. He wanted to scream but he couldn't open his mouth. Grant still slept. He could feel the same sensation come over him. He could see and feel his hands reaching over toward his sleeping friend.

NO! No! NOOO! Please don't!! Leave him alone!!! Oh God please don't make me hurt him!!!

His hands again slowly closed around his throat. Grant gasped and awoke with a start. "Jason…What?" "Jason" cut off Grant's air completely.

No! Grant began struggling but he wasn't able to even lift his arms. He couldn't fight back. I'm going to die! Oh God I'm going to die!!

"Jason" stood and held Grant high in the air. His struggles became less and less. Finally his arms fell limply to his sides. His head lolled to the side. His face and lips again a dark shad of blue.

Jason screamed on the onside. oh fucking God!! No!! Grant!! He cried on the inside.

Suddenly the door swung open. "Holy Shit!!" Brian shrieked. "Steve!!! Steve!!!!"

Steve pushed Brian to the side to see Jason standing there holding Grant by the throat. He didn't even think he just charged into the room, ramming into Jason with his shoulder.

He dropped Grant and grabbed Steve by the throat. He gasped loudly as his feet were lifted off the ground.

"Dude! What the fuck is going on?!" Brian screamed from the doorway.

"Jason….Possessed!" Brian managed to say. Spots began forming in his vision. He got one hand up, cocked his arm back and punched Jason in the temple as hard as he could. He let go and stumbled backwards, holding his head.

Brian suddenly began screaming. "The door! Something's trying to push me in dude!! Do something!" Steve grabbed Grant and hoisted him over his shoulder and ran into the hallway as Brian held the door open.

Jason shook his head and blinked. It suddenly came back to him. He could hear Brian screaming for Steve to hurry up and get Grant. He let his head drop into his hands. They should leave me here…I… He stood there shaking when he heard Steve's voice.

"Jason? You back with us?!" he looked up and saw Grant lying in the hallway and that he and Brian were trying to manage to keep the door open. "Come on, man! Hurry!!"

Chapter 9.

Jason stumbled to the doorway, his head pounding. As he got to the doorway a strong wind began trying to push Jason back inside.

"Guys Go!!" He waved Brian and Steve away as the wind grew stronger. He didn't want them all to end up in there. God only knows what would happen if they all got trapped in there with what ever the hell that was.

"Come on man!" Brian yelled. Steve managed to get his feet grounded and reached out, grabbing Jason by one arm. Brian managed to grab the other arm.

With one giant heave they managed to pull Jason out the doorway and into the hall. He sprawled onto the ground next to Grant. He sat there on all fours, panting heavily. Sweat dripping off his face.

Steve and Brian noticed, Steve when to help Jason up when he saw the tears running down Jason's cheeks. He gently took him by the shoulders.

"Come on. It's okay man." He helped him stand up. He looked over and saw that Grant had come to some and that Brian was helping him stand up.

"I'm gonna take Grant down stairs and call 911. He needs to get to a hospital." Steve nodded. Jason just closed his eyes and slumped backwards against the wall.

"I'm going to help Jason get down. Call me and let me know which hospital." Brian nodded and began walking Grant down the hallway.

Jason watched as Brian and Grant walked down the hallway. He finally broke down. "Oh God, man…I almost killed him. I almost killed Grant!"

Jason slid down to the floor, hunched over. Steve knelt down, running one hand up and down his back. "It's okay. Grant looked like he was okay. It wasn't your fault."

Suddenly Jason punched himself in the forehead, hard enough to leave a dark bruise. "Yes it is! I should have had more self control! I let that goddamned thing take my body over! It was my body that was choking him Steve!"

"Seriously Jay…it wasn't your fault and I know Grant would agree. And I wanted to say I'm sorry I hit you."

Jason nodded. "You did what you had to do, man."

Suddenly they could see lights coming from under the door, slowly the door handle began turning as if somebody were opening it.

Steve quickly helped Jason up. The door then swung open and that same wind began howling through the open doorway.

"I'm not letting that shit happen again!" Jason growled. He and Steve took off down the hallway. At the end of the hallway they could hear a heavy door slam shut.

They finally made it outside. "I'm going to warn the owners about that room. No one should go near it. I'm gonna see if I can get Keith to Bless it. But I want all of there in case something goes wrong."

Steve nodded. Suddenly his cell phone rang. "Okay. Thank God. We'll be there in a few." He smiled. "That was Brian. The paramedics said that Grant looked fine. Their going to treat him for slight hypothermia. Brian said that the paramedics said that whoever kept him warm did good job. He would have died other wise."

Jason rubbed one hand over his face. "That's good. I'm so glad you guys found us when you did…other wise Grant would be dead…" Tears began welling up in his eyes.

Steve put one hand around his shoulders. "Well he's not. Look we all care about you. It was that thing in there and after we get a blessing that thing is going to have it's ass kicked." He motioned toward the TAPS van. "Lets go meet Brian at the hospital. I know where it is."

Chapter 10

Jason, Steve, and Brian sat in the back corner of the nearly empty waiting room. Brian sat with the clipboard on his knees, trying to answer the questions. Occasionally he asked Jason something about Grant's background. Jason and Grant had been friends longer than any of them had known each other.

Brian finally finished it and the check-in nurse came to retrieve it. She thanked Brian and as she started to turn away she stopped.

"You…Hey. You're the guys from Ghost Hunters." Brian smiled up at her.

Jason wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve, not caring who saw him. "Ummm. Our friend is back there. Grant Wilson. Can you tell us if he's alright?" She smiled and patted Jason on the arm.

"Can do." Brian handed her the pen back. She thanked him. "I just wanted to say…Dude run." Brian laughed. Even Jason chuckled. She smiled sheepishly. "Sorry couldn't resist. I watch the show every chance I get. I'll go check on him now." They all thanked her.

She came back about 10 minutes later. "Their stabilizing him right now. He has some major contusions around his throat…I'll let the doctor talk to you. I wasn't really told anything."