Chapter 1

Harry yawned sleepily as he walked along the corridors, looking for his little pet. "Draco? Draco?" he called keeping his eyes peeled for the little white kitty. He turned the corner mentally bashing himself for lending the map to Ron for the week. He heard a soft mewing from around the corner. Harry beamed "Draco!" he called "I've been looking all over…" Harry froze. There he was right in the middle of the corridor being petted by none other than Draco Malfoy. Draco mewled at Harry. Draco Malfoy looked up at him.

"Well well Potter, who knew? The Boy-Who-Lived has been looking all over for me. Never thought I'd live to see the day. Where are your two sidekicks Pothead?" Draco asked smirking at him.

"I..I…I wasn't looking for you Ferret!" Harry spluttered.

"Right, Potter. So you're saying that I imagined you going 'Draco! I've been looking all over for you!'" he retorted, mimicking Harry's voice.

Harry glared. "I was NOT looking for you Malfoy!" he snapped irritably. He turned and glared at the kitty. "This is all your fault!" Draco mewed at him, jumping up from Draco Malfoy's lap. "Good!" Harry huffed "Now that you've got off the Ferret will you come back to our rooms?" Draco mewled sweetly and rubbed himself against Harry's legs. Harry picked him up and started scolding. "Draco! You're a very bad kitty! I specifically told you NOT to leave the rooms. Don't give me that look!" he snapped. Draco licked his nose. Harry laughed and kissed the top of his head.

"You named your kitten Draco?" Draco Malfoy asked incredulously. "So what?" Harry retorted, before turning on his heel and leaving Draco Malfoy to ponder the events that just occurred.