Of All Times

by Lumendea/CharmingSlayer

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who and gain nothing from the creation of this story

The Doctor was very aware of the blank glassy eyed stare Rose was giving him from across her living room. Wrapped up in a fluffy pink robe on the sofa, her hair forming a nest of sorts atop her head and her nose red; she looked like a disaster zone. Blinking at him Rose blew her nose again calmly before coughing and reaching for the phone.

Raising his eyebrows to his hair line, the Doctor leaned forward confused, "What are you doing?"

Rose sneezed again into her tissue and muttered, "I'm calling my doctor... my medical doctor. Don't think I should be seeing things with a cold."

"Oh is that all this is?" The Doctor laughed rocking on his feet, his laugh making Rose stop and look back at him, "I can fix that up in a jiffy, your poor humans still haven't found a cure for one of your most basic and common illnesses. Tragic really."

Then Rose Tyler did the thing he least wanted her to do, she started crying into her hands and blowing her nose.

Panicking the Doctor rushed to the sofa and sat next to her, "Rose? Rose what's wrong?"

"I dying aren't I," She clutched him tightly still crying, "The only way I could be having this real a hallucination."

Pulling against him tighter the Doctor shook his head, "No Rose you're not dying, you've just got a cold." He pulled an arm back and dug into his pockets for few minutes, just letting her lean against him until he pulled out a small box. "Ah now here we go."

He flipped open the box and looked over the large range of pills. Frowning he pulled on his glasses as Rose released him and blew her nose again, watching him. Grinning he pulled out a tiny blue pill, "Take this and call me in the morning." He dropped the pill in Rose's hand, she looked up at him and he nodded, "Go on then Rose Tyler," the Doctor pouted slightly, "Don't you trust me." Managing a tiny smile Rose swallowed the pill and leaned back again, the Doctor smiled at her, "Oh and it's going to make you-" a small snore cut him off making his grin, "fall asleep for an hour or two." Shaking his head the Doctor kissed her forehead softly, "So human but I love you anyway."

When Rose woke up a hour and ten minutes later feeling better than she had in two days she quickly spotted the Doctor sitting at her kitchen table with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. Climbing off the sofa she straightened her dressing gown and her hair, watching him through the doorway as he licked off a spoonful. Giggling she walked into the kitchen stood right in front of him.

The Doctor dropped the spoon and leaped up, "Feeling better?"

Rose sighed and shook her head at him, "Of all times for you to achieve the impossible why did it have to be when I hadn't showered for two days, hadn't brushed my hair for 36 hours and hadn't slept well three nights in a row. Of all times Doctor-" She was cut off by a Time Lord who feared the wrath of a Tyler woman pressing his lips to hers, in self-preservation of course.

A moment later he released her and gave her a soft smile, "I love you and you're always beautiful to me, does that help?"

Rose smiled at him and rolled her eyes, "I suppose all things considered I'll let you get any with it this time."

Grinning the Doctor kissed her again before popping on the blue pills into his mouth. At Rose's odd look he shrugged, "Of all times for me to catch your cold Rose."