A short, somewhat angsty, mildly dark oneshot. Implied slash, if you squint. Er, probably could have been better if I'd tried, but I like it, anyway. So, well, enjoy! And review! Reviews make the world go round! (flames will be used to make s'mores, so bring 'em on. ::glares::)



It was a voice. Hardly there and muffled by the silence. But immediately he knew who it belonged to.

"Casey?" it said again, slightly louder, emphasized.

It was his best friend, his confidante, his love.

'Thump Thump.'

He could hear the footsteps pass by his door – much too quiet, he noticed, for someone who wasn't accustomed to such sneaking around.

'Thump Thump.'

Exactly in time with his own heartbeat, which he was sure, in a matter of moments, would have everyone in the house at his door, wondering what had exploded.

Though the sounds were too quiet for him to truly hear, he knew just when the doorknob began to turn; when the door creaked slowly open; and when it closed softly behind him. And then he could hear through paper-thin walls.


And this time a whispered reply, "Sam. Finally."

And blankets ruffled as the boy climbed into bed beside the half-asleep girl, undoubtedly kissing her temple before settling his head on her pillow. And he knew this, because a mere twenty-four hours before, the boy had done the same to him. The same muffled calling of his name; the same careful entrance to his room; the same gentle kiss before a night's sleep, warm beside his love.

And though there was a thick sheet of darkness, then a wall, then a bookshelf between himself and the two, peaceful in her bed, he knew the boy held a comfortable, relaxed smile on his face; the only difference between when the boy came to her and to him.

Derek's heart ached as he listened closely until the breathing evened out – it doesn't take long when settled beside the one you care about – and then closed his eyes himself, never quite getting to sleep.

And he listened as in the earliest hours of the morning, with naught but an unnoticeable impression in the mattress left as evidence, the boy made his way out of the room, out of the house.

And as Sam took leave towards his home, their secret slipped back into the silence; back into the darkest crevices of the house; and as far as possible towards the back of Derek's mind so that he could smile for his best friend at least one day longer. And wait for when darkness fell once again and Sam came to his room.

It was a peculiar and somewhat sickening rendition of love and Derek knew from the moment he discovered why Sam only came every other night that he should end it; stop Sam from getting his disturbing fix.

But then, Derek never was one for change.